Final Season Of Fairy Tail Reveals Key Visual, Anime To Air in October 2018

The Official fairy tail website revealed the first Poster/Visual for the upcoming final season. The website for the final season of Fairy Tail also confirmed that all the main cast of the last season of fairy tail will be returning for the final season and that the final season of Fairy Tail the anime will be airing in October 2018.

Final Season of Fairy Tail – Poster/Visual

The last season of Fairy Tail started airing back in 2014 and stopped airing in 2016. The series also received a new movie that aired in 2017 titled Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry.

Fairy Tails Spin-off/Sequel Manga Has Also Begun

While we on the topic of Fairy Tail. It should also be mentioned that just recently the sequel manga to Fairy Tail titled Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.

The Manga’s events take place right after the events of the main series final arc. And sees the main cast of character take on the 100 Year Quest. A Quest that has never been completed and has been active for 100 Years. The manga story will be written by Hiro Mashima. But the art for the sequel manga will be done by Atsuo Ueda. For those fans worried that the art might look bad now. I can at least confirm that this new artist copied Hiro Art almost perfectly. It’s not as clean but still looks very much like the original manga art. So the transition from Hiro’s Art to this new artist art should not be a big deal to fans of the series.

Quick Thoughts

Let me jump in and say something here for a second because I need someone to correct me if I’m wrong here. I am not a fan of this series let me make that clear now. But I have read fairy tail from start to finish and there is something that somewhat bugs me about the story in this sequel manga. In it from the first 2 chapters I’ve read. It’s stated that this 100 Year Quest. Is the quest Gildarts took and failed which cause him to lose both an Arm and  Leg. Though from what I remember he lost those to Acnologia didn’t he?

Bit of a Spoiler for the Fairy Tail Sequel Manga Here

Then again in the newest chapter, it was shown that the quest is to Seal 5 dragons. Maybe at the time, Acnologia was one of the 5 dragons. And  Gildarts by some bad luck ran into Acnologia first and lost the fight against him which caused him to fail the quest and lose an arm and a leg.

But I could be wrong here though and I do not feel like going back and reading fairy tail again just to confirm this. But it would be fairly silly if the author forgets some of the plot points he created. Then again the inconsistencies in Hiro’s storytelling is nothing new. Well if anyone reads this part of the article. I’d be happy if they confirm if I’m right or wrong in the comment section.

Back to the Main topic.

People might also be wondering why Hiro isn’t doing the art for the sequel manga. That’s because Hiro currently has a new manga which started recently titled.

Eden’s Zero

Hiro is focusing all his work on this new manga while leaving the art for the sequel to a new artist. The manga currently has 5 chapters released.

Let me Jump in and say one thing about this manga

Despite all the character similarities to Fairy Tail. I do have to say comparing it World Setting Wise to Fairy Tail. Eden Zero is so much better and way more interesting then Fairy Tail. Since I don’t want to spoil I’ll keep it short. The World Hiro created in this new manga gives him almost infinite possibilities on what kind of story he can tell. It really is an interesting world. A world that has me intrigued a world that actually makes me want to follow this series. I do not want to get my hopes up for this series considering how bad fairy tail ended up being.

But just out of curiosity I’ll be following this series. If Hiro somehow manages to fail and butcher a world he created where it’s almost impossible for him to fail. I want to be there to witness it. Same applies if the series ends up being leaps and bounds better then fairy tail I want to be there to witness it. Then again let’s face it, It ain’t hard to beat Fairy Tail.

Wrapping Up The Article

As you can see, there is a lot of things you could read related to fairy tail. Moreover, it’s Author while you wait for the final season of fairy tail to air in October. If you a fan of the series. Feel free to express your hype(or Hate) for the series in the comment section below. So, are you excited for th final season of Fairy Tail anime?

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