Kawa Akago

Kawa Akago (River Baby)


Date: 10/06/2018

Today, you’ll be reading about yet another one interesting and, for me, kinda funny, but sometimes deadly yokai creature. Kawa Akago is, when translated, river baby. And it belongs to trickster yokai group. You must be thinking what could be so deadly about some baby. Well, babies are natural trolls. They make you laugh, but sometimes they will make give you some good old prank. Kawa Akago is also that way. They just want to prank you. Unfortunately, their prank can be very dangerous. Why? You could drown. Now, that is a cute baby, isn’t it?  I bet your mind and imagination is already going wild. If you are interested in the rest of the Kawa Akago, keep reading and find out more!

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Description of Kawa Akago 

River Baby

River Baby

These Japanese Creatures are river babies that look like small, red-skinned babies. Kinda creepy to me. And, as the name suggests, you can only find them near riverbanks, streams, ponds, and swamps. When you pass by a riverbank, this yokai will mimic the sound of a baby. And, of course, you will try to get nearer and find out where is that sound coming from. It could be a baby left alone out there. Abandoned. But, as you manage to come nearer to the riverbank, all the way to the river’s edge, he runs away even further. To the underbrush. Then, Kawa Akago, calls out again. But, people with their curiosity decide to follow that sound, to find that baby. As consequence, they are dragged further and further into the river. Watch out! Here comes the troll. One “innocent” baby prank.

This yokai sneaks behind the human and trips him by pulling his legs out from under him. The human then tumbles into the river. This situation could end up as a funny story. And, don’t worry, your prankster will laugh at you. But, on the other hand, this situation could end up deadly. In this way, some people drown. Because of that, people consider this yokai creature as fairly dangerous.  If you’re a good swimmer, you might survive.

Some suggest that this creature is a cousin of kappa.  And, there is also one similar yokai creature called Yama Akago. When you translate that you get mountain baby.

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I wish I could read more about this yokai creature. Maybe there are some legends about them? Unfortunately, more data about them is out of my reach This creature is not that popular outside of Japan. Because of that, please leave a comment if you know more about them Or, if you just find them interesting and want to discuss about them. Or, compare them to other yokai creatures that you know of. Yokai culture is full of many interesting creatures.


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