Hinamatsuri Episode 3 – Hobo Life 101 (Anime) Review


Date: 21/04/2018

I was getting anxious to know when this new  Hinamatsuri Episode 3 would be out. To the point where I stayed on a page for 15 minutes. Was it worth? You bet it was. The more you enjoy this anime, the more you can feel the true vibrancy of its comedy along with its distinctive characters. Not many characters had their characteristics represented as much aside from Hina and Nitta, that was one of the issues from the last episodes. Even though it was just 2 Hinamatsuri episodes, this catch up being this hasty is amazing.

Previous episode review link.

While not losing sight of a direction, which is to demonstrate the slice of life elements through character interaction unifying and assembling this genuine feeling of a good storytelling. Still, that’s enough description, let’s get on with the main event, that being this Hinamatsuri  Episode 3.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3 Review

The start of Hinamatsuri Episode 3 it portraits a close similarity with the last episode closure. Anzu is homeless, what will she do? Was the last episode main question at the end of it.  The answer remained obvious though, she had to continue her ways, that being gathering food to survive.

Although, about that gathering tells more lies to a prosperous truth at the end.  She steals yet from another store, causing more casualties. That was when I thought: “Oh she is just gonna abuse her powers the whole way, eh?”. That was wrong. Apparently, she is afraid to show her powers because she thinks that Hina might see them and get a better grasp of her.

There are parts that raised questions for me, for example, as to why would she be afraid to show them, considering the last episode event, when she showed most of her grit to Hina. Unless she has more in store, which I might assume to be the case. Also, she thinks too much of Hina, Hina is this airhead, but Anzu is clever, yet dense, giving her the more characteristics in my opinion.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3

Anzu running with the food

As she runs away, the bartender shows pure confidence in her tracking abilities and assumes that she got Anzu. For the changing element, a homeless calls Anzu to his corner, and, Anzu being the innocent cute little girl that she is, takes the bet and goes into him.  He presents his intentions by declaring that she is homeless.

Well, bingo, he got it. So what does he decide to do? He sees that Anzu is a girl that has no manners, essentially lacks fundamental discipline. Which was plainly obvious the moment she decided to steal from stores, although that’s a vague demonstration of lack of discipline?

Anyhow, the man shows her the ways homeless have to crawl their own way up. That is, by doing cheap tactics, such as:

  • Collecting Soda Cans

  • Checking the vending machine for leftover changes

  • Collecting money for doing community service

The way Anzu is influenced by doing such actions makes you wonder just how much potential has her character in terms of growth. Personally, I adore characters that have a wide potential in terms of development. That way, not only can you be more surprised, but the way you enjoy the character will always strive up.

By the end of her work, she gets stupefaction at how little worth it was. The homeless man then explains that it is the correct way to do things and that stealing isn’t right. Anzu seems to somewhat agree, yet not fully.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3

Anzu on the ground after her talking with the homeless old man

Time goes by, night hits the floor. Anzu is introduced to some sort of hideout. Mainly composed of homeless people of course. She gets the rough impressions of her, leaving remarks of not being wanted all around her persona. That elevated a weird thought on me. I noticed that Anzu and Hina are sort of playing the opposite role here.

Notice how Hina at first wasn’t that well greeted by Nitta, yet managed to find her place in his house and around Nitta in general. Making Hina a more spoiled character. Anzu doesn’t have that luxury, while she ould indeed return to Nitta’s place and stop being homeless, she opts to not do such thing. Instead, she stays in that hideout where she is badly viewed, making her the opposite of Hina sort of. If she had a dislike for Hina, I could understand, but she doesn’t after all. That shows her kindness truly.

One of the men in the Hideout decides to bash about how she didn’t serve the sake right. Anzu says to her defense that she bought it, so that way she doesn’t need to serve it to them. The men reply was stating that with her money there is no way that she bought that by herself.

He then directs it to the homeless that picked up Anzu back then. He obviously paid the sake. His comprehension and compassion towards young ones are distinctive. To break the argument circle he quickly changes the subject. He brings up an interesting topic to the table. That being music and he asks if Anzu could do some singing for them.

Anzu after giving it quick thought while doing embarrassed expressions reveals a positive answer towards it. She then starts singing out loud in an extremely odd way, it was plain weird the way she sang, yet funny as hell. I believe it would have been cliche if she sang like a true opera top-tier worldwide superstar.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3

Anzu’s surprised expression

Instead, she demonstrated a more realistic way to sing. That being giving your best and still failing to sing well due to reasons. The results were reflecting though. Each of the homeless old men decides to grin the hell out of it. At first, I thought: “Haha, damn they are laughing their asses off”.

While I don’t know if some of them purely decided to cry due to her odd tune, it was clear the reason as to why they decided to cry. The nostalgic feeling absorbed their attention as a whole. It reminded them of their grandchildren and how warm they treasure the memories of them. A touching moment to watch, I say.

In the next morning, while Anzu was doing the Can collecting once again, she meets up with an old acquaintance. Nitta in this case. God, I just get so hyped every time he gets on the screen. His character is hilarious, his presence makes Hinamatsuri unique in terms of comedy from my perspective.

Anyhow, he asks what Anzu was doing, she embarrassingly tries to hide away the Cans, while Nitta simultaneously leashing jokes at her. Nitta realizing her situation, her homeless status, offers up some money. He realizes it because she was in denial when Nitta offered her a chance to come back home with Hina. Anzu for the surprise completely denies it, even after feeling the lustrous thirst for the money.

She remembers all the hard work that she did along with the homeless old man to get her where she is so far. She developed a thing called pride. Many people see pride as a bad thing. I think the contrary for once, pride gives reason to a potential birth of a true motivation spike. Hence why Anzu felt so eager towards it, I feel like.

Again, that’s only more character development towards Anzu, the way she interprets things has changed drastically since the last episode. Which leaves a remark upon any viewers impression. It doesn’t stop there though. As Nitta leaves off in his car, Anzu goes after him, chasing for the money. It made me wonder why, the only two reasons at the moment as to what made me think such way, was:

  • Anzu realizing that she needs money for the rest of the homeless people, so she plays the role here

  • Anzu is completely thirsty for money and played the role out perfectly

Either way, Nitta tells the driver to stop the car, and so, ends up giving the money to Anzu. For a shocker, after Nitta went back into the car, as he went along, Anzu was still bowing. Perhaps in a thankful matter, yeah, no doubt about it.

Well, that for sure was a good first episode half if you ask me, her development was huge this episode alone with her screen time. I’m very happy with this outcome and the way this anime story handles its characters, truly marvelous.

Moving on to the second part of this Hinamatsuri episode 3, another character is presented, that being Mishima Hitomi. Hinna’s closest friend by far I believe in an account. Her distinctive feature is, being an amazing bartender.

Now as she got into one in the first place was the question that lied in this episode, only to be straight answered right away. Hitomi and the bartender decide to have a nice chat until the bartender brings up the offer on Hitomi. She declares that Hitomi must become a bartender as soon as possible.

The bartender, which is named Utako, slightly shows her true colors, those being the face of an opportunist. I love opportunism in comedy animes. It makes characters rival each other in numerous hilarious ways, not only giving them more connections to relate to, but you can see the distinctive characteristics that lie within them.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3

Utako’s evil grin

Their heated argument begins with Hitomi denying her offer right off the bat, still, that finds no glue in the sticker for Utako. She reveals her intentions by threatening Hitomi with a photo of her in a bartender suit, saying that she will send it to her school if she does not work for her. Hitomi then shows a true evil grim as well.

These two are very similar from my way of seeing them. They both have identical physical appearances, long black hair,  and closed personalities, yet the most open when met with someone who can make them talk. In this case, they both have their moment. On the argument still, Hitomi avoids any sneaky moves, although she shows a counter move when she presents to Utako her phone, in recorder mode.

This makes all Utako’s threatening literally useless. Having recorded all the talking, there would be no room for more subjective threatening, was what Hitomi thought. Yet for another round of counter moves, Utako throws in the royal flush card, that being the computer download.

I swear their moves were unpredictable as hell, which made it the more comical to me, not to mention their facial expressions on this matter. What truly hit the comedy score for me was Hitomi realizing that she was doomed. She left out this despairing screech out, it was priceless.

Hitomi’s shocked expression

Conclusion approached, as Hitomi now as to work for Utako, better luck next time. Hitomi is quickly put up for a test when her teacher enters the bar with an old man. Previewing that moment, was a scene between the teacher and the old man.

The old man tries to get him into a bar, he keeps saying no, but whenever the old man said something about his promotion, he got right back up into the bar. The way characters in this show have that agreement reaction is absolutely hilarious in my opinion.

As soon as her homeroom teacher comes in, Hitomi immediately freaks out just on the possibility that he might recognize her.

For her bad luck, after a few moments of doubting his thoughts, he does recognize her. He opts to not reveal that though, hence why he asks a “Million” for a drink. This is where Hitomi’s true distinction is mostly played, her bartender talent. Her teacher doubts that it is true what they are speaking of, considering that she is a brilliant student.

That might have created an intense atmosphere around the scene as Hitomi prepared the drink, by shaking it in an exotic way. It seemed out of the place, the scene abrupting it like that, but it wasn’t a bad thing, it just left an impression on what this Hinamatsuri Episode 3’s animations are capable of pulling out from their pickpockets.

The teacher ends up meeting with a magnificent taste upon his mouth, which was no surprise. His reaction reminded me a bit of Shokugeki no Souma, and its ways to demonstrate the judge’s reactions, the so-called “foodgasms” although there was, of course, a complete entity in terms of uniqueness, it was just plain simple for this Hinamatsuri Episode 3, nothing more.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3

Hitomi’s bartender skills

With that, ends the Hitomi part, I have to say, it was hilarious alright, but it lacked impression a bit for me, I preferred Anzu, but I believe Hitomi has great potential as a character, especially one without powers, unlike Anzu and Hina. That difference alone made her distinctive through all this Hinamatsuri episode 3.

Lastly, the final part of the episode, it takes us back to the main core of this show, that being, Hina, and Nitta. Here you see the spoiled Hina co-existing with Nitta while being a bit selfish. Not in a serious tone though, in a funny one. They are having dinner, and Hina decides to take on of Nitta’s meatballs to her plate because he has too many meatballs.

Nitta doesn’t exactly care for it, he is a pseudo-parent in my eyes. He himself doesn’t have his consciousness set on the fact that he is basically a father to Hina. That creates a more relaxed atmosphere around his character perspective. As I told before, to me Nitta is the Gintoki of Hinamatsuri, especially during this Hinamatsuri Episode 3. He alone makes the most comedy truly shine, every single one of his reactions makes me a burst out of laugh, he is so banal honestly, what a character.

As scenes move forward, Hina is having a dream, where she swaps places with Anzu. She dreams of a reality where Nitta and Anzu are actually dating, yeah, dating, which is awkward in a sense. This Hinamatsuri Episode 3 has a family element to it, so I don’t see why Hina would view it from that perspective ever.

This raises the question: Does Hina see Nitta in other ways? It would make sense if Hina fell in love with Nitta. Nitta has the looks, outstanding persona and on top of it, he cares a lot in general. Still, I think that’s rather impossible, just rather strange to see such occurrence between that dream.

It was baffling to see Hina’s way of asking for money as Nitta and Anzu flew off with their date. Afterward, Hina wakes up to reality in a hurry, she quickly realizes that she doesn’t want to become like Anzu and so, she goes out of her way to please Nitta.

Alright, the “please Nitta” almost worked out well, she began by not insisting with Nitta when he said he would go out and that he didn’t want Hina to go with him. It even shocked Nitta as well, because in the past  Hinamatsuri episode it was the only thing that erupted Nitta’s spirit, as he couldn’t find his luck with the charming ladies.

Yet she doesn’t go out of her way, leaving an awkward impression on Nitta, he wonders what happened to her regarding her nagging sense.

That’s when Hina has this fantasy where she is praised by Nitta after cleaning up the house well, and by imagining so, she starts to clean up the house, well, attempts to.  Her first try at cleaning up the floor went out bad because the extension line was short, hence the results went bad.

Hina in the kitchen

Next up was the dishes I believe, oh boy, she even used her superpowers on this one, yet proved meaningless due to her lack of control, the dishes broke out along with the water all over the house.

A true catastrophe. Her last attempt was cleaning the table where all the vases were put, it even presented a flashback where Nitta said that he would kill her(in a sarcastic sense) if she did anything to that vase, considering it was his most new. Of course, she broke it for the win, as expected.

It was all in vain at the end, Hina’s attempt to make the house clean only turned it into a complete mess, so what does she do? Goes to the fridge to eat, that is until she sees a bowl with a ticket saying “For Hina”. She gives a little thought to it, what could it mean, hence the reaction “I worked hard today” from her, as she eats all the food in the bowl without giving another thought.

Consequently, she gets a stomach pain putting her on her canvas while the water floods the house, and now, it is only a matter of time before Nitta sees the terror that is his house at that very moment as he enters it, closing up this  Hinamatsuri episode 3.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3

Hina’s stomach pain


This  Hinamatsuri episode 3 was outstanding for me, the way each character interacted in their own environment. Now not only Hina and Nitta have to be holding this show on their backs, it just proves that side characters can hold purpose as well. In an instance, Anzu did an amazing job developing new characteristics around her kit.

It only made her a truer distinctive character. It didn’t stop there even, Anzu showed way more affections than, for example, Hina, by affections I mean the way she cared for all her effort and potential ties with the Hideout that she lives in.

Even Hitomi, your typical school best friend with the protagonist got her screen time, most of the type characters like her are so forgettable that by the end of the season you wonder what their name was, but now with this ongoing development I feel as if these characters will be rememberable even at the end of this series, I hope Hinamatsuri doesn’t suffer a fate like many series. Where characters are introduced only to fill time in the episodes and only that.

In the end, it ends on a good note, each character left their own remark. That way each viewer can have several diverse opinions on it, be it negative or positive.

I’m liking the opening more and more within each Hinamatsuri episode. Especially this Hinamatsuri episode 3 the animation is looking gorgeous.

Seriously I love Hinamatsuri so far.

Let me know your thoughts on the comments down below about this Hinamatsuri Episode 3, I’ll be glad to read them!

Go here for more concrete information on Hinamatsuri Episode 3 or just Hinamatsuri in general.

Hinamatsuri Episode 3 Round-up

Hinamatsuri Episode 3 Review



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