Kaiju Girls Black New Anime Trailer Features Cute Monsters

Kaiju Girls Black is an upcoming anime series which is based on the antagonists of Tsuburaya Productions’ Ultra series. The series re-imagines them as cute anime girls with villainous attitude. The whole thing is a part of the Ultra Monsters Anthropomorphic Project and for more details on it check out the Official Ultra Monsters Anthropomorphic Project home page.

Earlier today, the details of the main cast and staff and a new key visual along with the new promo trailer for the series made a release.

Yasutaka Yamamoto is serving as the director with Komagoma taking care of the character designs. Furthermore other main staff members include Kento Shimoyama doing the screenplay and music by Shuji Katayama (Team-MAX). Tsuburaya Productions is responsible for the original work and planning for the series. Also, anime production is by Yumeta Company and music production is by Pony Canyon.

The main voice cast for the series include Hiyori Nitta as Black Directive, Yuki Yagi as Alien Pegassa, Minami Takahashi as Silver Bloome and Kaori Ishihara as Nova.

The story of Kaiju Girls Black is set against the backdrop of Soshigaya-okura, which can be best described as a small town that is not as noisy as the city nor as quite as the suburbs and centers around Satsuki Hiraga, an ordinary high school girl who longs to join the heroic Kaiju Girls organization “GIRLS”. On one fateful day, mysterious powers awaken in her and soon finds a place, witht he invitaion by Black Directive, in the villainous organization, “BLACK STARS”, but what’s a Kaiju Girl suppose to do?

Kaiju Girls Black Anime Trailer


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On Friday, November 23, 2018, Kaiju Girls Black will receive a  theatrical release in Japan. The venues include the Shinjuku Wald 9 and the Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro theaters in Tokyo.

Key Visual

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