Fascination : Life views and perspectives

Lonely Rock

Life's a long ride and with it come many interactions. Some we face and some blast right past us without notice. It's a wave full of fascination and relentless experiences !  - Alexander Dante on his phone while taking a shit.

Welcome to my first article on the page , I hope you enjoy the read and also have a good time with it. Today we talk about experiencing fascination as well as the different perspectives we view so let's dive right in !

Amusement through Fascination

Eyecandy can come as a surprising experience that leaves you in a state of passiveness and fascination.

Lonely Rock

Sometimes you find yourself "stoned" in place , looking as though you can't really move or divert your attention elsewhere. These are the sites we experience during the course of our life known as eye candy or simply put , views that amuse us in a memorable way.

They leave a chain link behind that coexists with us at all times. A beautiful portrait that's ever changing through everyone's personal and unique perspective. This enigma that shapes it self from our own signature way of thinking is very self conscious. Hidden deep only to rise above at certain times or places that trigger its revelation.

As sly or cunning as it may seem the true identity of this "thing" is fairly simple. It's a fascination ! A repulsive feeling given to us through exploitation of just a single image , that's all it takes , one look and you're hooked for life. Sounds amazing when you truly delve into it.

The fact that a single turn of the head can give you an eternal memory. But that's what fascination is truly all about , giving you so much with just so little. If you think that's amazing what if I told you that the same air you breathe to keep you alive is the same air that poisons you slowly into aging and ultimately dying in the end ! For what is life without a bit of irony...

The many different perspectives

Floating Candles

Aight so far so good , if you have found this somewhat interesting click Home for more interesting articles or game giveaways !

Proceeding with my masterpiece here that has almost drained me of all brain power. -
Perspectives change , it's not a matter of opinion in fact it's more so about taste. It's a given that not everyone will share the same tastes with you so views also change. Depending on the matter opinions can formulate and create multiple self oriented paths. Perspectives may differentiate in nature but sometimes they are the same.

A two path way leads to the same conclusion. Just because one is right doesn't mean the other is wrong and so forth. This leads into the probability of the imperfect being perfect. An argument so old it knows no boundaries or shackles.

Anyway , moving on from the complicated image I'm trying to relay to you there's just a few thing you really need to comprehend from it all. The need to understand what makes different views so similar to each other and how different solutions can come from a single problem. I'll end this here as most important on it all is how the readers will comprehend it as that is the major focus so it's question time.


1 - What is your opinion on human fascination ?

2 - What is a fascinating or amusing view to you ?

3 - What can you say about different perspectives on similar matters or in general ?

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