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Don’t be eye candy. Be soul food.

– Anonymous

Greetings hoomans! I have brought a quite finger licking, lip smacking, stomach roaring topic today. And it will definitely make your mouth water. Well, phrases aside, I’m talking about the most sinful pleasure a person could experience : food.

Anyone who isn’t a gourmand just isn’t living his life to the fullest. Life is short, so why waste it? In this world of constant disagreements and fights, food is one thing we can all agree on. Besides, god or whoever you believe in has provided us with this sensation of taste particularly for a reason. To taste. Savor. Eat. So like I said before; why waste it?

Granted, eating too much is dangerous, but just a teensy bite won’t hurt. Am I right? 😉 ( How ironical, I just suggested that we turn into gourmands. Apologies. ) So this article is a tribute to the lovely dishes that the equally lovely chefs prepare solely for our enjoyment. Just some food for thought.

However, instead of listing down a bunch of dishes to entice you, why don’t we take a look at some national delicacies? I’ll bring a mini food tour right to your device as a treat. So sit back and enjoy~

Plate with assorted items

Cuisine Delicacies : Food

Water Cake – Japan

Mizu Shingen Mochi

First of all, we have Water Cake. Shingen Mochi is a clear jellyish rice cake. People often serve it with roasted soya bean flour ( kinako ) and a sugary syrup. The interesting part about this dish is that it disappears after 30 minutes, so you better eat it fast. But its taste is at par with its appearance. Decorating it with sakura flowers, some people create amazing variations. Its a must try.

Pani Puri – India

Pani Puri

Of all the salivating dishes that India has to offer, why did I choose pani puri? That is cause its a lesser known dish which I want to bring to your notice. Often, people sell it on the street. It is a round, hollow puri which is filled with chaat masala. It is also filled with tamarind chutney, green chutney and flavored water. Caution, the authentic version is highly spicy. However, the real fun is swallowing down the entire puri as fast as you can. How many can you devour?

Künefe – Turkey


I tried this dish back in Qatar, and it is heavenly. Made of cheese and Kadayif dough in sweet syrup, it is one of the well known desserts of Turkey. Unlike most desserts, one serves it hot. Moreover, we can top it with pistachio or ice cream for extra taste. What I really like about it is the feeling you get when you pierce the fork through it. How do I explain it? Its indescribable.

Macaroon – Italy

Modern Macaroons

Having become famous in recent years, its representation is colorful. It has a nice visual appeal. Italians originally created macaroons with almond or coconut paste with coverings, but now, there are variations. Seems like a rainbow in the form of food. Don’t they look lovely? Their appearance is enough to make you pick upup one for a taste. I haven’t tried it yet, but my friend has, so I’ll take her word for it. What about you?

Tacos – Mexico

Mexican Tacos

A Taco is a corn or wheat tortilla with fillings which range from beef, chicken, pork to vegetables or cheese. One can provide sides of salsa, guacamole, chili or pepper to add to its taste. Originally, it is a lovely traditional dish which we all know very well. At home, we made an Indian version of this with our roti. Despite not being the same as the original, I truly enjoyed it. I suggest you just hold it and bite into it.


The Classic Burger – America

A Classic Burger

Seems like the burger is one of the major foods which we can find almost all over the world. But the original burger from America remains a favorite in our soul. Do I have to describe it? Its consists of meat patties and cheese, salad, tomatoes, etc. which we usually pan fry or flame boil. We also call it a Hamburger. No way you haven’t tried it.

Baozi – China

Baozi ( Okay not baozi, but I was noy able to find a free image online )

Not familiar? We know them better as momos or dumplings. But, these are more of bun like structures filled with steam and served hot. We can fill them with meat or vegetables as per our choice. Furthermore, for better results, serve it with a small dish of soy sauce. I guarantee soulful flavors that will make you want to reach out for more. They kinda remind me of a sweet here…

Lamington – Australia

Lamington Cake ( Sorry for the stock image )

Lastly, we have the Australian Lamington. It is basically sponge cake with a chocolate or raspberry layer. Moreover, it is rolled in coconut and left to set, giving it an amazing texture. Some variations have a layer of cream or jam in between it. We can find these in sweet little square shapes. Truly blissful. I did have a pic saved, but it seems I deleted it, so lets make do with this one. I’d suggest trying this, it was one of the few things I liked which had coconut as an ingredient.

Thus, I have unfortunately come to the end of my list. I may have missed out on some amazing dishes. But feel free to mention your favorites below. Do you see now? The world has provided us such amazing creations, then it is somewhat our responsibility to try them, isn’t it? In conclusion, food is indeed life.

Well then, peace!

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