High School DxD Hero Episode 6, The School Trips in Pandemonium

High School DxD Hero episode 6 was a bit surprising, though also predictable. I was quite disappointed with this show and might actually stop watching it, I’m going to give this season a shot until the end to see if anything better happens. However, I doubt that I will be continuing to watch it. It’s quite predictable, repetitive and already became boring to me. I must apologize to the fans of ecchi anime. But since I do not like fanservice there is nothing to keep me there. The action elements are good, and if you like action then I would recommend watching this. But if you like having a storyline to accompany the action then I would suggest some other anime like Megalo Box.

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High School DxD hero episode 6 Review

At the beginning of the episode, Rias was summoned by Issei when he called for boobs. She came in half naked, it was a glory moment of fanservice for all of those who enjoy it. Rias nipples are the buttons to awaken Isseis hidden powers. And no, that is not a joke. Issei activated his full potential by grabbing the nipples of Rias. This episode had such great character development for Issei. And Rias as well if you think about their relationship. They are much closer now that he touched her in public. The reason as to why this is happening is because Rias boobs came into contact with Isseis potential. Which made them evolve further. Elsha and Belzard give him their last words, the remnants of old souls in his sacred gear now finally leave. Meaning that Issei will be able to use this new power of his constantly.

The Juggernaut Drive was the uncontrollable release of Isseis full power. However now he can control it, and it levelled him up greatly.  In my opinion, this level-up was just pure plot armour. Let’s just give a random reason as to why the main character should become overpowered. All of the hope of this anime ever having a decent story fall into the water. And my expectations are growing lower and lower the more I watch this. I can’t really help it, I’m a fan of a good story. However, if I was to objectively grade this anime. Then I would say it’s worth watching in case you love action and fanservice with no plot.  Issei attacked Cao Cao and dealt a lot of damage to him. It looked like Issei was dominating, but we have to keep in mind that Cao-Cao did not even use his balance breaker yet in High School DxD Hero Episode 6.

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High School DxD Hero Episode 6 was overall decent, it had some fanservice that will please the fans at the beginning of the episode. And later on we had a lot of great action, we also saw a new character. The Great Victorious Fighting Buddha first generation Sun-Wokung. To be honest, I have no idea who, or what he is. But he was portrayed to have godly power. Sun also helped Issei and the harem squad to break out of their tough situation. In the end, everything went well, and they were protected by plot armour. Instead of killing Issei, Cao Cao told him to become stronger.  Which makes sense, because Cao Cao wants to kill him, and if Issei becomes stronger it will definitely be easier for him to do that.  At the end of the episode, we saw Isseis opponent


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