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Updated on: 29/10/2023

This month I had the opportunity to try out Japan Candy Box November Edition. A big thanks to the team at Kawaii Group for sending me this box for review. I had the pleasure of trying out a few different boxes with snacks from Japan, so I was very excited that I would be trying out candy this time as I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Japan Candy Box November - Flyer Guide

The candy came in a cute purple box and was packed to the top with different candy. I liked the design of the guide for the candy with their original characters and candy drawings. It’s a small guide, but it’s got everything it needs in one place.

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Ranking Japan Candy Box November Snacks

01. Picola Purple Potato Chocolate Cookie Stick

Japan Candy Box November - 01. Picola Purple Potato Chocolate Cookie Stick

Buy Picola Purple Potato Chocolate Cookie Stick

When I first opened the box and saw the snacks and the candy, I never expected this to become my favorite. Despite its appearance and pink color, this snack is made from a flaky cookie and chocolate cream, in which they added Japanese Anno sweet potatoes. At first, when you open the box, a scent that reminds me of apple pie fills the room, but the taste is entirely different from the scent. There is no apple in this snack.

The crunchiness combined with the cream makes a delightful snack, and the taste is like nothing I ever tried before, despite it being a chocolate cream. I accidentally stumbled upon an extra feature that they added to this snack. There are instructions on the back of the box to form it to place the snacks and your phone, and sit back and chill. It was a delightful and fun surprise.

02. Pure Premium Mandarin Orange Gummy Candy

Japan Candy Box November - 02. Pure Premium Mandarin Orange Gummy Candy

Buy Pure Premium Mandarin Orange Gummy Candy

As a massive fan of gummies, I was very excited when I saw these Pure sweets. The citrus taste of Mandarin Orange and the mix of sour and sweet create a perfect refreshing gummy candy. The gummy is soft, it’s not hard like most gummy, and it melts in the mouth, slowly releasing the taste of the hidden filling inside of the gummy.

And that process of getting to the filling and finally tasting it is what makes this Pure Premium Mandarin Orange a step above all the other gummy candies I have tried so far and a unique eating experience. You can notice the taste change when you get to the filling part, and it is much more intense than initially.

03. Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Puff Snack

Japan Candy Box November - 03. Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Puff Snack

Buy Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Puff Snack

I like the Teriyaki sauce, so this snack was very delicious despite the mild Teriyaki flavor. It is probably better that it is milder as those who are not used to Teriyaki might find it too intense if the taste was more potent.

The snack itself is pretty crunchy. However, what surprised me about this snack was that it was placed in this Japan Candy Box. Teriyaki sauce is a bit sweet, but I would never have expected to find such a snack here.

04. Kit Kat Baked Cheesecake White Chocolate

Japan Candy Box November - 04. Kit Kat Baked Cheesecake White Chocolate

Buy Kit Kat Baked Cheesecake White Chocolate

The only thing wrong with this snack is that there was only one. But, jokes aside, I wish I could have eaten many more of these because I loved them. This Kit Kat snack is wafer covered with white chocolate and filled with cheesecake filling. Now, as a fan of both white chocolate and cheesecake, this snack was perfect for me, so I already ordered a 12pcs bag.

05. Kyoshin Mochi Dango

Japan Candy Box November - 05. Kyoshin Mochi Dango

Buy Kyoshin Mochi Dango

I already had a chance to try out Mochi Dango by Kyoshin, but I was not sad to see it again because this snack is just that great. If you read some of my previous reviews on these snacks, you would know how fluffy, sweet the taste and feel of Mochi Dango is.

It is inspired by Dango, a traditional Japanese sweet snack made from glutinous rice balls and usually served on a stick. After eating this snack for the 2nd time, I am seriously considering learning how to bake Mochi.

06. Yaokin Milk & Coffee Crisps

Japan Candy Box November - 06. Yaokin Milk & Coffee Crisps

Buy Yaokin Milk & Coffee Crisps

This snack would most definitely be ranked higher if all the other snacks weren’t equally impressive. If you are a coffee fan, and especially a coffee latte fan, then you would enjoy these bite-sized snacks just as much as I did. The only thing that was missing when I was eating this was a cup of coffee, as I think these would be a great snack to eat alongside my morning coffee.

You can also eat this snack with warm milk for breakfast. Although I did not try it out, it occurred that these would go great with milk. Next time I am using these snacks as replacement cereal. I was also surprised to find out that this snack is surprisingly cheap to get. (https://webnews21.com/) Therefore a new batch is already on its way along with the Kit Kats.

07. Meiji Cola Up Petit Gummy Candy

Japan Candy Box November - 07. Cola Up Petit Gummy Candy

Buy Meiji Cola Up Petit Gummy Candy

When you see Coca-Cola taste gummy candies, the first thing you would probably think is that it tastes just like any ordinary Coca-Cola gummy you probably already tried. Well, that’s where you are wrong, and so was I when first trying out these gummies.

The difference in the taste is that the Cola taste in these gummies is slightly milder, and there is a hint of mint mixed in with the Cola, which creates a refreshing aftertaste in the mouth. Despite being milder, I think this Cola taste resembles the actual drink much more than other gummies I have tried so far.

08. Yaokin How About A Set Of Potatoes? Gum!

Japan Candy Box November - 08. Yaokin How About A Set Of Potatoes? Gum!

Buy Yaokin How About A Set Of Potatoes? Gum!

I love the idea of these snacks being burger fries. The looks of the snack itself scream fun. At first, I thought these were snacks that tasted like bananas. But before trying it out, I read the description and realized that this is chewing gum and not a snack.

The taste was similar to any other chewing gum I tried before, it had a hint of cinnamon, but overall it was a pretty typical taste for chewing gum. One difference compared to chewing gum I tried so far is that this one tasted much longer.

09. Yaokin Diamond Ring Candy

Japan Candy Box November - 10. Yaokin Diamond Ring Candy

Buy Yaokin Diamond Ring Candy

When I first saw this candy, it reminded me of what kids used to have, as it’s just like a baby pacifier except for its candy. Although, we had a lot of laughs with this one. Honestly, it was a mistake to try this first because it made eating all the other candy very hard. Although I usually tend to bite through most hard candy, I couldn’t even leave a dent on this one, and it didn’t even budge after an hour.

This is something you can probably eat throughout the whole day. I honestly gave up midway because it was a bit inconvenient. However, the taste itself is excellent. It had grape flavor and was not too sweet nor too mild, a great piece of hard candy. Despite the baby pacifier making it inconvenient to consume, it’s a fun snack you can buy to mess with your friend and call them a baby.

10. Calbee Osatsu Sweet Potato Snack

Japan Candy Box November - 09. Calbee Osatsu Sweet Potato Snack

Buy Calbee Osatsu Sweet Potato Snack

This was my first time trying out sweet potato chips, I know there are already potato chips with a chocolate taste, and you can buy them anywhere. But I never did, and so this was quite a unique experience for me.

The snack is sweet. It’s like eating sweet mashed potatoes but in the form of potato chips. It is not one of my favorites, and I don’t think I would buy it again, but I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet if you are daring enough.

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