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Date: 26/07/2018

Hello there, we have got quite an interesting question today in our email, about the creation of the walls in Attack on Titan. So, we will be answering about how the walls in Attack on Titan series were built.  If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try to explain anything related to anime, manga or gaming.  Since this was a rather interesting question, we decided to share the answer with other blog readers as well, so without further ado, let’s get right into.  Before you start reading, I have to warn you that this post contains spoilers, the questions could not be explained without spoiling the series. If you do not wish to be spoiled read the manga, or wait for that part in the anime series and you will understand how the walls in Attack on Titan were made.

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Creation of the walls in Attack on Titan

Basically in the world of Attack on titans, the ability to become titans is based on blood. Only ppl of Elderian can turn into titans, so it’s like a genetic thing. According to the story told, Ymir ( first titan ) made some deal with some Devil to obtain this power thousands and thousands of years back, anyone who’s ancestors goes to her is Elderian. Thus, there are the people who aren’t Elderian ( and can’t become titans.  Therefore these Eldrian ruled over for a while and kinda abused the people that couldn’t turn into titans.

However, then the people who were unable to use the power revolted against Elderians. Since then we have fighting between them and Marley ( normal humans ). There was a lot of bloodsheds, fighting, and wars,  which eventually lead to more wars. So, king Fritz got sick of all the fighting and decided to leave the main land.  Fritz decided it would be the best to go to a certain island called Paradise ( the place where our current story is set ). To form the walls he used thousands of colossal titans, with their powers three walls were built. An interesting fact is that the walls are actually sleeping titans .  He then threatened the people of the man land. If they ever came to the island, he would set the colossal titans on a rampage.

walls in Attack on Titan

So, how were the walls formed?

How the walls got their formation? Titans have this ability to harden their skin, and that basically makes their skin hard and into a shape; that’s what all colossal Titans did. They hardened their skin, hence only once there is some huge crack, we saw one there in the last episode of season 1 ( near ending ) Also, the people inside the walls aren’t aware of all this because of memory manipulation. The first king who did all this whipped people’s memory for a state of peace; as assumed. And, anyone who questioned stuff was killed or removed ( Erwin’s father tried telling his students about what he thought was the actual history, was killed away and Erwin was told it was some accidental; thus, Erwin set out to find the truth )

Only the people of the royal family know the truth. These royal blood people also have the Founding Titian, and it keeps getting passed down generation; for our current story, it was given to Historia’s half-sister ( Historia is an illegitimate child ) and then Eren‘s father who had Attack Titan fought with Founding Titan holder, ate her ( Titan can be transferred by eating previous holders spine / spinal cord /fluid ); went back to Eren and yea, same process. Therefore, you have Eren with Founding Titan and Attack Titan.

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How could fritz control the titans?

As for how he can control them: there are ten types of titans, and Founding titan ( the one king was ) has the ability to control other Titans,. He is basically like a God here actually. The ability is called coordinate ability.

Where the mindless roaming titans come from?

Well, basically anyone from Eldrian blood line can be made into a titan through the use of syringe and injection thing. So, initially, there weren’t any mindless titans. After the king left, there was war, and the Marley are the ones who won. They then enslaved Elderianes and as a punishment, they’d make normal Eldrian humans into titans by the injection and throw them on the paradise island. Walls were already there when they started throwing these mindless titans And by the time of Eren, 100 years later you have millions of them roaming around.

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