Game Giveaway: Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV Game Giveaway

Saints Row IV Game Giveaway

Hello guys, we are back with an amazing game giveaway - Saints Row IV. Do check out our previous game giveaways and follow us on twitter/FB for the upcoming ones. Saints Row IV is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It is the fourth title in the Saints Row series. In the game.

About This Game

The US President must save the Earth from alien overlord Zinyak using an arsenal of superpowers and strange weapons in the wildest open world game ever. The epic conclusion to the game that changed all the rules! The Saints have gone from the crackhouse to the White House. Moreover, the Earth has been invaded and it’s up to you to free the world from Overlord Zinyak and his alien empire. With homies new and old by your side. And an arsenal of superpowers and strange weapons, you must save the world in the wildest open world game ever!


Firstly, similar to previous Saints Row series games, Saints Row IV is an open world action game with third-person shooter elements. Secondly, the player is free to explore the environment and, at their leisure, play story or side missions. Thirdly, as the leader of the Saints, a street gang that has become the world's most "powerful and popular" organization. Fourthly, in the game the player is elected President of the United States, receives superpowers, and fends off an alien invasion.

In addition, the player-character receives elemental powers and superpowers that greatly increase their jump height and running speed. As a result, the player can hop over buildings and outrun vehicles. Consequently, the elemental powers include abilities to shoot fire and ice projectiles. Player can telekinetically toss things, and create shock waves upon landing jumps. As the player progresses through the game, they can optionally upgrade their abilities. Weapons skill tree develops by use of collectible "data clusters" scattered around town. If the player becomes too rowdy, the alien race's police analogue will intervene. Finally, as in previous games, the player-character's look and feel is entirely customizable via a robust character editor feature. Saints Row IV has a two-player cooperative mode.

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