High School DxD Hero Episode 2 Review, School Trip Begins


Date: 26/04/2018

I was not expecting much from this season, or this anime at all. Except for some action and fan service, even though there have been hints of some background story going on. However, it was pretty unknown to most viewers and fans. In High School DxD Hero Episode 2 we get a glimpse of hope.  Apparently, Isseis Sacred Gear holds the consciousness of many before him. This also explains why he used to go into Juggernaut Drive and rage a lot. His sensei explains to him that if he can make do with the people in his consciousness that he will unlock an even more powerful state than Juggernaut Drive.

He has to pour his consciousness into the gear and I guess befriend the dudes in it. When we see Issei meditating, he goes into a room full of depressed old man. Now I have an assumption on how he will fix this. I assume he will fill his consciousness in it, by pouring images of boobs and other stuff. The consciousness of man in there will be triggered by the boobs. And hence, they will love Issei. However, for now, this is just an assumption of what might happen. As in the past all of the problems used to be solved by the power of the boobs.  Also, not sure if I’d be happy or sad about it, as it would kind of be a predictable outcome. But, then again, I’d be happy since I was right in a way.

High School DxD Hero Episode 2 Review

The episode starts off with Issei and his friends traveling to their school trip. While Issei was having serious thoughts, a girl tried to get close to him, but she was shut down by his seriousness. What can this mean? Has this girl still not won Isseis heart, maybe it’s due to her chest size. Who can say? I don’t know. Also, I would like to showcase a certain quote from the episode.  You have probably already noticed, but I haven’t until now. I realized that the author is adding lines that can associate to something perverted.

High School DxD Hero Episode 2 - Issei

Deep In – High School DxD Hero Episode 2

The episode features info about Issei boosting his power. It’s hinted on the past. When Lord Beelzebub gave advice to Issei. He told him that he must master level of knight or rook. And that, it would amplify his powers. On contrary to other Harem anime, what made me actually stay and watch it despite its bad moments? Well, that was mainly Issei.As the main character, he is goofy but he is not that overpowered, he is saved by the power of boobs in some predicaments.

However, if we take a look at other main characters, especially shounen ones. They were all saved by some mysterious powers, like Naruto and his Nine-Tails chakra. And just like them, Issei is shown training a lot to improve himself. Even though the training is not as detailed as it was in some other anime. Issei definitely holds a feel of a shounen mc. I think that’s one of the factors why High School DxD is so popular. Besides, it’s fanservice which is also loved by all.

The depths of the mind

When Issei goes back into his mind/consciousness. We see a previous owner of the sacred gear. The dragon explains how he was the most promising dragon emperor of all. And that he had awoken his Juggernaut Drive at an early age. However, his drive for power has caused him to self-destroy. We also see Issei chanting some weird spell, about a Heavenly Dragon.


High School DxD Hero episode 2

Issei Meditating – High School DxD Hero episode 2


Heavenly Dragon who stole the principle of domination from God

– (High School DxD Hero Episode 2)

So yeah, we got talk of Issei getting something similar to a Juggernaut Drive, probably better. But what is this talk about Heavenly Dragon? I think there’s more to the story than just boobs considering they finally started adding more details. Also the principle of domination is interesting. The name itself gives off an impression that there is more to it.

Why? If it was simply Gods power, it would say he had stolen gods power. But no, it says the principle of domination.Which makes me assume that there is more of these “principles” that can be stolen from God. And probably God himself wields some of them as well. We could also assume that some high-level angels might have gotten some of those principles from God as a gift.

The spell

Issei had not finished the spell. However, he is concerned about two lines. Laughing at the infinite, and fretting over the dream. And then bam, a new lady appears. Talking about Orphis. Saying that the great red dragon is fake, now I think that this Orphis might be the Heavenly Dragon previously mentioned. However, it may also not be true, as he is referred to as the infinite. It would seem that the lady, was one of the possessors of the sacred gear. And also an irregular one like Issei. Ddraig also mentions Belzard, could be that there was one more irregular.

High School DxD Hero Episode 2

Elsha – High School DxD Hero Episode 2

The Box

Elsha offers Issei some weird Box. He also has a key for it, given to him by Lord Beelzebub. I gotta say that Belzeebub is a pretty shady guy. The box contains the potential of a red dragon emperor. Damn, I knew there would be something, but so soon? In the same episode, oh well. Of course, there is a drawback that he might get destroyed.


Besides the new information about Isseis power, and how the show might progress. The rest was decent, it started off with some nice comedy, then it turned off to progress the story further on their school trip. Apparently, someone was abducted and that caused complications. Well, you should know what I’m talking about since I assume you have seen the episode. I will talk more about that part in the next episodic review. Oh, and have you seen Megalo Box? If not I’d like to recommend it.


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