High School DxD Hero Episode 1, Let’s Go To Kyoto

High School DxD Hero Episode 1 has finally been released. This is actually the 2nd episode released. The studio numbered the first episode as 0, and it was a recap. High School DxD Hero Episode 1 sets a lot of things going, and we also get to see a cool fight between Issei and Sairarog. Sairarog Bael is the next heir of the Bael clan, he is very calm and respects his opponents. Unlike other opponents Issei faced so far, Sairarog believes in an honest fight and solely relies on his strength to win.  To be honest, this is probably one of my top 5 side characters that I have seen in this series. The rest of the characters were pretty hard to like.


High School DxD Hero Episode 1 review:

Episode one starts off with a lot of fanservice, Akeno is all over Issei. Apparently, Isseis is going to some school trip soon, and Akeno will miss him. But then Rias jumps in as usual, and suddenly there’s a bunch of girls in the room, boobs flying everywhere. And finally, Rias does a WWE jump and smacks poor Issei with her boob power. Judging from the opening, I would assume that Issei is going to have another girl join his harem this season. And judging by how the show is going at the moment, I think it will all happen on that trip. I don’t really know how, but I just have a hunch that on the trip something bad will happen. Then he will have to save some girl and she will join his harem, and randomly enroll into their demon club.

The only good moment of the episode for me was the fight between Issei and Sairarog. In which Sairarog also hinted that Issei is close to discovering some new power, so it would seem that he will power up soon. But no matter what happens when there is big trouble we can assume Isseis plot armor will protect him. The power of boobs will always prevail. Anyhow, the fight was nice, Sairarog is pretty strong and I like the way that he uses physical power over demonic power.  The guy is cool over, probably the best waifu material in the whole show. They also mentioned Rating game (created by Akuja), so it is safe to assume that after the school trip we will be seeing another fight between them. Definitely, something that makes this worth watching if you have nothing else to do with your life.



If you enjoy fanservice you will definitely enjoy this anime. However, if you are like me, and you’re just interested in what’s going to happen next. Then you won’t be so satisfied with the story. As it seems to me, there is really no ultimate goal or story behind everything. They are just going on with it as much as they can. But hey, if you enjoy it, then it’s pretty good news to understand that this type of anime will be milked for centuries to come. Children of your children of your children will be able to enjoy the oppai dragon adventures. Oh and, the new visuals are so horrible, it makes my eyes go dry. I don’t really understand why they changed the way the characters looked, but hey, who am I to judge? Leave me your opinion down in the comments. And if you’re looking for some actually good anime then check out Megalo Box

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