High School DxD Hero Episode 4

High School DxD Hero Episode 4 Review


Date: 10/05/2018

High School DxD Hero Episode 4 has finally been released, been a few days since it was out. And now, finally, I got some time to see it. And wanted to share my opinion with the readers. If I recall correctly, the last episode has stopped with a cliffhanger. Issei and the Harem squad have been sealed off by a Longinus. I forgot the name of it, but it has some dimensional transformation powers. The one blocking their path is Cao-Cao. Cao-Cao is a descendant of the famous Cao-Cao of the three kingdoms. Whoever that is, I would assume he was some big-shot.

Apparently, Cao-Cao seems to me like the leader of the chaos brigade team that ambushed and kidnaped little girls mother.  When asked as to why he would kidnap her. His reply was for some sort of an experiment, now I wonder what this could be.  The guy seems pretty confident. After admitting that he kidnaped her mother. Cao-Cao comes off wanting to trade blows with Azazel and Issei. It would seem like he wants to compare his strength to theirs. However, can he take them both on at the same time?

Highschool dxd hero episode 4


High School DxD Hero Episode 4 Review

Annihilation Maker is the name of Leonardos Longinus, it seems pretty cool. But then again, it still feels a bit useless. The definition for it went something like: “You can create any monster you think, of”. Now, this could be pretty good, but pretty bad as well. It all depends on the limits of his Longinus, and what kind of monsters can he create. Also, we still don’t know if that power is the only power he holds. His overall strength is still quite undefined.  One of the good qualities of his Longinus is that he can create anti-monsters. These monsters target vulnerabilities of their opponents.

The Booblingual

Alright, so I think this is one of the top 10 perfect moves I have ever seen. It’s an awesome skill. Do you know those times when people say that you need books and books to understand women? Well, Issei does not need that. Because he can understand Booblingual.  Using the Booblingaul, Issei creates a special field that lets him talk to boobs. The boobs then reveal hidden thoughts and plans from women. As I said earlier, it’s the perfect skill to understand what women are thinking.  This was probably one of the highlight moments for me for the High School DxD Hero Episode 4.

High School DxD Hero Episode 4

Vials Witch

Gremory family versus Hero Faction

The fight starts off with Issei leading the team, he had demonstrated great leadership skills. And was later even praised by Cao-Cao for it. While Issei and the rest of the harem squad fight off with the monsters, Azazel and Cao-Cao fight on their own. However, Cao-Cao did not seem to be taken it seriously. At least not from my perspective. The fight goes on until they are interrupted by a witch from Valis team. Which in the end proves to be useless. Then Cao-Cao revealed what is going to happen next. The experiment is going to take place at Nijo Castle. They are using the power of Kyoto and the nine tails leader to create their great experiment. Hero Faction escapes and invites them to join them at the Nijo Castle. I wonder what their experiment might be.


After their battle, Issei and the harem squad went back. They discussed what to do next, and how they will recover the nine tails leader.  On their way towards it, they are interrupted and pulled into that dimensional world. There a certain character interrupts them, whose name I forgot. He was the guy, shown in the flashbacks. When they were explaining who the hero faction is and who attacked them in the school. The dude can control shadows and has entered balance breaker. To be honest, from the all of the balance breakers, his actually looked very cool. Issei got trapped by him, and the episode has finished with a cliffhanger. Which I think is very wise for the studio, as cliffhangers often bring more hype for the next episode.  High School DxD Hero Episode 4 finished off nicely.

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