Anime ‘Hinamatsuri’ Releases Second PV, Updates Details Of OP & ED Theme Songs


Date: 03/03/2018

Upcoming TV anime “Hinamatsuri,” original manga by Otake Masao will start broadcasting from April 6th, 2018.  Television stations TOKYO MX, AT-X and others will air the anime. “Hinamatsuri” is a psychic comedy about a young girl, Hina and a yakuza, Nitta.  Along with the release of the second Promotional video, the official website has also updated the information regarding the OP & ED theme songs. 

“Distance” sung by Riku Murakawa will be the opening theme for the anime. Notably, in the second edition of the PV, we can hear this song. “Salmon and Ikura with 893 and daughter” sung by Yoshiki Nakajima will be the ending theme for the anime. In the anime, Yoshifumi Nitta will be singing this song.


On one fateful night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta.  To his suprise, he finds a young girl inside the box. Soon he learns that she is not an ordinary kid and that she has tremendous supernatural powers. Nitta does not really know what he should be doing and reluctantly allows her to stay with him.  Consequently, Nitta has to deal with her eccentric behavior and powers.

Hinamatsuri – Second PV

Source: Comic Natalie

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What We Can Expect

So we have here a slice of life, comedy manga about a young girl with supernatural powers. Furthermore, she keeps causing trouble with her powers. Overall, this seems to be the crux of the story.  The art is good and has enough details to make for an interesting watch. The comedy this anime will provide will be a defying factor for this anime to get popular. Both the main characters, Hina and Nitta are kind of unique and I believe anime views would come to love them.  Finally, I believe this is a series one must check out for its uniqueness.  

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