Fumikiri Jikan

TV Anime ‘Fumikiri Jikan’ Releases Promo Video, To Air From April 9, 2018


Date: 13/03/2018

Futabasha’s Monthly Action magazine previously announced that the Yoshimi Sato’s manga, Fumikiri Jikan will be receiving an anime adaptation. Earlier today the official website has shared key visuals which include the individual character art. In addition, the website confirmed the list of the voice cast. Also, Komagata would be in-charge of the opening song of the animation.  The anime will air on Tokyo MX and others in April 2018. The original manga runs on the monthly magazine Futabasha, and the latest three volumes made a release today on March 12.

The slice of life manga has been serialized in Futabasha’s Monthly Action since May 2016.

Fumikiri Jikan – #1 Promo Video

Eye and Tomo appearing in key visuals also appear in this PV. The opening theme “Recommend of Tomare” is sung by Mr. Yomihi Komagata.

Fumikiri Jikan – Character Art

Yoshio Suzuki will direct the anime while Misuzu Chiba will provide the series scripts. Kaori Takamura will oversee the character designs. Japanese animation studio, Ekachi Epiaki will be producing the anime.

Fumikiri Jikan – Synopsis

The series is a collection of short stories featuring conversations among high school girls while waiting at the railroad crossings. These conversations would range from bittersweet talks to gossips about occultic events encountered by young female students. The anime depicts the idyllic times of women at railway crossings.

What We Can Expect

I personally love slice of life genre. So, this upcoming anime is now definitely on my watchlist. Furthermore, if you love conversations like I do, then hopefully this anime will be an interesting watch. I would not be surprised if the target audience is especially high school girls.  If that would be true, I will have o wonder what am I doing when watching this anime.

Although the conversations are among high school girls, we can indeed expect some deeper question on life. Questions and perspectives that would enrich the views mind.   Also, if the author would add enough comedy and romance to this mix, chances of this anime succeeding would surely increase. If this anime really makes a great first impression and I look forward to reviewing this later on.

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