Gun Gale Online Episode 4

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 4 ‘Death Game’ Review


Date: 30/04/2018

In the previous Gun Gale Online episode, we have got to know more about Karen Kohiruimaki and how she feels about her life. In this Gun Gale Online Episode 4, we come back to the present situation where the Squad Jam tournament is in play.

The episode resumes from the amazing dexterity shown by LLENN as she springs out of the suitcase and takes down her enemies. She feels very happy that she could do it and looks forward to keep doing her best. Soon they start to plan out to face the remaining teams. She is now more confident in M’s capability. We can notice that she starts to sink deep into the game with a child-like attitude. This aspect of her is very interesting and if you like her being this way you would like this series too.

Gun Gale Online Episode 4 Review

Gun Gale Online Episode 4

M with his Shield


LLENN and M soon find out that the enemy team is pretty close. By using hovercrafts the enemy team brings the fight to them and this leaves them at a great disadvantage. Having no time to take proper cover LLENN and M take cover buy laying low. Honestly, they were lucky to escape this onslaught. This scene was a letdown and seemed overblown.

The enemy team withdraws giving M to come up with a strategy. He is now pretty sure that he has to take out this ‘Shield.’ This very rare item offers a good cover for M to take down enemies from a medium range. This means he can easily execute a kill for every shot. So before the enemy realizes what is really happening around they are all dead.

One of the most interesting aspects was how player ability aids one to be good at some aspects of the game. We find M mentioning about how a good truck driver in real life can take good advantage of the trunks found in the game and offer their team an advantage. So, looking at the way M taking down the enemies without the use of bullet circle or bullet line (its appearance), we can assume that M has real-life experience with guns. Well, Pito does mention about this anyways.


Gun Gale Online Episode 4

LLENN takes a hit

Surprise Surprise

The next scan almost proves deadly for LLENN and M. This was nice because we don’t need them to win this tournament without a good fight. LLENN takes a shot from a sniper and it just misses her vitals that would have caused instant death. With luck on their side, they end up escaping their disadvantageous position.

Using the hover crafts they reach the other end of the shore. M decides that they can use the higher elevation point to their advantage. As they proceed to move towards it LLENN reminds M that he should check the letter out. And having read that letter M acts in a very surprising way. This was a pleasant surprise because so far it seemed like LLENN has found good friends whom she could trust. She was going to have a lot of a good time with them and face many adventures. All this now seems doubtful when M points a gun at LLENN and fires a sot.

LLENN manages to overcome this certain death by activating the safety of M’s gun. Pretty smart for her to have been this cautious.


Gun Gale Online Episode 4

LLENN throws a surprise move


Overall, Gun Gale Online Episode 4 was good to watch. I loved the surprise and it left me curious for the next episode. It is very funny to see M beg for his life. It was nice to see LLENN put M in such a situation. So what was in this mysterious letter that made M act this way? or was it something else?

I would wish for this to pave the way to a richer plot that can make this series very interesting to watch. The series still looks like that of a video game, so we badly need a plot. With eight more episodes let us see what this series has in store for us.

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Gun Gale Online Episode 4 


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