High School DxD Hero Episode 0 Review, spoiler alert

So I have just seen High School DxD Hero Episode 0 and I gotta say for me it was nothing special. When I have seen it after so many years. I began to wonder, why have I even watched the series in the first place. And I remembered why, it was because of boredom. That and I think that Issei is a funny main character. His power of boobies is quite “intriguing”. To be honest, in my opinion, we can’t expect much from this show except fanservice, unfortunately. Yes, it does have certain plot that it follows. But, it’s main priority is to gather Isseis harem, and all hardships he faces will be resolved by his boob power plot armor.  High School DxD Hero Episode 0 starts where the last season stopped, and that was the moment everyone was saving Asia.  Before you start I gotta warn you that this is full of spoilers

Rias Gremory

High School DxD Hero Episode 0 Review

The story kicks off where the last season stopped. Issei, Rias, and the research club have finally saved Asia. At which moment she says that she wants to pray. And then randomly disappears, where a new dude appears. Shalba Beelzebub comes in with a cool entrance ready to smack everybody. He speaks of Rias being a daughter of the fake Devil King, and him being the descendant of the true Devil King Beelzebub. Now that he joined I was very happy because I thought we could get some crazy antagonist. Some more in-depth story, and more character development and further plot twists. But then Issei goes berserk with his Red Dragon Emperor Juggernaut Drive.  The guy gets completely wrecked, but then Issei goes out of control. He starts destroying everything and nobody knows what’s going to happen. Vali then poops out of a random portal to save the day bringing Asia as well.

To be honest, I still do not understand what’s going on with all those sacred gears. And the powers, dragons, demons, it all mixed up and I got no idea what is going on. Vali used to be Isseis enemy but it seems he has some other objective now. Anyhow, they debate how to save Issei but then an angel drops from the sky and brings a music box. Isseis is being protected by plot armor. The song they play is actually the highlight of the episode, it was quite comedic and funny. The song slowly calms him down, but he couldn’t fully calm down. That’s when Rias goes naked and Issei touches her nipple and completely goes calm. To be honest, I did not really know why, and the fanservice was there just cause of fanservice. So it doesn’t really bring anything to the plot.

Issei and Asia kiss

High School DxD Hero Episode 0 Conclusion

To be honest High School DxD Hero Episode 0 didn’t really feel like such a great episode. Because the story from the last season felt unfinished and cut off at a wrong point. The only highlight of the episode was Isseis song that they wrote. For those that adore fanservice then you will definitely enjoy episode 0 as you get to see Rias bare naked and Issei touching her boobies. For me, it was not such a thrill to see it. The scenes would be more enjoyable if they were censored.  I don’t know honestly how they plan to develop the story, I just hope they don’t fuck it up. At the end of the episode, we see Asia confessing to Issei and kissing him. Another great scene for the lovers of a harem, now Isseis harem is growing ever stronger. And he is on his path towards becoming the harem king.

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