FLCL: Alternative/ Progressive get a new promo video

So it has been around 18 years since FLCL was released, and now finally we are getting two new seasons. Both seasons are set to be 6 episodes long. The official website for FLCL has revealed new information regarding releases of both seasons. They have also started streaming a video preview for FLCL: Alternative/ Progressive. The mixed video displays scenes from both Alternative and progressive. As much as we can understand it would seem that the only same character is Haruko.  Toonami is co-producing the anime alongside Production IG, with the Progressive set to release on June 2nd and Alternative will air in September.

FLCL: Alternative/ Progressive

It would seem that the upcoming releases are season 2 and season 3. As much as we can see, both season 2 and season 3 will have different main characters.  What interests me the most now is how they will combine all the three seasons. Although, there is a high chance that it might not even be connected. Definitely a good bait for all the old fans of fooly cooly.  We know that the original creator Kazuya Tsurumaki will be working on both new seasons. So we can definitely expect something unpredictable and exciting.

FLCL: Alternative/Progressive
FLCL – Haruka



Ever since FLCL came out in 2000 and over time become a cult classic. Now after 18 years we are finally getting season 2 and season 3. Are they worth watching? Well, they will be only 6 episodes, so if you have seen season 1 I would definitely recommend checking them out.  What is fooly cooly about? To be honest I did not really understand it myself. But a friend tried to explain it to me, and it ends up actually being really deep. Once someone tells you what meant what you actually do connect the dots. However, I won’t tell you much about it, if you are interested you can watch it it’s only 6 episodes.  Along with secret messages, FLCL has a good mix of high pace action and slight comedy. When talking about comedy, you should definitely check out the news on To be hero season 2.


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