Golden Kamuy Episode 4 – Grim Ripper Review


Date: 02/05/2018

The fluid omnipotency that lies within this show never fails to veil my attention. For that matter alone. This Golden Kamuy Episode 4 proves that a slow well-built formula under a proper cultured developed setting can pull out a box full of surprises just in a gap of 4 episodes. A set rotation of a chart between multiple characteristics at the right times works well under a mix of composition and solidification. Which this anime so far, has a fair amount of.

Constant formats that go in the middle of each Seinen tend to portray simultaneous attributes. More so to a more profound order and writing in the story department. So it’s fairly common to see events that have happened in reality to become pieces and main core elements of mangas/animes nowadays. Such is, the case of Golden Kamuy. Previous Episode link

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Golden Kamuy Episode 4 Review

Commencing this Golden Kamuy Episode 4, and, for the first half of this Golden Kamuy Episode 4. The cultural setting that has undergone a truthful tradition begins to continue it’s arising from the viewer’s expectations and knowledge. Little into this anime or many may say, that it’s a bit a rough ride so far, because of some casualties. Still, not much of a threatening uproar to this anime, in my personal opinion. Asirpa and Sugimoto are still in the village making time while preparing for the grand outcome that was foreshadowed. Yet, it’s a whole different story this episode. In all honesty, this first part of this Golden Kamuy  Episode 4 was mostly cultural development.

Sugimoto at the beginning of the episode souring the food

I’m glad it is that way. Cultural is an important piece that should always be attached to the theme “Historical” that flows in this anime’s current lifeline. I have to say, this background along with its rich and trivial environment has turned out to be a great piece of entertainment for watchers like me. Personally, I never paid much attention to cultural particles that have a tendency to sparkle all over the plot dynamic. It does take a secondary approach to enjoy Golden Kamuy to its truest finest. That being the historical generalistic background. While to Seinen fans, having this type of ongoing formula that has a generous stimulating formula residing in its valiant plot foreshadowings.It always proves to become worth in the end.

Elation of options

The plot had two options from the ending based on the last episode. Well, it always has many sideway events when it comes to reaching a stereotypical point of view. Determining what would portray into this Golden Kamuy Episode 4. The two options, or the most reasonable approachable wise ones, to me, were the followings:

⚫ Both Asirpa and Sugimoto continue their journey with an untelling destination, based on how little information they have. While they do have an immense grand possession in terms of knowledge, which is the knowledge of the tattoos codes, etc. Although, that doesn’t equal a solution wise portion when it comes to knowing where to go next. Hence why the second option in the best.

⚫ Both Asirpa and Sugimoto stay hidden in the village, plan out a more strategic tactic towards gathering some clues on the tattoos, because, in case if you have forgotten, they did get their tattoos drawing snatched and handled to Hijikata; the main antagonist of this series.

In the end, they did go with the second option, but the route was severely different, as I explained my reasons for liking the historical concepts in Seinen’s in my lines above, I should have provided more enlightenment, since this whole Golden Kamuy  Episode 4, at least the first half revolves around such setting. The two characters stay in the village. It was sorta funny and discoursing to go through this at first.

Asirpa with beautiful looks

The culture of the Ainu isn’t amidst such a vast mystery, as seen in the last episode. Sugimoto tries to offer some Miso to the grand-elder, but Asirpa shows a denying bold attitude towards him, to the point of saying “Shut up Sugimoto!” in a more harsh tone, not in a tsundere tone, to not be confused.

The Ainu Culture & Traditions

A nightfall rises, and so, a dusking chilling morning arises. Asirpa and the rest of the children decide to play a game, a more tradition than anything in this case. It was about who could shake the staff in a scarier way. Ever since old times, the one who could fathom such thing, it would mostly determine a more determinable warrior, a Kamuy in this case. This is the most contradicting part I think. Sugimoto and Asirpa both try it.

Sugimoto tries at first but still fails to deliver any sort of fear, instead, I got a feeling for his badass character being a parody at that moment. After that, Asirpa to do it, and she represented fear without a shred of doubt, which leads to the conclusion that she was a fearsome warrior. Yet Sugimoto wouldn’t repent, so he asked Asirpa for a chance to redeem himself, furthermore, she decided to accept.

Asirpa and her friends back in the village

Sugimoto fails royal style of course, to the point of not leaving a surprising impression upon the children. It was a funny advent, I think. It would prove that Sugimoto isn’t a necessary scary person, but, in this episode, he is a scary and lethal character, when the situation deems it so, which we will get into it, in a couple of moments.


Moving foward with this first half of this Golden Kamuy Episode 4, a more detailed flashback is presented to us. In the middle of the conversation between Sugimoto and a Villager, he reveals that the deep howls that come from within the forest belong to one species only. Those being the wolves. So far the only wolf you have seen within this series is Retar, the silver wolf, the one who ravaged the previous episode soldiers, in a dreadful way.

The name Retar means “white”, much originality, but what can you do about it, still it does ring sense. Retar was brought to the Village when he was younger, by Asirpa’s father and was raised by Asirpa all the time. Until one-night Retar decides to break free, as he hears the howls from other wolves. If I had to take a very wild guess, I would say it was Retar’s family, which would be reasonable as to why he abandoned Asirpa during that time.

As Retar leaves Asirpa, Asirpa is quickly reminded that she is all alone. Her father and mother are dead, if Retar left her, then she would have been devastated by such solitude. I like how she even cries in her sleep, while this show doesn’t try to prevail such realism to be shown, instead, it confronts the viewers in its most righteous way. On the Asirpa’s case still, while Asirpa does play the grown-up role, having all the grown-up status, in a comparison with the others, she still is a fragile and lonely girl deep inside. Yet she remains strong despite that. Those are some essential pieces of her character kit, I feel like.

Asirpa crying over Retar

Sugimoto’s Choice

It’s fair to say, that if the plot developed the way the first half of this Golden Kamuy Episode 4, it would turn into a possible Slice of Life anime. Since a show has to be faithful to its adaptation and most of all, its own genres, that was not an option. Although I would not mind a spin-off with the Ainu culture, very sincerely.

Great thing it didn’t and this caught me off the guard. While this anime has a tendency to use its momentum to give history lessons, it holds no room for wait for when it comes to presenting its main story. That’s fantastic in my serious opinion if that would not be the way, then this anime would be quite lackluster, considering its own genres, that is, and based on that only.

Now, addressing to Sugimoto, during the first scene of this second half of this Golden Kamuy 4 episode, he does a based decision, based on his own will and confidence. He concludes that he was essentially wasting time being around the village, so what does he do? He returns to the City to try and learn more estimable information on the codes, mainly the tattoos. Since, if you haven’t noticed, not much main plot progression has been made.

Golden Kamuy Episode 4

Sugimoto leaving the village on his own

You could contradict such sayings, yet truth is, with the drawings gone, it’s back to zero, no matter how you look at it. Asirpa sharply notices such event and decides to seek knowledge of Sugimoto’s location. Her way, was by giving a sock to Retar, that way he could track him, but that was a funny contrast to be explained later on.

Sugimoto’s capture

As Sugimoto makes his way to the city, he asks clues to a shop tender, but that somewhat backfires. Amidst experiencing his food, which he takes an absurd amount of passion into, for real. That passionate moment gets shattered due to the fact that he was denounced by the shop tender (just a speculation) but it would make sense for me because otherwise, I don’t see how they would even find him.

Eventually, the discussion gets dragged outside. Sugimoto tries to play the casualty as much as possible but eventually fails to do so, realizing that it was too late. Well, if you were bored of this show not containing enough action so far, then you will rejoice on this Golden Kamuy Episode 4 most likely, considering the amount of hype it transcends within just a couple of scenes.

A fight breaks out, Sugimoto lands severely deadly blows upon some of the soldiers, which was amazing to watch. Sugimoto’s fighting prowess is always omnipresent no matter how much the show tries to veil it. Take the events that happened in this first half of this Golden Kamuy Episode 4, they made Sugimoto look like a more casual character than he actually he is, which in this second half complete changes.

Although this show has a fair portion of realism mixed with historical settings, so you can’t expect that even the “Immortal Sugimoto” to complete just ignore the fact that multiple weapons were pointed at him at that time. He gets on his knees on the ground after being stricken with a gun horizontally on his legs. And so, Sugimoto is captured.

Grim Reaper

Sugimoto’s capture was not just some vagrant joke, as he has to meet up with several soldiers and most importantly, one of the main antagonists of this series, Tsurumi, or Grim Reaper, which one suits you the best, I guess. To start off their conversation he asks if Sugimoto likes sweets, which is sorta odd, but understandable considering his next actions. Sugimoto with the most relaxed endeavor answers that he loves sweets and so, he tries them. As the scenes progress, Tsumuri gets right to his point.

He claims that Sugimoto is the “Immortal Sugimoto” because he saw his during the Japanese- Russo war. Still, Sugimoto keeps on saying that he has gotten the wrong guy. Tsurumi was a little pissed, so he decides, in a very quicksilver flash of moments to stick one of the sweets stickers on Sugimoto’s cheeks. This scene was interesting, Sugimoto’s didn’t show much remorse towards Tsurumi. The weirdest fact is that Tsumuri thinks that Sugimoto has the tattoos and the codes, which doesn’t add up since Sugimoto himself is looking for them.

Sugimoto with his face in blood red along with choppers on his cheeks

Another funny coincidental factor is that Sugimoto doesn’t even bother to try to complain about Tsurumi’s wrong speculations.

Tsurumi’s Goal

It’s fair to say that most of the times, every antagonist has its own personal goal.  That is the case for Tsurumi. The Grim Reaper has its goal in his own mind. If he found all the gold, then what would he do? Is perhaps a question that you have made to yourself while watching this episode. To buy guns from the Americans with all that gold appears to be his cause. Which isn’t all that odd.

I would assume he wants to start a war with all those weapons, perhaps to recreate the last war. Maybe he has some unhappy memories about that war, and all those weapons could make his utopian dream become true. Hence the next unraveling choice of words by Tsurumi.

Tsurumi’s expression while explaining his goal

He wants Sugimoto to become one of his soldiers. Him having the “Immortal Sugimoto” by his side would provide a vast large help to his quest, that goes without question. Still, Sugimoto isn’t that much fragile to bow down to him just because of that. So he obviously denies it and directs his attention towards the twins that fought him earlier.

Saying that one of them should make a distinctive feature on their faces for him to figure out which one of them got the best of him, earlier. Incredible, the amount of courage Sugimoto has for his own ambitions goes beyond my expectations.

Yoshitake Shiraishi

Earlier mentioned, Asirpa didn’t stay still in her village and set out on a quest to look for Sugimoto. As she let’s Retar decide the trail that she would follow, by determining one of Sugimoto’s socks, she only went for the search during night time. Because otherwise she would be seen by other people which could result in unnecessary trouble, I feel like. Eventually, the trail ends up on a house.

On that house, there is a bald character sleeping, which, is not Sugimoto obviously. Instead, it’s Yoshitake Shiraishi. Asirpa as she leaps onto his house, asks Sugimoto’s location. Shiraishi does say that he is in the general’s headquarters, most likely in a torture room. Although trusting his information, she does want him to guide her to those Headquarters.

Shiraishi sleeping

Since Shiraishi is the King of Escape. It would be rather obvious if he just used an excuse as a scapegoat to his escape. Without any delay, he does so. Saying that he as to get ready due to his sleeping status troubling his looks. He uses that to make his escape. Although, Retar does catch on to him without any sort of difficulty. It was funny when Asirpa called him “King of Scat” instead of “King of Escape”. If there is one thing that I like about this episode. Then it would be the shifting between the comedy and the action-packed concepts that always are present.

The Dreadnaught’s malice

To close up this Golden Kamuy Episode 4, a final scene is covered with Sugimoto in the torture room with the two twin brothers. Sugimoto seemed restless while being tied up in the chair. Meanwhile, the two twins were having a conversation on the “Immortal Sugimoto”. If he was indeed the one blessed upon that tile. Then he could take any sort of damage and regenerate in a quick span of time.

Which could be the truth, but I highly doubt it. Either way, Sugimoto keeps on waiting and waiting. And when the chance shows up. He performs a mortal on the chair to the point of smelting one of the Twins face muscular functional members. Saying that way, they have distinctive features, making them recognizable.

The whole scene sent me shivers down my spine almost all the way to the feet. Which is fantastic. Seinen action is probably one of the best blessings it has happened in terms of Animeology and Mangaeology over the past decades to this upcoming presentation. If by some chance you are reading this without having watched this Golden Kamuy Episode 4 , then I highly advise you to watch it. I could go out of my way to say. That many more epic scenes will be among this anime, starting with this one.

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To the beginning and end of this Golden Kamuy episode 4, the climax and the pacing were both incredibly well portrayed. The cultural information revealed to the viewers could come out as an important weapon in terms of knowledge. And, it’s just fun for me to get to know these sorts of things. The second part of this Golden Kamuy Episode 4 was completely outstanding in my personal opinion. Being the degenerate action fan that I am, I succumbed through this second half of this Golden Kamuy Episode 4 so many times. That it’s amazing to me.

Even the animation seemed like it took a good improvement, in the CGI department. Take for example the scene where there was the Aurora with vast collective stars being shown. Lastly, I believe that the sound department was good, is not outstanding as well. The opening has gone to the point where it has me singing along. And you know that’s a good opening when it does that, at least for me.

Even the original soundtracks being played had it’s few memorable moments. I do wish for them to be heard in the upcoming episodes, would be really nice. Also, I’m digging the ending. Which isn’t that normal for me. Since I rather drive my attention towards the opening.

In the end, I consider this to be the best episode so far.

Let me know your thoughts on this episode as well in the comment section!





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