Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel 2nd Anime Film Reveals, New Visual, Release Date

The official website for the upcoming movie trilogy of Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel. Revealed a brand new poster for the upcoming movie. The website also revealed the 2nd movie will be airing January 12, 2019, in Japan. The 2nd movie was to air this year i.e. 2018. But now the official launch is happening only next year.

Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel 2nd Film Poster

Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel 2nd Film Poster

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Including the new poster and release date. The official website for the Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel films also revealed. A brand new promotional trailer for the upcoming 2nd movie. Alongside the reveal. It was also announced Aniplex of America will be screening the 2nd movie in the United States in 2019.

Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel 2nd Film PV

The series cast will be returning to reprise their roles in the 2nd movie. The movie will continue to adapt the third route in the Fate/stay night visual novel. There is still no set release date for the 3rd and final Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel trilogy. The  movie trilogy will be adapted by studio ufotable

Previous Anime In The Fate/stay night Series

Fate/stay night first received an anime adaptations in 2006 which had 24 episodes. The adaption which followed the first story route in the Fate/Stay Night series was adapted by Studio Deen. Studio Deen also produced a movie which adapted the 2nd story route in 2010. The series titled Unlimited Blade Works. Ufotable took over adapting the Main plot for the Fate series. They proceeded to adapt the prequel story Fate/Zero. Which received 2 seasons with a total of 25 episodes. Then studio ufotable re-adapted the Unlimited Blade Works 2nd route into an anime series in 2014. It received 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes including the 51 min prologue special which aired before the anime.

Studio ufotable also adapted an alternate good ending to the Unlimited Blade Works anime adaption titled Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Season 2 – Sunny Day.

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Wrapping Up The Article

The release of the 2nd movie will be soon upon us. Are you excited about it? What do you have to say about the delay of the launch to January 12, 2019? If you watched the first movie did you enjoy it or hate it? be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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