High School DxD Hero Episode 5 review, my potential released.

The last episode finished off with a cliffhanger, we were not sure if Issei is going to die or if he will survive. The tension was killing everyone, this is the climax of watching anime. When you are not sure if an MC will survive or not. This is what we live for. And then at the beginning of episode 5 Issei somehow miraculously escaped the trap. I was shocked speechless for 10 minutes that I had to go outside and get some fresh air. After relaxing and talking to my therapist for a while, I got back into the episode hoping there would not be any more unexpected scenes like this one. Imagine what this could do to someone’s heart. And now, let’s get into the High School DxD Hero Episode 5 review, opinions and thoughts for the future.

High School DxD Hero Episode 5 – Xenovia

High School DxD Hero Episode 5 review


After beating the shadow dude, Issei and the harem squad arrive at the scene. What will be waiting for them there? The fight starts and Xenovia uses her improved new Durandal. The attack from it was so big it reminded me of those final fights from Naruto when they changed maps. I wonder what kind of attacks we will have later in High School DxD when we can see such scale attacks so early on into the story. Even though this is season 4, I was informed that the light novel is far ahead of the anime. And that there is so much more content in this awesome anime. Especially content like boobs, and lots of it. The new Durandal was made through Alchemy. Excalibur was combined to it, which is making it a super powerful sword.

The hidden potential

After fighting it out with the chaos brigade’s Cao Cao squad everyone was beaten. Isseis fight with Cao Cao was alright, it was nothing special. Issei fought well and actually managed to damage Cao Cao. That was a bit surprising to me, but it played out well. Until he used a phoenix tear and then beat Issei. Cao Cao did not even use his balance breaker in this fight. When all hope was lost, Issei started crying. This part of his evolution was a bit cliche. The woman in his head guided him towards reaching his potential. Boob ghosts came out of Issei’s body and formed a magic circle. Which Issei then used to summon boobs that only belong to him. In which point, Rias showed up and the episode stopped with a cliffhanger.

High School DxD Hero Episode 5 – Cao Cao


Overall the episode was nothing special, to be honest about what actually happened with Isseis “potential” disappointed me a bit. I was pretty hyped when they introduced the concept to us. But then it was nothing special really. Unless, something happens in the next episode, but we will have to wait for that and see if anything actually does happen. If you’re watching High School DxD for comedy as well as fanservice. Then I would like to recommend a good slice of life comedy, the anime name is Hinamatsuri.



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