Game rage: Solutions and Highlights

What happened to the controller? Game rage occurs after repeating a task but failing multiple times, it's a frustrating experience for any gamer. So how can we prevent it?

D.Va from Overwatch, an online multiplayer first shooter game drawn by Wlop

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Game rage: Frustration and uncontrollable anger that came from constant failures, not being able to achieve desirable results and poor success rates.


Symptoms of game rage include: Uncontrollable rage (often directed at the screen, can sometimes even be directed towards another player), the strong urge to throw the controller, smash a few things, quickened heart-rate, yelling, muscles tensing up, the rage can be verbal and physical at times.

A triggered Pepe, perfect game rage reaction
A triggered Pepe, perfect game rage reaction

The challenge before you
Most of the time, game rage happens after repeating a task but failing multiple times, over and over, especially when the goal is just out of reach. Although its a popular believe that violent video games are the trigger for aggression (game rage), games/sections that are difficult and more challenging is also a common cause. Competitive gaming is an easy trigger, along with seemingly impossible BOSS fights and puzzles with no solutions, no wonder the frustration is building up. After a large portion of undesirable endings, it's pretty hard to enjoy the actual game. To make matters worse, we continue with the same actions and strategies in hope for a different outcome. "Rage is blinding"

Tips on keeping Game Rage at bay:

- Take a break and put it down
This is actually helpful as taking a short break every hour or so will give you a chance to process your thoughts and relax. Calm down a little and be health aware too, drink some water '3'). By detaching yourself from the game, the build up negativity will also evaporate. Also be sure to put down your controller!

- Come up with a strategy
Ayy coming up with different strategies actually helps, it can even be fun to try them out and see how it goes. It's better to try a different approach then being stuck. Other strategies can be simply turning the difficulty down a notch so you can adjust and polish your skills, or perhaps seek advice and walkthroughs, only to a moderate point. After all, revealing too much will take the enjoyment and challenging element out.

Limbo, an indie puzzle game developed by Playdead

- Being aware of surroundings and contributing factors
Try and think about the cause for your game induced rage and also why you decided to play. Most people play games for the purpose of enjoyment, but it ends up being the opposite of that. Other than the game itself, other factors can also contribute to that rage, such as the players, anger/emotional issues and stress in real life.

If things get out of control and start influencing real life (e.g school, work), don't hesitate to find help.
If it isn't the above and nothing else works it is okie to get a punching bag, pillows are always a good option.

Games with the highest rage-quit (game rage) factors?
I browsed around quite a few sites, each with different opinions on which game causes the highest rage quit/game rage factor. Among them, one name has been on repeat~

Dark souls
"Praise the sun!"

A character reference from Dark Souls

Dark Souls, an action role-playing game (developed by FromSoftware and published by Namco Bandai Games) is often described as "unforgiving". The smallest mistakes can lead to punishment and it requires precision and patience, which causes game rage among many players. But the question is whether or not Dark Souls is as difficult as most people claim it to be. After some third opinions, most players agreed that after understanding the mechanics, playing skilfully and perhaps using our brains is the solution. However it is tricky for players who are inexperienced with RPGs.

Other honourable mentions are: 

These might not be the most game rage inducing games but I've seen many people rage quit or become frustrated. How about trying your own hand at them if you haven't already?

  • The Mario cart series: This seemingly innocent racing game has a few tricks up it's sleeve. The blue shell makes me cry every time, both in joy and pain.
  • Osu!: Not just a girly rhythm game (as it appears on the surface), Osu! is quite challenging as the player progresses. Think fast!
  • Popular/easy multiplayer online game. But that feeling when you get eaten just when you've spawned (again) or about to touch the leaderboard. So infuriating. It's a world best described as 'eat or be eaten'. Literally.


- Have you ever experienced game rage? How bad was it?
- What type of games is more likely to cause game rage?

19 Replies to “Game rage: Solutions and Highlights”

  1. Have you ever experienced game rage? How bad was it?
    No I must have been one of the lucky one where I give the game a break and come back later when I feel that I am not getting anywhere.

    What type of games is more likely to cause game rage?
    I think games where you play with other people are the main ones but single player games can cause issues as well. Even when playing The Division by yourself can cause game rage.

  2. Yes, I experienced this many times. I destroyed many gamepad because of this.
    It happens most of the time when I play sports games like (NFS, FIFA, PES, and many).

  3. what I get tired of is listening to others game rage while playing mmo’s online or other things like csgo, just talk to yourself or play tunes (to yourself not over the channel)

  4. Sometimes I get really pissed and start screaming but thats about it. It happens mostly when playing competitive games like LOL or CSGO

  5. Multiplayer and very hard games are the most rage-able, I remember being mad playing League of Legends because of the toxic community. Not all, but mostly.

  6. Well, there was a time before my PC, I had a tablet and I was playing Clash Royale and I got so mad that I have broken the screen of my device with my palm

  7. damn great read lmao
    i used to experience game rage quite a lot back when i used to ladder on pokemon online. it was horrible and once u lose twice, you just keep losing until u stop

  8. Really good topic, well written, congrats ~

    Have you ever experienced game rage? How bad was it?

    Yes i did. Not that bad, usually yelling and swearing calm me down quite quickly. Damaging my property is out of the question, fortunately i was never blinded that much by rage.

    What type of games is more likely to cause game rage?

    Online multiplayer games, but not beacuse constant failures but beacuse of the players. Many types of ppl on the net , and too many of them think that just becuse they are in front of their pc, they have the right to be disrespectful, or just simply a prick. Now, this alone wouldn’t be that big of a problem, but there is that really annoying thing what people also love to do, and this is cheating.
    With that, they basically ruin other players fun and entertaiment, and on top of that, they are usually jerks as well.

    However i don’t really play with that much online multiplayer, and in the case of other type of games, i just take a break if the rage starts to build up.

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