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Date: 24/03/2018

We are getting a Goblin Slayer anime adaptation, I’m pretty excited to hear about this as many friends of mine told me that it is a very good manga. They are pretty excited, and I know they have good taste. So let’s see what is actually Goblin Slayer. So from what they told me the story focuses on a fantasy world. In the world, there are monsters and hunters. Kind of like MMORPGs where you go hunt monsters to get rewards. They have guilds and all, so it’s pretty similar to that.  The main character is very unique, he is called the Goblin Slayer. Besides him, other characters go by their alias and not their real names. This can be sometimes confusing and in some scenes unnecessary, you will see why if you read it. There is a lot of good character development.

One of the vital points for the story will be Goblin Slayers obsession for exterminating goblins. Even though most hunters hunt for either jow or reward. The main character has a real obsession with exterminating the Goblins. However, as we go more into the story we can see that there are more things getting revealed. The story flows well, and I have heard many people. If you are a fan of light anime, shounen, and comedy or perhaps romance. Then I would not recommend this anime adaptation for you. The manga has a lot of detail in adult content, such as rape.  There are some blood and gore as well, viewer discretion is advised.

Goblin slayer anime adaptation new promo video


The anime is premiering this year. Takaharu Ozaki is directing the anime, the anime is being produced on WHITE FOX. There is no official release date yet, and it might even be delayed. You never know with anime how it will be. Since I have not read the manga this preview is the only real impression I have of the anime.  And to be honest, I do not know what to think of it. It was mysterious and a bit weird, however, I like music that sounds creepy. And the raining in the video gave off a dark vibe as if this anime will be full brutal.  Will it be like that, guess we will have to see? Whats your opinion on the show? Tell us in the comments.


Goblin slayer anime adaptation

Goblin slayer poster


Goblin slayer anime adaptation is definitely something worth waiting for, and I will be very excited to watch it. Perhaps we will be seeing a new hit show. And as there are much more people watching anime now due to Netflix. I am very excited to see how the reactions for this show will go. There could be a lot of fans and a lot of haters, even though to us it would seem unreasonable. There can always be hate for anything. If you are a fan of some seinen I would recommend reading Crueler than dead, there is currently only one chapter, but it is definitely worth checking it out.

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