Gun Gale Online Episode 3 Review

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online: Episode 3 ‘Fan Letter’ Review


Date: 23/04/2018

In the previous Gun Gale Online episode review, we have seen that Karen Kohiruimaki barely establishes herself. In this review of Gun Gale Online Episode 3 review, we will see why it makes sense for her to be emotionally attached to the game. We shall also go over the important developments in the plot and try to talk about what they would mean for the series as a whole.

Gun Gale Online Episode 3 Review

This episode like the previous ones describes the events that lead LLENN and M teaming up to participate in the team battle royale tournament Squad Jam. Pitohui tells LLENN all about the tournament and gives her time to think about it. She explains the background of the tournament and as to how it is inspired by Ballet of Bullets tournament from SAO in which she has participated.

Karen (LLENN) calls up her friend to seek her opinion on her participating in this tournament.  Her friend strongly suggests her to go for it. Additionally, she also mentions that they only have a 50/50 chance of making it to the concert of Karen’s favourite singer Elsa Kanzaki.

Karen participating in the team event is certainly a step for her to get more comfortable in order to make friends in the real world. Although we cannot really be sure of how much of an impact the game is going to have on her real life, we can expect that this aspect to be the main plot of the anime.

With her friend unable to get the tickets for the concert LLENN agrees to participate in Squad Jam. Pitohui arranges for a meeting with a player she already knows from the game and probably from real life too. She herself is unable to participate as she has some real-life obligation on the day of that tournament.

Gun Gale Online Episode 3 Review

Pito and LLENN


Now I would like to highlight why Pitohui is kind of pushing for LLENN to participate in this team event. She clearly wants LLENN to break free in this Virtual world. She probably hopes that it would help LLENN to live a more fuller life in the real world. Honestly, I love themes such as this. I am aware that for most people this may sound ridiculous but I do believe that VR gaming can bring about a change in one’s personality.

Pito arranges for a meeting between M and LLENN. M, a tall and bulky man with a husky voice, wastes no time to dig into the task at hand. Clearly, he has been given strict instructions. Pito has taken a liking to LLENN and this is cute.

Gun Gale Online Episode 3 Review

Training Ground

M soon proceeds to get an estimate of LLENN’s in-game capabilities. He takes her to a training ground and gives her various tasks. M carefully assesses her skills based on her performance of those tasks. He explains to her that her being made the team leader is part of a larger strategy and that he will actually be leading the team.

We learn that M uses a medium range weapon and likes to keep his distance from the enemy. Also, he has a short range weapon for close combat. M is clearly established as a person how is quite knowledgeable about weapons and other combat tactics. For people how are into this type of stuff, this series will be very interesting for them.

Towards the end of the episode, we find Karen addressing a fan letter to the singer Elsa Kanzaki whom she adores for her soothing voice. She explains to her that her songs have had helped her through hard times. She also requests her to perform at larger venues so that more people can make it to her concert.


Gun Gale Online Episode 3 Review

Gun Gale Online Episode 3 Review

M explaining LLENN on the use of Knife in combat.

LLENN is a person who tries to give her best. She hence keeps doing her best and she is eager to know how she will perform in this team game. Just before the beginning of the tournament, we see M instructing LLENN on using a knife as a backup weapon. As expected LLENN feels quite uncomfortable. Probably it would be her first time listing to such things. This clearly established LLENN’s current personality.

I feel that this very meek personality of hers is going to change over time as she starts to play GGO as a member of a team. She would use this opportunity to get comfortable to talk to people and befriend them. I look forward to her character development. As I have pointed before M appears to be a tool and he would not be getting any character development. I would expect Pito and LLENN to end up as friends in the real world and that would not be surprising at all.

Overall, the episode was good and I could connect with the MC. The character introduction so far has been a little boring and I am glad that it is over. We can assume that the bulk of the next episodes are going to be based on GGO and also be super interesting. Do share your views about the series so far in the comments section below.

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Gun Gale Online Episode 3 Review


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