Kakegurui Season 2 Key Visual

Kakegurui Season 2 Key Visual and Premiere Date Revealed


Date: 22/08/2018

If waiting on Kakegurui season 2 was a gamble, then we have definitely won.  Kakegurui season 2 key visual and premiere date has been revealed yesterday. And you can bet on it that I am getting my binge freak mode on. Just how Yumeko is excited about gambling, I am quite excited for Kakegurui second season. It has not been long since I have watched season 1, maybe a few weeks ago. And I really thought that I would have to wait so much more for season 2. Fortunately, we will not be waiting as Kakegurui premiere date is set for January of 2019.  With excitement always comes worrying as well, how will the story develop? What will be the main focus of the story? It really worries me when there are exciting sequels.

Now that we have are anime freak on, let’s take a look at what staff we will have working on Kakegurui season 2. Yuichiro Hayashi (Code Geass key animation, Hunter x Hunter storyboard) and Kiyoshi Matsuda (Durarara episode director) will be directing the second season. Yasuko Kobayashi (Death Note script, Attack on Titan script)is going to be in charge of series composition, and Manabu Akita (Fullmetal Alchemist animation, Gintama key animation) will handle the character design just like in season 1.  Studio MAPPA will be animating the series.

Kakegurui Season 2 Key Visual

Kakegurui Season 2 Key Visual

Looking at the visual makes me think that Jabami Yumeko will become the queen of the school. However, let’s not jump to conclusions before anything. For those who have not seen Kakegurui before I will summarise shortly.  Kakegurui also was known as Compulsive Gambler is a psychological anime revolving around gambling in school, various drama and mysteries that surround our main character Yumeko.  Yumeko joins Hyakkaou Private Academy as a transfer student. What would seem like a normal school at day is secretly a den of gambling freaks.  Gambling and money is everything, so whoever wins the most money stands at the top of the school.  To get a better grasp on what kind of a series this is, I will include one of my favorite quotes from Jabami Yumeko.

The amount of money one owns ultimately decides the victor. This doesn’t stop within the walls of a casino, or it’s cash flow. It’s a rule that forms the basis for a capitalist society!

-Jabami Yumeko

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