I’m glad I could keep running TV anime premiers on October 8


Date: 04/09/2018

I’m glad I could keep running original TV anime will premiere on October 8.  SIGNAL.MD announced on Saturday that they are working on producing a 4 episode long original TV anime series. Not much detail is known about the anime so far, except that the episodes will be 15 minutes long. And based on the posters for “I’m glad I could keep running” we assume that the story will revolve around something musical. Although the visuals hint to music the title hints on themes such as motivation, and daily life struggles. From my assumption, we might see an anime that is about struggles in the music industry. Or perhaps it is completely unrelated to music and will surprise us with its story. The Japanese name for this anime is Hashiritsuzukete Yokattatte.

I’m glad I could keep running visual

I'm glad I could keep running visual

The studio also announced the names for the characters in I’m glad I could keep running. The characters are Minato Suyama (voiced by Jun Fukuyama), Chikako Omori (voiced by Iori Noguchi), Ryota Nakata (voiced by Kasuke Toirumi), Kei Ikoma (voiced by Mai Fuchigama) , and Shiori Gushikata (voiced by Koiru). The story revolves around Minato and starts when he decides to go to an anime event.  Although I said I thought it’s about music, it seems it is not.  After researching the story details, it seems that the story will revolve around voice acting. Therefore, at the anime event, Minato enters a voice recital with his friend.

Voice acting fascinates Minato. Hence, he decides to try it out and learn more about it. During the event, he meets Chikako. Which we can assume will be the lead female character. The story will revolve around the struggles of becoming a voice actor. Every dream and every goal is not easy to achieve. And daily life problems can sometimes get in the way of it. However, it seems I was correct about the main character struggling with life. Although, instead of the music industry, it will be the voice acting industry. I’m quite excited now to watch “I’m glad I could keep running”.

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