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10 Best Kdrama similar to Good Manager




Updated on: 01/09/2022

For finding the Kdrama similar to Good Manager, let’s do a recap about the original drama first. The story of K-drama revolves around Kim Sung Ryong, a skilled accountant who works for the gangsters. He often gets in trouble with the police due to his connection with gangsters, but he always sweeps away innocently. Somehow he gets recruit into TQ Group as a middle manager in the accounting department. His initial intention was to embezzle money from the company, but his priority changes afterward. He witnesses his co-workers getting injustice amid office politics and corruption and entangled in the same. Also, he notices how people in power are trying to bring down the company. Sung Ryong slowly realizes that he should fight against corporate corruption and fight for employees’ rights than complete the mission he originally came to do.

This super comic office drama is a relatively underrated gem among other Korean drama. Nevertheless, if you have seen this drama, we have a list of other Korean drama that resembles the drama, Good Manager. Let’s get started with our list of Kdrama, which has identical characteristics and is similar to Good Manager (Chief Kim).

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Best Kdrama similar to Good Manager

kdrama similar to Good Manager

10. Live

Storyline: The drama is about the incidents that occur in the police force. It presents the police officers’ experience as they try to protect justice. Yeom Sang Soo is set to live in the mainstream of society by becoming a public official, and so he joins the police force. However, his work life becomes a series of misfortunes as every case he handles and runs into conflict with a superior. Han Jung Oh is another officer who works with Yeom Sang Soo. She is someone who works to fight male chauvinism. The two characters with high fighting spirit join efforts to solve incidents.

Similarities: Comedy, teamwork, drama, and fighting for justice makes it a Kdrama similar to Good Manager. Conflicts between the juniors and seniors will also give you a glimpse of Good Manager in the drama.

09. The Fiery Priest

Storyline: When an elderly priest died in mysterious circumstances, an EX NIS agent turned priest strives to uncover the mystery. The priest is Kim Hae Il, who makes spiteful remarks and is rude to others. In his journey to find the hidden truth, he was joined by a detective Gu Dae Young who talks a lot but is timed. A smart and ambitious prosecutor Lee Ha Nee also joins the trio.

Similarities: Although it is not an office drama, it has the same writer, and it gives this similar vibe as Good Manager. It is full of comedy, drama and showcases how team-work brings corrupt powerful down.

kdrama similar to Good Manager

08. Voice

Storyline: Voice is a crime-thriller Kdrama that is action-packed. It shows the journey of a detective Moon Jin Hyuk, who is chasing down his wife’s killer. He joins hands with the police voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo, whose father was killed by the same killer. They both come together to solve more cases along the way. And their search made them a target of a big corporation and its influential people. Amidst all, they also fight corruption and politics in the police department, winning justice for all.

Similarities: It’s a Kdrama similar to Good Manager because it has workplace politics and corruption, the same as Good Manager. It is a pure drama based and zero to no romance is there.

07. Radiant Office

Storyline: The drama shows the culture clash between young enthusiast workers and older workers working in the company environment. It tells how open communication and understanding is a means of overcoming differences. The protagonist, Ho Won, faces harsh rejections in finding a job that made her commit suicide. She was saved and found out that she might be terminally ill and has 6 months to live. When everything seems hopeless, she gets a job. Ho Won decides to make the most out of her remaining life with a different perspective and changes herself into a sassy woman.

Similarities: So Radiant Office is a Kdrama similar to Good Manager in many aspects. Like both are office dramas with a comic plot. In both the drama, we can witness the struggles of the employees.

06. Witch’s Court

Storyline: Witch’s Court is a story of a prosecutor who does not care about anything else but her profession. As for her professional life, she only cares about two things winning and money. Ma Yi Deum is assigned to a special task force for sex crimes. She is a materialistic female prosecutor who does not hesitate to use personal attacks, fabricates evidence, and incite perjury to win her case. Yeo Jin Wook, a newbie prosecutor, also joins the task force. Together they solve crimes with a grudging chemistry.

Similarities: Witch’s Court has a charm similar to Good Manager. In both the dramas, the leads are trying to survive in a corrupted world and, at the same time, trying to unveil the corruption.

05. The Queen of Office

Storyline: A remake of a Japanese Drama, The Queen of Office, focuses on the life of Miss Kim, who is a perfect employee. She has a history of work in various offices and remains a temporary employee in every company. Her life is surrounded by mystery and always disappears after her three-month temp contract is up. Although she is just a contract base employee of a company, she is the ‘boss of the boss’ and her work skill surpasses all other workers. She will be at odds with the elite Jang Kyu Jik.

Similarities: Both the shows are full of comedy and drama. Their coworkers did not trust the main leads, Chief Kim and Miss Kim. Competitive office life is also essential in this drama, making it a Kdrama similar to Good Manager.

04. Pegasus Market

Storyline: The plot of Pegasus Market goes around people who work at slumping Cheonlima Mart and Daemae Group. Here in Cheonlima market, the staff is king and not the customer. Among them, one shopkeeper is Moon Seok Gu, who has the ambition to become an employee at Daemae Group by reviving the mart as the No. 1 retailer store. Whereas Jung Bok Dong is a genius boss who tries to crush Cheonlima Mart to take revenge on Daemae Group. Initially, he was a trusted board director at Daemae Group, but he was suddenly demoted to being the boss of Cheonlima Mart. He tries to damage Cheonlima Mart by recruiting people who have failed at life and are dubious about being hired by anyone else.

Similarities: This Kdrama has a comedy and romance tag, which is similar to Good Manager. Here too, the employee has to fight within the organization to make a just place for himself and others.

kdrama similar to Good Manager

03. Misaeng: Incomplete Life

Storyline: Misaeng: Incomplete Life is a story about office workers and interns. Setting in an office setting, the story starts when Jang Geu Rae joins One International company as an intern. Since he was a child, he has played the game Go but fails to become a professional Go player. On his first day at the office, he meets fellow interns, An Yeong Yi and Jang Baek Ki. They were trying the traditional approach to impress their boss, section chief Oh Sang Shik but they quickly find that their department is slightly different from the others. Geu Rae tries his best at his new job with the help of life lessons from go and trying not to lose his humanity along the way.

Similarities: Misaeng: Incomplete Life is a Kdrama similar to Good Manager because it has an office setting. It shows the struggles of an office worker’s daily life with a dash of comedy.

02. Kkondae Intern

Storyline: Lee Man Sik is a “kkondae,” refers to a rigid, old school type of person. He was superior to Ga Yeol Chan, who landed his first office job in the same company after graduation. Man Sik used to force his old school ways on Yeol Chan, which ultimately caused Yeol Chan to quit. After quitting, Yeol Chan joins a ramen company where he got promotions due to his hard work and radical ideas. Meanwhile, Lee Man Sik has now quite his old company where he worked for 30 years. He now enters the same company as Yeol Chan, but as a senior intern under him.

Similarities: It is a Korean office drama that is full of comedy. You can also witness here as well how power clash in the professional field results in unfair treatment of employees. Also, this drama has no to zero romance, which makes it a Kdrama similar to Good Manager.

kdrama similar to Good Manager

01. History of the Salaryman

Storyline: History of a Salaryman is a great blend of melodrama and comedy. Its parts are inspired by “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” The series starts when one night, Yoo Bang enters a mysterious villa with a flashlight. There he finds an executive of the Chunha Medical Group, Ho Hae’s dead body, along with Ho Hae’s niece, Yeo Chi, hiding behind a curtain. Later, Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi were taken into custody at Ho Hae’s funeral for his murder. Then the story starts from 3 months ago when Chunha began trial testing for their medicine. Ho Hae offered Yoo Bang a job in exchange for joining the trial testing of the drug. Choi Hang Woo, a director from Ho Hae’s rival pharmaceutical company, also joins the trial undercover. Yeo-chi is the spoiled heir of Chunha Company. All these individual’s life gets involve together in the coming 3 months.

Similarities: It’s a funny show with a mix of seriousness, just like Good Manager. Here too, a man fights for the right from unjust office corruption.

Do comment on which drama is your favorite among these and how you do like the list!!!

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