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Gurazeni Season 2 release date is set for October 5th


Date: 22/09/2018

Gurazeni season 2 release date  announced by the staff for the TV adaptation. Keiji Adachi’s and Yuji Moritaka’s manga Gurazeni has just received an anime adaptation a few months ago. And the fans were quite happy with the anime, the anime got some positive feedback. If you like sports and slice of life, you should definitely check it out. For those who are not familiar with the anime, here is a quick synopsis. The story follows Natsunose Honda (voiced by Fukashi Ochia). Honda is a professional baseball player. However, unlike other sports anime where the ace shines, in Gurazeni we see the other side of the players. Honda is a relief pitcher that comes into pitch only when he’s needed. Often he spends his time simply warming up for the pitch, without ever getting to play. The anime follows his daily life and his struggles.

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Gurazeni release date Gurazeni season 2 release date

Gurazen season 2 release date is set for October 5th and will be premiering BS. The fans are very excited for the second season as we kick back into watching the daily struggles of Bonda. Surviving in the world of professional baseball players is not easy. The second season of Gurazeni will be featuring two guest voice actors.  Masahiro Yamamoto ( a former baseball player ) and Yuki Iwami (comedian) will serve as the guest voice actors. In the first season, we had a privilege to see Takeshi Kitano as the guest star in the last episode. Takeshi is a well-known Japanese actor and film director

We are happy to say that the second season of the anime will still be adapted by Studio Deen. Studio Deen has adapted the first season and still continues to bring us this awesome series. Ayumu Watanabe is directing Gurazeni (manga by Yuuji Moritaka and Aachi Keiji). Hideo Takayashiki is in charge of script writing and series composition. Kenichi Orosuki is the sound director.  Akfumi taking care of the music for Guranezi.

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