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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Hey guys, today we are going to see the top 10 hottest male webtoon characters. According to me, what made webtoons famous was their beautiful art, especially all these beautiful and hot character designs. Believe me; these guys can kill with only looks. No surprise if you ever end up giving your heart to one of these (or all of these) hottest male webtoon characters.

Still, it’s not only looks that make any character handsome but also their personality and attitude play a significant role. I am saying this because most of the webtoon characters are handsome. So we tend to go for their personalities as a second option. And yes, of course, some guys are jerks, but still, girls can’t help but find them hot. I think this is where the trend of all girls like bad boys came from. I am a girl, and even I don’t know why we like bad boys sometimes (>_<). Damn, psychology is so complicated. Or we just do lookism. (Sorry, it’s my favorite webtoon still can’t help)

And if you have never read a single webtoon, then these hotties might change your heart.

First of all, this list is not ranked in order as all of them are so hot. I just can’t decide how to organize them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So are you ready to simp on these hottest male webtoon characters? Let’s go.

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Hottest Male Webtoon Character

1. Suho Lee From True Beauty

hottest male webtoon characters- Suho lee

So the first guy in our hottest male webtoon characters list is Suho Lee. Suho is a tall and handsome guy from true beauty. He is one of the central characters from this webtoon. At first, he appears as a cold and rude guy. But after knowing him better, we know that he is a really sweet and mature guy. He is wealthy. So he always wears expensive clothes. He is also really good at academics and also an excellent cook. (What else do you want, girls? ヾ(•ω•`)o). This perfect man totally deserves his place in our hottest male webtoon characters list.

Our main character Jugyeong Lim meets him in her high school. Jugyeong is an average-looking girl who gets bullied for her looks. So she learns the art of makeup and changes her looks completely. In her class, no one has seen her bare face. But somehow, Suho finds out about her secret. But he promises that he will keep her secret.

After that, both of them become friends and fall in love. Suho is a kind guy. Even after knowing Jugyeong’s secret, he never makes fun of her. But he instead always tries to understand her and supports her.

2. Sung Jin-Woo From Solo Levelling

hottest male webtoon characters- Sung Jin-woo

Who doesn’t have a crush on him? Thanks to all the flexing he did in this webtoon, even guys have fallen in love with him. (Yup! I know some guys who say that they are gay for him. OwO.) If you still haven’t read this webtoon, please go right ahead and read this. And believe me, this webtoon keeps getting more exciting every chapter.

Sung Jin-Woo is an intelligent, kind-hearted, and courageous character. At first, he appears dull and average-looking guy. But after some time, he turns into one of the coolest and hottest characters you’ve ever seen in any webtoon. His looks deserve to be on this list of hottest male webtoon characters.

Here is a little intro about him.

Sung Jin-Woo is a hunter. But he is considered the world’s weakest hunter. Even though he gets injured many times and faces near-death situations multiple times, he still keeps going on raids because he has to take care of his mother and sister. But one day, he comes across an S-level dungeon where he nearly dies. But because of his intelligence, he saves his and some of his teammate’s life.

After this tragic incident, his life changes because he becomes a player who gets daily quests which he can use to level up. This is where the webtoon name “solo leveling” comes from.

3. Samuel Seo From Lookism

hottest male webtoon characters- Samuel Seo

Here comes our first bad boy. Samuel Seo is a hot and muscular guy from webtoon “lookism.” All these muscles and tattoos, plus his bad boy personality, make lots of girls develop a crush on him. He is considered the hottest male character in the webtoon.

He is a cold-hearted and arrogant guy who can go to any length to achieve his goals. He is considered the most vicious character in the series that shows no mercy in the fight. Gun (one of the notable characters from the series) calls him a ticking time bomb.

At first, Samuel Seo is presented as a gentleman who works as an executive at an affiliate called workers. But behind that facade, he does all underhanded and illegal activities to get money. His sadist nature came from his past, where his mother bullied him. His father was absent his whole life. And because of that, he even gets bullied at school. But one day, he finds a photo of his mother with the famous gangster. Assuming that he is his father, he tries to become powerful and follows the same path.

4. Helio Niccolo From Your Throne

hottest male webtoon characters- Helio Niccolo

Helio Niccolo has white hair and beautiful deep purple eyes. Why are all these white-haired characters always so hot? Remember Hitsugaya from Bleach, Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, Gojo from Jujutsu kaisen? All of them are handsome. So, of course, I had to add him to our hottest male webtoon characters list.

Helio Niccolo is the commander and young master of the house of Niccolo. He does not trust anyone easily because lots of people try to take advantage of his influence. He is considered an intimidating and hard to approach kind of guy. But he is a really intelligent guy with good intuitions.

When his parent dies, some nobles attack his house of Niccolo, Madea who is the main character of the story, saves him. From that day onward, he takes an oath of loyalty to her. Both of them become really good friends. He shows his support and his love for Madea throughout the story. How can I not add this cinnamon roll to this hottest male webtoon characters list?

5. Junghyeok Yu From Omniscient Reader

hottest male webtoon characters- Junghyeok yu

Junghyeok Yu is one of the hottest male webtoon characters. His looks are usually used to compare the beauty of other characters from the series, and that’s how breathtaking his looks are.

He is a very confident, intelligent, and very strategic person. But he acts rude and cold-hearted to everyone around him, including his teammates. Still, he cares for them deeply and usually shows it in his actions. His badass personality forces me to add him to this hottest male webtoon characters list.

So in the story, Junghyeok Yu is an overpowered protagonist of the novel, “three ways to survive the apocalypse.” He is called a regressor, and it means, when he dies, time resets, and he goes back to the starting point where the story starts.

But because of this ability, he has seen many people die in front of his eyes many times, including his closed ones. And as a result, he turned from a kind-hearted to a cold-hearted and calculating person. He never trusts anyone easily and kills those who seem threat to him. He always makes sure that he wins every fight as losing is not an option in this world.

6. Urek Mazino From Tower of God

hottest male webtoon characters- Urek Mazino

Urek Mazino is one of the most overpowered characters from the tower of god webtoon. He is one of my favorite hottest male characters in the webtoon. He is a handsome guy, and those muscles make him even more alluring. He is a confident but ruthless guy who everyone has feared. Still, he is a kind-hearted person who helps people around him. He is a womanizer who goes around proposing to girls randomly and getting rejected. (●__●)

So in the tower of god world, Urek Mazinois irregular is at fourth rank in the list of most influential people in the building. His past is yet to be revealed, so I can’t tell more about him. But he is considered the fastest person to climb the tower in history. He wants to climb all floors and leave the tower to explore the outside world. Whenever he shows up in the story, the story gets more exciting and interesting. The way he flexes his power wants me to simp for him.

7. Yohan Seo From Unholy Blood

hottest male webtoon characters- Yohan Seo

First vampire on our hottest male webtoon characters list. Vampires are always portrayed as the hottest characters. Yohan Seo is no different. He has black hair and black eyes when he is in his human form. But when he turns into a vampire, his hair color changes to white, and one eye becomes red and another blue. He has a great muscular body which makes him one of the hottest male webtoon characters.

Yohan Seo is the main antagonist of the story. Before he turned into a vampire, he was a kind and fun-loving guy. But as his family was poor, he usually got bullied and forced to do illegal activities. But after turning into a vampire, he completely changed. He became bloodthirsty and self-centered. He killed all those people who wronged him. In pursuit of power, he even killed people who were nice to him. He then went ahead and caused a vampire crisis in South Korea.

8. Raizel From Noblesse

hottest male webtoon characters- Raizel

Here comes another vampire in our hottest male webtoon characters list. Raizel, in short Rai, is a very handsome and elegant noble vampire. He is the main protagonist of the series. Even if he appears as a cold and blunt person, he is kind who likes humans. He does everything in his power to protect his friends and other humans from other vampires. He has been given the title “Noblesse,” which gives him the right to judge and execute other empires that causes harm to the world.

In the story, Rai wakes up after sleeping over 820 years. After waking up, he comes around a world that has changed entirely and modernized. Because of his lack of knowledge of gadgets, he finds it hard to operate them. He can’t even open the door at first. All his interactions shown with technology are hilarious and cute at the same time. How can I not add this cutie pie to the hottest male webtoon characters list? ❤

After waking up, he finds his servant Frankenstein, and with his help, he tries to understand this new world.

9. Donald Na From Weak Hero

hottest male webtoon characters- Donald Na

Donald Na is the main antagonist of the weak hero. His red eyes and intimidating stare are enough to freeze the next person. He has lots of tattoos and piercings on his body, which he usually hides. We can agree that he belongs here with other hottest male webtoon characters.

Donald Na is a delinquent and leader of the union. He is a really intelligent and strategic character who has almost all schools under his thumbs. He is a real businessman whose goal is to make money and control the market.

The past of Donald Na hasn’t been revealed yet. But in one chapter, its glimpse is shown. In it, he was a child who was abandoned on the street. And he was eating bread which was stolen. In middle school, he took over his school and became the most powerful person in the series.

It really amazes me how he went from a poor abandoned child to a teenager making millions per month. His character development is really adoring, and it makes you root for him. His charisma got him into my hottest male webtoon characters list.

10. Elios From My Deepest Secret

hottest male webtoon characters- Elios

Here comes another white-haired character in our list of hottest male webtoon characters. But one thing is different about him that makes him stand out from the rest of the characters. And that is he is yandere. You must have seen boys going crazy over Yuno Gasai. So here is your chance. I always wanted to read the story, which includes yandere boyfriend. You will get lots of yandere girlfriend anime and webtoons. But yandere boyfriend stories are scarce. But then I came across my deepest secret. And of course, I am going to add him to this hottest male webtoon characters list.

Elios is the loving and overprotective boyfriend of Emma, who is the main character of the series. He is a handsome, smart, and charming boy. He just appears as a perfect guy who can do everything. But there is a catch. Even if he loves Emma, he acts like yandere behind her back. He wants Emma to depend only on him. So he always tries to isolate her from everyone around her by saying he is just protecting her. Even at the story’s beginning, he was shown harming a cat just because it peed on Emma’s shoes.


There you go! The perfect list of hottest male webtoon characters I always wanted to create, and finally, it’s done. But please keep in mind that people in real life are not this hot. So don’t keep high expectations. Else you will only get your hearts broken. ಥ_ಥ

So did any of these hotties capture your heart?

If you think any character is overrated or underrated on the list, make sure to let us know. Also, comment on your favorite hottest male webtoon characters below.

If you think any other character deserves to be on the list, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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