Hinamatsuri Episode 4 – Disownment Rock n’ Roll Fever Review


Date: 29/04/2018

With this Hinamatsuri Episode 4, this season is looking pretty fresh I have to say. Also, kudos, if you managed to not drop this anime, passing the 3 episode rule. If you did watch this Hinamatsuri Episode 4, that is.  This anime so far has a tendency for bringing into forms various shapes of Slice of Life. That might have been what is keeping this series rolling for fans like me. Every unique beat for each character moment comes as a precious fragrance that brings this show to a beautiful outcome. Furthermore, it doesn’t try to unnecessarily bring random traits to the table.

That alone brings a clear substance to this dynamism used by Hinamatsuri alone. It’s a chemistry between its entire components in terms of duality and the rare genericism which invokes new avenues for Hinamatsuri at the same time. Anyhow, enough platitudes, let’s jump right into this Hinamatsuri Episode 4.

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Hinamatsuri Episode 4 Review

Without any sort of Depiction at sight, the opening scene implodes with Nitta having a transience expression against Hina. As visioned in the last episode, Hina tried to clean the house but ended up guiding a disaster due to her abrupt management in terms of powers. Which leads to Nitta being appalled by her actions, to the point of coming up with a harsh decision on his own, based on her previous errors.

He kicks her out of his house, hence the episode title word “Disownment”. I believe Nitta was mostly just prosperously annoyed by the fact that the vase was broken, leading to the judgment call. Now Hinna has to figure out how to live on her own.

Hinamatsuri Episode 4

Nitta’s reaction to Hina’s disaster

Hina’s homeless life

As seen in many animes, one of the most typical habitats for the characters to present deep thought is the classic river bank. Hina lies within one, playing her console out for her unknown desires. Wondering what to do at that moment, since Nitta disowned her, she encounters with a well-known face in that area. Anzu is her name, as she questions why Hina is with a bag upon her back. The answer could be a lie, but the truth resides omnipresent, that being, she was kicked.

Anzu being shy during the encounter

Anzu out of her comfort offers Hina the option to live with her in the slums. Hina without many options left votes to go with her by her free will. In her house, its witnessed that Hina is essentially a more spoiled child than you would have given thought perhaps. The way Anzu intercepts every problem and keeps her responsibilities in check is completely different from the way Hina recognizes and arranges things on daily circumstances. In essence, Hina has a NEET pattern, she slacks off all day, plays games, eats food nonstop, doesn’t help around, etc.

The difference between Anzu and Hina

For instance, when Anzu told Hina to wake up, she didn’t, and Anzu proceeded with her work. In a short time after, while Anzu made her return, Hina was eating her noodles. A true freeloader for sure. But that is what makes a brilliant connection between the vivid comedy elements and the slice of life aspects. So in a sense, you can just ignore these factors and completely relax while watching this anime, because of the haphazard combination of each personality in the characters.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3

Hina being a slacker

In some cutscenes, Nitta is shown to have a deep interest in Hina’s activities, while inconsequentially demonstrating a discard of emotions for Hina. Nitta is a tsundere in this episode for a grand variety.

Hina is kicked out, again

It would only be a matter of time before Anzu moved Hina out of her barricade, yes, barricade, you can’t exactly call that a house. Anzu was essentially tired of Hina not helping around. It’s incredible how Anzu deals with the outcomes, ever since episode 3 and this episode she has changed into a completely different character, which I have grown up to love and enjoy. As for Hina, she still lacks that responsibility element, in many more. Another short scene with Nitta arrives, he is shown in the bar with the rest of the crew for the most part. You could see Utako, Sabu, and Hitomi, plus two other characters, which we never saw before. I thought that they would have an essential role in that scene, yet reasonably they didn’t.

Anzu’s angry expression

Nitta issues right away that he has never seen them before, amidst that, Nitta enters a dangerous atmosphere as soon as he says that Hinna only costs him money. Everyone around him gives him the shady look of an irresponsible father. Even the two characters that you never saw before begin to bash him out of his mood. Nita is like.. “Seriously… I never saw you guys before”. Which, again, is true, because they never made an appearance so far.

The amusing part was, Utako banned Nitta from drinking, while everybody else kept on saying “Go home”. Seeing every reaction from Nitta is a classic, he is the true punch liner of this show, hands down.

Hina’s solution

Passing through the street, Hina gazes upon a Vase, she remembers that Nitta sent her away because she broke his vase. The only way for her to possibly get back home was to bring another vase, that could equal and redeem her previous misleading actions. Coincidently, Hina sees a street band earning money from its spectators through street performance, but she realizes that she could do something similar. Not singing, but something that would captivate the people that pass through that street.

What does she do, you might wonder? A bland question since its obvious. Hina doesn’t have any sort of intellectual capability, so she uses her powers to make objects float. On that performing scene, she manages to attract a vast crowd, similar to the one that the previous band had. For the coincidence, that band was there, and they lose no time to ask her to join their band.

The “Angels” leader taking interesting in Hina’s performance

Hina’s outcome to her problem

Without any sort of delay, they being their performance. It was basic, the singing wasn’t though. The density of the atmosphere was superb, loved the visual effects on that for sure. In the middle of that event, Nitta happens to pass by, but he suddenly makes a hilarious shady expression like always. The band name was” Angels” but Angels can fly with their wings, so the name made sense because Hina allowed them to fly with her power, which left a shocking remorse on Nita.

Nitta’s priceless reaction


He even said with a speechless expression: “What the hell…”. Although every fun has an end to its parade, by that I mean, the police showing up, bring the event to an end. Geez, even the police were worried when the Angels said that they would come back. What I loved about this moment was the comedy element present in every character. Normally for you to feel and comprehend the comedy in certain animes, you have to sit down and watch through a pile of episodes before you get into it That was my case for Gintama, for example, but this show has proved to somehow contain its comedy appeal to the peak.


After an exquisite moment between the band and Hina, they wonder their futuristic chances upon the upcoming musical festivals. Until Hina announces that she will be leaving the band. The leader is a bit shocked by her attitude, but thankfully, one of his companions shows to his vision, that Hina has something more important to do. In this case, it was to give the Vase to Nitta, since she has the money after all those musical events.

Nitta showing compassion towards Hina

Without any seconds to lose, Hina rushes with haste towards Nitta’s home door.  In that fluid outcome, Nitta asks her what is she even up to, yet she laments a bit due to her previous actions. To add more, Hina gives Nitta the vase. Nitta doesn’t exactly have the most pleasing expression, more understandable one if I had to say. He even asks how much it cost and so. It would obviously not amount. But Nitta shows compassion and lets Hina come home once again.

Anzu and Himori, the responsible duo

Moving on to this second part of this Hinamatsuri Episode 4, we see Himori working hard as a bartender. Sincerely, she has such talent, that she could drop out without avoiding many consequences. Just kidding, of course. But you get my point, her overwhelming talent for bar service is supreme above all. An endowed encounter does portray within this second part of this episode, Hitomi sees Anzu picking up cans from the trash once again. I feel bad because I laugh every time when Anzu does that. Anyways, Hitomi wonders why is she even doing that. So she goes out of her way to Anzu and asks her the motives to do so.

Hitomi working as a bartender

Anzu claims that she uses those cans for selling purposes. And as you could see, she does sell them to the old men to win a small amount of money. Hitomi decides to help her out by giving an amount of the trash to her, which contains cans. Anzu gets so excited that she decides to take Hitomi out for a walk.

The distinction between each character

If there is one thing that I noticed about Anzu is that she usually needs someone that can keep up with her. I think it’s in both ways in this case, for Anzu to have fun and to have someone who can help her out. Hina can’t help her out, needless is to say that they don’t have much fun together.

Ending and the city at night shining

Hitomi might just be able to provide that, as she is responsible, caring and sorta funny. Little for Anzu’s luck, Hitomi was too tired to keep it up, she was begging inside to sleep. The outcome was at sight. Hitomi becomes absorbed into her sleep, as she falls asleep on the sidewalk. Even Anzu was baffled. And ladies and gentleman, with that, this Hinamatsuri Episode 4 shows its final curtain call.


I won’t say this Hinamatsuri Episode 4 was like the previous one, I believe the previous one presented a more stoic version of the characters. In my opinion, this one didn’t. While the slice of life elements are present, and that is extremely important the impact on this episodes events were lackluster. Perhaps the lightness in the events and the small comedy combined lead to this decision of mine. I think it could have gotten better, but this Hinamatsuri Episode 4 was still decent, nonetheless.

So, let me know your thoughts on this Hinamatsuri Episode 4 as well, in the comment section.



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