Fist of the Blue sky re-genesis

Fist of the Blue sky re-genesis new visuals and subtitled anime promo video


Date: 23/02/2018

Fist of the Blue sky re-genesis new visuals has just been published alongside a new promo video that teases us a bit for the upcoming anime series. To be honest, I just heard about this. And really have no idea what it has been so far. But I will try to research it. And share the information for all of those that might be interested. Afterall, I want to know as well.

So according to their official website, the anime is a manga adaptation.  Buronson, Nobuhiko Horie, and Tetsu Hara made the manga.  Souten no Ken is the original name of the series also known as Fist of the Blue sky. Fist of the Blue sky anime promo video features the opening song Soten no Hate ni. AK-69 will perform the song for Fist of the Blue sky. The anime will air April 9th.

Fist of the Blue sky re-genesis anime sub promo video

The video was pretty great, and I actually had a good look at the art. The thing that I like is CGI. I know many people do not like CGI. Honestly, neither do I when it’s poorly made. However, this seems to have a mixture. The scenes with no action look very well made. However, the parts where there was action. Well, it seemed as if it was a video game.

It reminded me a bit of RWBY with this. Although, RWBY was much better made in the fighting part. The characters have similar stlye to RWBY’s. But the scenery in Fist of The Blue Sky Re-Genesis is much better compared to RWBYS first few volumes.  CGI has been widely hated, and Berserk has not been well made. Although, I do believe it has potential. I liked it in Ajin, it was very well made. And I am kind of sad that some people ignored Ajin because of CGI.

Fist of the Blue sky re-genesis new visuals


Kenshiro Kasumi voiced by Kouichi Yamadera

Fist of the Blue sky new key visuals - Kenshiro

Fist of the Blue sky new key visuals – Kenshiro


 Liu Fei-Yan voiced by Takehito Koyasu 



Erika Arendt voiced by Sumire Uesaka

Fist of the Blue sky new key visuals - Erika

Fist of the Blue sky new key visuals – Erika


Yasaka voiced by Setsuji Satoh 


Pan Yu-Ling voiced by Yumi Touma 



Conclusion :

The anime itself looks a bit like a game which I did not like. However, it is my policy to give all random art styles a try. Hunting for the unique art style. Or at least ones that are not too common in anime. That is something very enjoyable. Art can sometimes make the anime rise so much. Like Devilman Crybaby, I watched it just because of the art and music. Overall I wouldn’t give it more than a 5/10. For this anime, I still can’t say how good it will be. If the anime disappoints me I will go read the manga. If you liked reading this you might enjoy our list of Top 20 anime characters that look good in a kimono. Tech Blog For Reviews


Fist of the Blue sky - Main character

Fist of the Blue Sky – main character

Fun Fact -09:

China banned Death Note because kids massively bought the notes. And wrote down names of those they disliked.

Bazinga, it was not so fun after all.  However, you may find it interesting. Also here is a question for all the fans. Which do you think is the best out of the big three?


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