Top 10 best anime similar to High School DxD in 2018

High School DxD Hero Episode 7 Review


Date: 31/05/2018

High School DxD Hero episode 7 was finally released, I was not really sure if I will pick this anime up again. Episode 6 really disappointed me. Although, you could call me a fool for hoping to see a good plot in an Ecchi anime.  However, even if all of that was quite disappointing. I am still looking forward to the upcoming clash between Issei and Sairaorg in the rating games. Even though High School DxD is full of ecchi and has no plot, you can still be excited to see good action. Unless you enjoy fanservice and you’re watching it for that. I know there are many people who are excited about this anime, just because of fanservice. And they would probably rate it much higher than I do.

Top 10 best anime similar to High School DxD in 2018

High School DxD Hero episode 7

Issei and Rias

High School DxD Hero Episode 7 review

After watching a bit of this episode, it seems like this is one of those filler episodes. At the beginning we see Issei performing on stage in the underworld. They are doing a hero performance, and Issei is the hero Oppai Dragon. He has become quite popular with children and all of the children are screaming oppai. It seems like the new generations of devils will all be perverts like Issei and follow the path of oppai. After the performance we see Irina ask Issei to help her dress up. She has to change some woman that got hurt and go on the stage instead of her. Issei helps her, but the outfit was too small so her boobs got squeezed.

In the end, her outfit broke down and she started attacking Issei to get his children. Then all the other girls from the Gremory household arrived and started molesting Issei until Rias prevented it.  There is a new transfer student in school and an addition to Iseei’s harem. Ravel of the Pheonix family transferred to their school. The research club members are preparing for the upcoming school festival. It seems we will be seeing the school festival before the rating games. That disappointed me a bit because I really wanted to see Issei going against Sairaorg. While they were preparing, Rias came to pick up Issei and drive him somewhere. It was connected to what her mother was talking about.

High School DxD Hero episode 7

Issei concerned


High School DxD Hero episode 7 ends with Issei and Rias visiting Sairarogs mother to help her. They believe that if Issei uses his power called “boob lingual” that he might be able to reach to her heart. His mother is in a coma and they are hoping Issei can talk to her. Although it was useless, we still got to see a bit of Sairarogs past and how he was in childhood. I gotta say, he is one of my favorite characters right now. And I am really excited to see Issei’s fight with Sairarog will not be delayed too much. The rating games are something that is really worth looking forward to.


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