Golden Kamuy Episode 6 – Hunter’s Soul

Golden Kamuy Episode 6 Review

Briefly introduced to us in the last episode. A scene between Tetsuzou Nihei and Genjirou Tanigaki left the curtain closed to this episode. All I can say is, as soon as the episode starts the scene from the last episode resumes right when the female bear, full of CGI all over its design, breathes its last moments. If there is a plain fact about this anime, is that it doesn’t exactly care much for the viewers base in general. So far the scene has a heavy weight upon their dose of lethality, especially when it comes to animals. Which is used to represent how each hunter or solider that would not habitat the most populated localizations would have to survive. And with that, we move on to Golden Kamuy Episode 6.

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Both Nihei and Tanigaki have a contrast of personas as witnessed in this Golden Kamuy Episode 6. Nihei has a tremendous spirit with a burning amount of endeavor. While Tanigaki is the silent type. Yet he is more calculous than silent. As you could see, once Nihei decided to talk about his reasons. This talk was generically satisfying for the most part. Nihei has essentially no sense of shame to his kit. To the point where the conversation delves into the topic “boner”. It’s not surprising. Think about it, a hunter will always have to rely on his primal instincts to purchase its prey no matter the cost. Eventually, each natural accent will tone up into a more refined and aesthetic sense no matter how you look at it.

Nihei’s Strategic Approach

Nihei had a reason for doing all of this. His true goal was to capture the last remaining wolf that lies in the lands of snow. Which is Retar by the looks of it? He has a deep passion for it, no denying that one. In fact, it makes sense, because he was after Asirpa the previous episode. Yet failed, for the reason of Asirpa not being their target either way.  Anyhow, Asirpa and Sugimoto continue their mighty adventures on the snow paths to hunt the deer. Which had escaped Sugimoto in the last episode followed up with this current Golden Kamuy Episode 6.

Nihei and his crazy face

There is definitely a sequence of orders during this Golden Kamuy Episode 6. Which makes me glad since personally. I enjoy when the next episode connects with previous one. Especially without having to rely on completely new unfolding events. Yes, it is always a pleasant surprise to have unfolding events that implode new events. Which most of the times end up disappointing. But it’s also good to have connectivity. On with the hunt, Sugimoto fails yet again to capture the deer as it continues to run deep and deep to prolong its demise. Sugimoto feels the obligation to put an end to its sorrow, the deer’s life, in this case. So he feels rather tormented by the very fact that it still lives.

Sugimoto’s Reluctant Myriads Of Despair

Perhaps it is connected to the Russo-Japanese War that Sugimoto took a part in. Maybe Sugimoto has a memory of his companions being prolonged upon their foreshadowing demise or something. It is not shown as to why that is so the case in this episode, although, it definitely keeps up the question bars leveling up with fluid accuracy. Through their failure, they end up making another camp so that they have the ability to rest properly. Upon waking up, Sugimoto has war flashbacks superimposed his mind, mostly his companions dying in the war and Sugimoto himself struggling to make a move with the weight of his body feeling more and heavier as he submerges on the battlefield.

Sugimoto’s serious cold expression

War traumas play a very big part in a soldier’s mind all the time, even in the current mental state of Sugimoto, that leaves no remorses for him. He manages to stand tall at the very end, taking yet another step into the uprising morning. Resuming their ambitious chase for the deer they head out to where it would cross paths. They knew for sure that the deer would not last long due to its deep internal wound that was inflicted on the deer previously, yet the grief continued to eat away Sugimoto’s soul. As soon as the deer runs upon Sugimoto, Sugimoto sees his old image of himself and starts a rather reluctant motion, allowing the deer to run away once again.

Retar, The Baiting Point

Thankfully, Retar does show up to provide help with the capture. He does slaughter the deer almost completely, except Asirpa puts the deer out of its misery so it saves the trouble for it. In the end, it all went well. Asirpa and Sugimoto leave out with the most important parts of the deer making the accomplishment as a successful one. A very fatal mistake was committed, well, maybe a good one, depending on how the next episode unravels itself, that is.

Either way, the mistake was to leave a part of the deer back there where the deer was killed. It was a mistake because Nihei and Tanigaki would pass through it later and would identify who were the executioners of such doings. Both of Nihei and Tanigaki didn’t have a single shred of difficulty when it came down to identifying the subjects at hand, in fact, they immediately did it. A girl wearing wood leaf shoes plus sized wolf paw trails and rifle marks were all they needed to come to such conclusion.

The Silver Wolf’s Capturing Ambition

So, what did they do with it? Nihei firstly assumes that Retar would come back to collect his prize, and so, Nihei and Tanigaki decide to track where the wolf, Retar in this case, would be. Nihei even makes his own dog shivering in fear to search out for it, which left a more terrific labeled aspect on him. Knowing where he would be, it would only be a matter of time before Nihei would jump the gun and claim Retar.

Sugimoto taking aim with his gun

Reaching their place, Sugimoto and Asirpa alert themselves as they sense someone in that hideout. Apparently, it was just Shiraishi. It would only make sense for him to be there after all. To relief some boredom that was going on, Shiraishi gives Sugimoto some news. Since Shiraishi went out to do some spying and information gathering around town, he says to Sugimoto, that there is a hunter that he should be aware of. Not because he is dangerous only, but due to the fact that he wants to claim a silver wolf, in this case, Retar.

Nihei’s Unpurvable Malice

To a non-pleasant reaction, Asirpa issues that Shiraishi should had told her earlier about it, because the target would obviously be Retar. Still, it would be way too reckless to head out now, so they decide to rest and wait for the dawn to arrive. Once that does happen, they head out for the supposed place that Nihei and Tanigaki would be. Speculations were even created on Tanigaki due to their last events during the last episodes. This Golden Kamuy Episode 6 does a good job in that department.

Nihei’s war expression

Before that event does break out, a little bit of Nihei’s past is revealed as he doesn’t exactly care if humans or animals are in his goal. He will make sure that every single one of them will end only on amidst a blood road to be followed by carnage. Also, he killed 3 humans in the past which lead him to the prison. It was there that he most likely met Hijikata and got his codes and tattoos marked on his body.

To Retar’s Rescue!

Sugimoto sees this has an opportunity to know more about the Gold treasure so he holds no hesitation towards it and marches on with Asirpa and Shiraishi. As the event breaks out, I have to say. It was rather interesting the way they put this. Rentar would hypothetically go into the bait, which was the rest of the deer. Nihei would wait for that to happen to strike him down. Asirpa knowing that stroke the metal vase to alert Retar resulting into his escape.

Asirpa surfing on the snow

This only made Nihei mad because he came to the realization that he was interrupted during his glorious attempt. Even so, Sugimoto had already made preparations for a possible overreaction that could turn into an onslaught. Sugimoto threatens him with his rifle making sure that he could have 5 rounds of bullets. If he by some odd chance retaliates. Nihei gives a laugh, issuing that it would be no problem. Since his Dog takes advantage of his arm disabling the use of the rifle, making the hand on hand combat more than mandatory.

Figgers were even cut off. This anime truly holds no fear when it comes to showing how dreadful their exposure levels can get. What bothered me was that during the bear part. They censored the genitals. I mean, yeah sure, it’s only normal to be censored. Although, considering that other vital body parts weren’t even censored in the first pace is a little odd. But I can get the gist of it. Just a bit awkward in my opinion. Either way, as Sugimoto shouts “I’m Immortal!” this Golden Kamuy Episode 6 comes to an end.


This Golden Kamuy Episode 6 itself was a bit bland, as it was only a setup episode, that filled the purpose of a mere stepping stone. Not even much character development went down. Perhaps it was the most average episode yet in this past ones, including this one of course. Although has it was a setup, you can only get hyped up for the upcoming battles next week!




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