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RPG maker horror game recommendations: Pocket Mirror
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  RPG maker horror game recommendations

RPG maker horror game recommendations: RPG maker games have and are still relatively popular among the gaming community. Its simple controls, pixel aesthetics and excellent narrative can still create a fun, interacting world without advance programming. Needless to say, RPG maker is accessible to all sorts of creators due to the program’s versatility and functions that don’t require much prior programming experience.

Ironically, there’s also an abundance of non-rpg rpg maker games. Horror being the most popular (non-rpg) genre. With your cult classics such as Ib, Yume Nikki, Witch’s house and Mad Father (give them a go!), what else could possibly top the list? I say it’s time to look at our RPG maker horror game recommendations list and give the spotlight to a new generation of indie developers.

Warning: Before proceeding, I would like to inform readers that many of the games in the RPG maker horror game recommendations guide contain or imply sensitive themes that some players may find upsetting. If you wish to know more, refer to me in the comment section.



Dreaming Mary:

Download: Dreaming Mary RPG maker games

Developer’s site: Trass

Walkthrough: Dreaming Mary Full Walkthrough (All endings guide)

“Welcome to the Dream”

Dreaming Mary is a game largely inspired by previously renown games; Ib, Yume Nikki and alongside the anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. A lot of in-game content was original, such as the graphics and music (quite impressive as that can differ for rpg creators). The story introduces its main character Mary as a girl who loves to dream. One day, she enters a world (dream) where everyone she encounters is her ‘friends’ who already seem to know her. Her friends will invite her to play with them or ask for favors, and the player is given the option of either questioning the nature of these events or enjoy the tasks. Besides its pretty graphics and beautiful characters, the game hides a much darker story, which we ourselves can choose to unveil. Will you dive deeper into the dream or confront your reality? (no doki doki reference intended)

(Note: Horror elements are completely avoidable here, though it is hard to pass hints without raising a few suspicions. Dreaming Mary can be done in 1-2 sittings as it is quite a short game, so I recommend getting all endings if you’re up for it.)


Kio's Adventure cover

Kio’s Adventure cover

Kio’s Adventure: 

Download: Kio’s Adventure (On Steam)

Developer’s site: Spacelight studio (no official site)

Walkthrough: Kio’s Adventure: Complete Walkthrough (Steam community)

“Kio’s Adventure” tells the story about a high schooler named Kio. One day, she suddenly transport to a different world surrounded by organs and monsters after a wired earthquake. Players need to help Kio escape this nightmarish world. The game artwork uses 16bit pixel style.”

Unlike most of the other recommendations I’ve listed, Kio’s Adventure is a fairly straightforward game. Through solving puzzles and escaping monsters, you might find yourself a challenge. Although lacking in story, the game proves to be entertaining and truly horrific at the same time. Whether the story is meant to be a parody of rpg horror games, I find the anticlimactic-ness charming. The art style resembles ero-guro, adding a very gruesome atmosphere. Overall Kio’s Adventure is a solid game with smooth gameplay, and certainly appealing if gore is your thing.

(Note: The translation is a bit off at some places, understandable but still a bit odd. If you can tolerate that and enjoy a short gameplay with achievements, be sure to give it a try.)

Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror:

Download: Gamejolt Pocket Mirror by AstralShift

Developer’s site: Meet the astralshift team!

Walkthrough: Pocket Mirror Walkthrough 

Hold your memories close to your heart.

A young girl wakes up from her slumber, nameless and confused, you’re on a journey to find her memories and purpose within a mysterious world. Her only keepsake is a pocket mirror and it plays a vital role in the story as to uncovering her identity. Pocket Mirror is a game that has relies on a lot of symbolism, so it is recommended for players to either read up an explanation/discussion after completing or replay. The art is gorgeous, and overall it is a very aesthetically pleasing game. My only criticism is how things can be a little frustrating when aesthetic is prioritized over playability, though that is a minor issue. Definitely one of the best games that came out recently with the potential to turn into an all-time classic.

(Note: If you’ve played Pocket Mirror before or is interested in it, a new prequel is coming up with promises of better gameplay: Little Goody Two Shoes. Also, it’s very different from blank dream despite having the protagonist in similar situations and mirrors playing vital roles in both games.)


Blank Dream

Blank Dream

Blank Dream:

Download and Walkthrough: Blank Dream – vgperson

Developer’s site: Kanawo (Teriyaki Tomato)

Wishing that she had never even existed, Mishiro Usui threw herself into the lake.
When she came to, she was in the Mirror World, a place neither heaven nor hell.
There, her reflection instructed her: “Find the mirrors in this world, and break them.”

Blank dream was a rpg maker horror game made in VX Ace, released in 2015. It is probably one of my favorite titles that came out recently, due to it’s exceptional layout of horror, story and presentation. After throwing herself in a lake, our protagonist Mishiro Usui wakes up without a trace of memory in the Mirror World, a dark place filled with listless spirits. The only way to regain her memories and fulfill her final wish is through ending her life again, over and over until every mirror in the Mirror World is broken. Overall the game holds some deeply unsettling themes and just enough mystery, chases and jump scares to keep you on your toes. If you’ve enjoyed Ib and The Witch’s house, Blank dream is definitely just as good, if not better. Will you decide the fate of all those within the Mirror World?

(Note: So best for last. Besides that, there’s a new game called: Blight Dream. It’s up for all those who are interested, the story takes place a few years after Blank Dream. Did I miss something? Ah, yes, there’s a yandere onii-chan up for grabs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

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So that’s it for our RPG maker horror game recommendations! As mentioned, feel free to ask me in the comments for more recommendations, warnings or visit our other articles here:

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  • What are your thoughts about RPG maker horror games? Have you played any?
  • Do you have any personal favorites that we’ve missed?

Thank you for reading my RPG maker horror game recommendations, please leave a comment~

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