Adultery Themed Manga Holiday Love: Fuufukan Renai Gets Web Anime

Holiday Love: Fuufukan Renai

Holiday Love: Fuufukan Renai (Love Between Married Couples) manga has been green-lit for a web anime adaptation. The manga from the writer Yukari Koyama and the artist Eliza Kusakabe brings adultery to the forefront. A  few weeks ago, the first 10 episodes of the anime began streaming on the Anime Beans app for smartphones. Currently, all 20 episodes are available with the first 10 free to watch along with selected episodes from other anime, from August 3 to August 31.

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Azu Takamori, a 30-year-old housewife does it all. Takes good care of her child, of the house and also runs a nail salon. Her husband Junpei has been shifted to a faraway location and can only visit the family one a week. Although she understands this, she soon starts to feel neglected as she realizes that her husband does not love her as a woman. She does confront him with tough questions but he manages to reassure her that everything is fine. Life goes back to normalcy until one day Junpei’s adultery comes to light. Can a relationship survive after an affair?

Holiday Love: Fuufukan Renai – Key Visual

Holiday Love: Fuufukan Renai

The series already has a live action to its credit and 5 compiled volumes. The manga is available on DeNA‘s free MangaBox app with Japanese and English options.

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What You Can Expect

The anime/manga is clearly aimed at the female audience. It is a mature drama and the teens might not be able to appreciate it. Furthermore, I am sure that the ‘adultery’ tag would drive away a lot of users. I did make an effort to check this manga out. After reading five chapters of the manga, I found it promising. It is a mature love drama. If you are looking to read something but have been unsuccessful in finding it, do give this a try.

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