Golden Kamuy Episode 3 – Kamuy Mosir (Anime) Review


Date: 27/04/2018

Continuing the adventures of Sugimoto and Asirpa in the snow trails, we get a more sophisticated episode. Before that, I do apologize for the delay in this article. It was due to my peerless sleep schedules. Enough sarcasm, let’s get into this Golden Kamuy episode 3 at once.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3 Review

Following a more adjusted tale this time around, it begins with a food advent between Sugimoto and Asirpa. During the time where Asirpa explains her crafting that she does with her food, Sugimoto uncovers a new idea. What if they mixture Miso in the meal? Sugimoto suggests this idea out of sheer interest due to his ability to rejoice during such meal. It’s quite common for soldiers to have moments of joy. Essentially, in theory, every meal in the military is not good. So that gives a certain reflection on Sugimoto for me. Asirpa stagnates that idea with her belief mixture in doubts. She assumes that “Miso”, Sugimoto’s suggestion is poop. Hence the reason she refuses to add it to the food. Sugimoto even tries to tell her that she is just being a doubtful little girl in several ways. Yet that works not.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

Sugimito trying to convince Asirpa


We move on to the opening, quick little things that I want to mention about the opening, are the followings.

⚪  The opening itself is purely amazing, Man With A Mission is delivering with quality;

⚪  CGI visuals are looking good in the opening, which is rather surprising and ironic, still, I’m glad for it;

⚪ Sugimoto looks smooth in this opening, while it foreshadows the future characters in a mysterious set of proportions;

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

Sugimoto in the opening

That’s all the little points that I want to point out of opening for now, while the opening is suitable, it presents a more lively dynamic more than anything, which is very good. As the episode starts, Sugimoto and Asirpa continue on their journey pursuing the snow on foot, until Asirpa notifies Sugimoto on her thoughts. She sees something shining on the mountain from afar. There is one little detail that I found severely disturbing, but it is a bit minor, so it’s not grave.

That little detail was the drawing of the mountain, it sincerely seemed like a poor unskilled and profound lazy work. It was just a little bit disturbing, but seriously, why such supreme laziness like that, it really only shows a potential display in this show’s art. The worst part is, it’s obviously not the main flaw in the art department, that will be viewed later though.

On the case, as Sugimoto notices a tertiary presence amidst the mountains, he immediately grabs Aspira.

Sugimoto & Asirpa’s accomplishments

As they start to make their way out of the visioners sight, Sugimoto notices that it’s far too late. So he decides to give to Asirpa the drawings of the prisoners to her. That way, since the adult is the most likely to be chased down, they won’t suspect Asirpa. Intelligent strategy by Sugimoto. At Sugimoto’s command, they both split up, he also tells Asirpa to immediately surrender if caught. Asirpa also decides to back Sugimoto by saying “Don’t fight them”. That has no effect, has Sugimoto makes his smug confident face saying “I’m Immortal Sugimoto!”

Asirpa’s escape

The visioners are soon to be revealed as soldiers as well. Which only invites more trouble. The outcome of this was very likely to not be positive. It soon plays out as 3 soldiers meet up in a small area full of snow. One of the soldiers suspects that Asirpa went all the way back where she came from. By that, I mean the following of her footsteps in the snow trail. The soldier intercepts that with effective intelligence. As he remembers his past traditions, family-wise in this case, he manages to find out where Asirpa was in a clever way of thinking. He tells her to come down, but Asirpa uses another dialect, that way she confuses the soldier into thinking that she can’t understand what he was saying.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

Asirpa surrendering to the soldier

Asirpa ends up surrendering herself anyways, not with even a slight of resistance from her, as you could see that she completely gives herself over. The moment she does that, the drawings fall onto the snow. The solider gets shocked as he wonders what a child could be doing with those.Asirpa decides to take a shot and mount her bow up, but the moment she does that, she is silenced by the soldier. The way he intercepted that was actually surprising and not cliche, because most of the times, this scenario always slides through, but not this time. Very impressed. It didn’t matter though, as an unfolding moment breaks that serious atmosphere into a more deadly one. A silver wolf charges at fast speed towards the soldier, and so, the scene stops there, back to Sugimoto.

Sugimoto’s life or death bet

The pacing of Sugimoto’s as he runs eventually slows down due to human fatigue and snow heaviness upon his feet. It would only be a matter of time before the soldiers catch up to him, and so, that submerged fate was encountered. As he has the soldier’s guns pointed at him, one of the soldiers, the eldest one asks what he is doing. Sugimoto gives the good old answer that he was hunting forbidden animals, issuing that it was that reason as to why he was running away. The eldest soldier does believe that for a brief second until one of the soldiers decides to say that “Private Ogata”, the soldier from the last episode, wrote a message with his last strength, which was “Immortal”. They all got what he meant, that was being that the “Immortal Sugimoto” was in front of them.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

Sugimoto amidst despair

Without wasting time, all the soldiers re-draw their weapons with the tendency to shoot Sugimoto’s knees, to take him alive. Sugimoto amidst despair only sees one way, that being the bear cave up north. It was seen at the beginning of the episode, where Asirpa said that if one gets into a bear cave, the Bear will not cause harm. Sugimoto bets on those words and jumps into the Bear cave while shouting: “I’m Immortal Sugimoto!” The soldiers get confused, but the moment their minds are clear, one of them decides to shoot into the cave, while the other discords by saying that Sugimoto could die and that he was necessary alive. The soldier presents a speculation that Sugimoto is immortal so he won’t die, but in a more sarcastic sense.

The Bear  Appears!

Bad luck for them, the moment the bullet erupts into the cave, the brave lethal CGI Bear appears. Sorry for the mini-rant, I just can’t understand why does the bear look so horrible with those CGI, but the Silver Wolf can have normal graphics. I can’t function behind that reasoning, it’s not appealing whatsoever. The following action scenes involving the bear felt so sloppy due to it. Beyond jagged. Putting that aside, the realism is magnificent, the injuries weren’t a joke, as I said in the first article of this anime, a bear versus a human is bound to be an overwhelming win unless you are Takamura of course. Still, such a bad move on this Golden Kamuy episode 3.

The backslash onto the soldier’s back was visible and realistic, but what shocked me more of this whole outcome was when one of the soldiers was finishing the bear off with his pistol. Many people didn’t notice this little detail, but the soldier was holding onto his facial skin, which means that his whole face got ripped off. That sent me shivers just thinking about it. Would have loved to see that, a definite redemption for the unsuffering CGI Bear. Finally, Sugimoto comes out of the cave and makes his appearance, so that he can reunite with Asirpa.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

The soldier after his clash with the bear

Speaking of Asirpa, the wolf took care of the intelligent soldier, mainly disjointing his legs, that way he wouldn’t be able to move.

Asirpa and Sugimoto re-unite

After that stereotypical series of events went down, Sugimoto and Asirpa manage to reunite. but there were consequences, for some reason the drawings got away, which didn’t exactly make sense to me. Why wouldn’t Asirpa take the drawings back from the soldier since he was disabled? I get it, I really do, if they got it, then the main story would progress even faster, yet apparently, it was meant to be that way. The main plot progress getting delayed by such a slick mistake, sorta disappointing, with all honesty. But hey, if it delays, it normally means it is to open room for other events, and so, we move on.

Sugimoto and Asirpa make their way out to the snow courts once again, but something trembles on Sugimoto’s chest. That being a baby bear, awkwardly enough it didn’t reek of CGI, what a miracle. Anyways, Sugimoto gets preoccupied, because he thinks that Asirpa will just kill the baby Bear for dinner, he even says that he will take good care of him by being his mother. Asirpa takes advantage and uses hard sarcasm, but in the end, Asirpa explains that she will keep the bear, in fact, that takes us to the second part of this Golden Kamuy episode 3.

Asirpa’s Village

As their arrival is noticed by the villagers, one of the infants shouts out their arrival to the elder of the village. Asirpa goes and meets with the elder. Sugimoto begins to notice an inept look by the other villagers around him. That is until the elder tells Asirpa to let Sugimoto stay the night and rest. Sugimoto looks a little bothered with the way that the others look at him, so he insists to just give the bear and move on. Still, he ends up in the barricade regardless. There, they talk mostly about their traditions.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

The villagers spying on Sugimoto

How Asirpa has yet to bear a traditional tattoo because that is their tradition when it comes to marriage. The elder asks Sugimoto to marry Asirpa, and damn, that was shocking, considering their age gap. Actually, you don’t know their age gap so far, it’s just a speculation judging by their physiques. Either way, Sugimoto doesn’t understand because it is a tribe with their own language, so it’s normal. He asks Asirpa what the elder said, but she softly blushes replying with a light lie.


You might be wondering the “Iomante” name, well for your information, the gathering of the baby Bear had a mutual purpose. Every generation there is this ceremony where something greater is offered as a tool of communication. To be more precise, the tribe holds a tradition that f something that which is greater or beyond their control is present, they are treated as “Kamuy”. Gods that go by animal forms, essentially, they value whatever is greater than them to become their gods “Kamuy”. That’s some originality I think, this little detail raises my expectations towards this, it even elevates my speculations. A Wise move from this Golden Kamuy Episode 3.

I imagine Sugimoto being in the future one of the Kamuy’s because he has the ability to become one. None the less, it’s far too early for that. Asirpa explains that getting attached to the bear will only prove a weakness. She declares that with an aspiring attitude saying that she is different. It’s good to get to know her backstory honestly, her mother died when she was younger even.

One little factor that I like and found funny in this Golden Kamuy episode 3 was the names. The children until 6 years old have odd names, well more than one. Introverted names, for example, take Asirpa, until she was 6 her name was “Grandpa’s asshole”. It’s mostly to keep the demons away at the younger age, but they get their names by themselves at the age of 6.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

The odd tradition within the tribe

Tsumuri , the Antagonist

One of the last parts of this Golden Kamuy episode 3 is followed by Tsumuri, the man with the mask. He was seen in the ending scene of the last episode. This scene unfolds by a shimmering white night with snow, as Tsumuri’s squad investigates the scene, an officer approaches Tsumuri in hope for an explanation. An explanation as to why his squad members were sent to that area on such condition. Tsumuri at that moment had no intentions of telling him the truth, hence why a piece falls off from his mask. He tells that during the war he got it between a moment of death. Giving him better looks he so tells.

The officer decides that he has had enough and points his finger towards Tsumuri in an aggressive sense, but Tsumuri does something out of the blue. That being, biting the officer’s finger and devouring it to the point where he is disabled. The officer does tell that Tsumuri is crazy and mad, but matters not as Tsumuri says “It’s time for war” as bullets rain upon the officer.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

Tsurumi’s aesthetic looks


So far Tsumuri’s character seems completely foreshadowing if you ask me, he perhaps has a deep connection to Sugimoto in the past, in the Russo-Japanese war very likely. Still, he is a mystery for now. A very foreshadowing perspective by this Golden Kamuy Episode 3.

Hijikata Toshizou

The final part of this Golden Kamuy episode 3 is dropped with a sex scene. It’s not very odd in seinens to have such happenings as those. I won’t describe that scene, but it’s briefly interrupted by Hijikata Toshizou, the man of this series, the one who has the key to the treasure.Anyways, they both draw swords, somewhat amazing for the other man, considering he was having sex to have such reaction timing. That’s samurais for you. Hijikata reveals the drawings that he got it t the man Which is awkward, it’s not exactly explained how he got them in the first place. In fact, Hijikata Toshizou is a vast mystery, like Tsumuri. I sincerely hope that it gets answered within this season, if possible. And so, that brings an end to this Golden Kamuy episode 3.

Golden Kamuy Episode 3

Hijikata Toshizou drawing his katana


This Golden Kamuy Episode 3 was a more laid back episode, explaining the historical concepts via traditions. We got to see Asirpa’s backstory this early, which was fantastic. But there is one point I’m not liking so much. The main plot direction is taking other directions. Which I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Only the future episodes may tell us that. Well not to mention the CGI graphics on the Gigantic bear. But that’s incredibly partial.

Let me know your thoughts on this Golden Kamuy episode 3 down below too.

Also, here is the last episode article if you are interested.

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