Grand Blue 2nd Promo Video Revealed the Release Date for the Anime

Last Friday, Grand Blue 2nd promo video was finally released. The official website for the Grand Blue anime adaptation has released the 2nd promo video for Grand Blue. And I gotta say the visuals were quite appealing.  If you don’t know what Grand Blue is, well basically it’s a comedy sports manga made by Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka. The manga follows the story of Iori Kitahara, a young adolescent who has moved out on his own to live near the seaside. He is attending college, and a new start in life.  In Grand Blue 2nd promo video we can see Iori talking about how his life will now change.

It reminded me of those New Year plans everyone has. Plans which usually get swept under the rug, and end up forgotten. Personally, I have not read the manga, so I can not tell you much about it. But I know many friends who read it, and they told me that it’s really good. So I’m quite excited for the comedic parts of this anime. I will be expecting it, and probably doing episodic reviews on it once it airs.

Grand Blue 2nd Promo Video


The video looked really good, the art and the animation looked good and the overall setting looked really bright. I am anticipating a fun and relaxing anime from this one. The main character is also involved in sports, which you can see hinted in Grand Blue 2nd promo video when they show diving suits. Iori joins up the diving club and wants to live a normal student life. However, he then gets drunk a lot, and he and his friends make some crazy things together. You can definitely see how Slice of Life and Sports is mixing in the background while you get the comedy element thrown at you. And of course with Slice of Life, we can probably expect Romance to roll in as a side genre as well.

When will Grand Blue air?

Grand Blue will be airing on July 13th, there is only a month left and I can already feel the excitement going through my body.  The voice actors for the anime will be Yuma Uchida, Hiroki Yasumoto, Katsuyuki Konishi. These voice actors will also be performing the ending song for the anime adaptation.  Shonan no Kaze will perform the opening song for Grand Blue, the song name is “Grand Blue”, now who would have expected that? You can listen to the preview of the song in the Grand Blue 2nd promo video.

Grand Blue Poster

Grand Blue Characters

Iori Katahara voiced by Yuma Uchida

Iori Katahara


Kohei Imamura voiced by Ryohei Kimura

Kohei Imamura


Shinji Tokita voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto

Shinji Tokita


Ryujiro Kotobuki voiced by Katsayuki Konishi

Ryujiro Kotobuki


Aina Yoshiwara voiced by Kana Asumi


Aina Yoshiwara


Azusa Hamaoka voiced by Toa Yukinari

Azusa Hamaoka


Chisa Kotegawa voiced by Chika Anzai

Chisa Kotegawa


Nanaka Kotegawa voiced by Maaya Uchida

Nanaka Kotegawa

Grand Blue 2nd Promo Video Gallery


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