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Sheep, Sheepdog, Wolf
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Yahallo! Whenever a situation arises where you have to take risks, and and deal with it, how many of us are willing really? How many of us are the sheep of this world?

This thought crossed my mind the other day and somehow it lead me to the topic of sheep and wolves 🙂 No xD Its a analogy of sorts to describe the cowardly and the brave, depending on the situation, and the factors involved in that situation.

Gashadokuro – The Japanese Mythological Creature

Sheep, Sheepdogs And Wolves Theory


Sheep and Dog – Lynn Chen

Lets take the example : A car driver runs a guy over with his car. The car driver runs away. Out of the remaining 10 bystanders, only one extends a helping hand to the victim.

So who is the sheep, the sheepdog and the wolf here?



Sheep – Lynn Chen

Most people are sheep. This is simply referring to the fact that most human beings are normal, and prefer living their lives normally without disruption. The question of rising above good vs evil constantly conflicts them. For the most part in life, people deal with challenges that are more of an annoyance and when faced with such problems, they generally try to follow the leader in such situations.

Its not that they are not kind or nice, it is just that such situations tend to be a disruption in their usual day to day lives and thus they don’t know how to deal with it. Like sheep in a herd, happy to live a peaceful life, grazing in the meadows, content with living in their daily routine. Any disruptions cause them to create stress. And just like sheep depend on sheepdogs, most people depend on somebody else to protect and take care of them. They keep this world around them going smoothly without trouble. Be it a commoner, some higher authority or even a sheepdog.



Woolly – Lynn Chen

The bad guys, they are sociopaths who express themselves violently or commit crimes and disobey moral and ethical values of life, creating danger in the life of the peaceful sheep. They take advantage of their peace and ignorance and strike at them, when they get the chance. About 1% of the population is stated to be a wolf, by sources.


Sheep dog

Shaggy – Lynn Chen

Society’s protectors. Livestock guardian dogs, on the other hand, live with their flock of animals full-time, blending in with them and only becoming noticeable when the job of protecting the livestock comes into need.

The role of human “sheepdogs” is exactly equivalent to their animal form. Like actual Sheepdogs, they live among the flock, like one of them, and yet are different and set apart. They protect the sheep and watch for evil “wolves.” Their mere presence can keep the wolves at bay, but if they do attack, human sheepdogs are alert and ready to be aggressive. They are prepared to make a stand against those who would harm innocent people, but otherwise, they are gentle and trustworthy ( just like dogs! ).

For example : We find the government at fault at all the other times, we grumble and degrade their jobs ( well, most of us ) but when in the actual time of danger, it is them who provide us with help, support and protection. It is then that we show our gratitude towards them.

Again, they make about 1% of the total population on earth.

Information Source

Remember, Sheepdogs are made, not born. 


1. What role do you play in the society/internet?

2. Do you agree with this theory? Whats your analysis on it?

3. If this current balance of sheep, sheepdogs and wolves tipped, would it be good or bad, according to you?

4. What role do you want to play in the society/internet?

Gif Sources : Lynn Chen Art

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Sheep, Sheepdogs And Wolves : Sociology Theory
Today's society can be easily compared to the behavior of sheep, sheepdogs and wolves. The people can thus be categorized into three types accordingly.
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