Fascination : Life views and perspectives

Life's a long ride and with it come many interactions. Some we face and some blast right past us without notice. It's a wave full of fascination and relentless experiences !  - Alexander Dante on his phone while taking a shit.

Welcome to my first article on the page , I hope you enjoy the read and also have a good time with it. Today we talk about experiencing fascination as well as the different perspectives we view so let's dive right in !

Amusement through Fascination

Lonely Rock

Sometimes you find yourself "stoned" in place , looking as though you can't really move or divert your attention elsewhere. These are the sites we experience during the course of our life known as eye candy or simply put , views that amuse us in a memorable way.

They leave a chain link behind that coexists with us at all times. A beautiful portrait that's ever changing through everyone's personal and unique perspective. This enigma that shapes it self from our own signature way of thinking is very self conscious. Hidden deep only to rise above at certain times or places that trigger its revelation.

As sly or cunning as it may seem the true identity of this "thing" is fairly simple. It's a fascination ! A repulsive feeling given to us through exploitation of just a single image , that's all it takes , one look and you're hooked for life. Sounds amazing when you truly delve into it.

The fact that a single turn of the head can give you an eternal memory. But that's what fascination is truly all about , giving you so much with just so little. If you think that's amazing what if I told you that the same air you breathe to keep you alive is the same air that poisons you slowly into aging and ultimately dying in the end ! For what is life without a bit of irony...

The many different perspectives

Floating Candles

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Proceeding with my masterpiece here that has almost drained me of all brain power. -
Perspectives change , it's not a matter of opinion in fact it's more so about taste. It's a given that not everyone will share the same tastes with you so views also change. Depending on the matter opinions can formulate and create multiple self oriented paths. Perspectives may differentiate in nature but sometimes they are the same.

A two path way leads to the same conclusion. Just because one is right doesn't mean the other is wrong and so forth. This leads into the probability of the imperfect being perfect. An argument so old it knows no boundaries or shackles.

Anyway , moving on from the complicated image I'm trying to relay to you there's just a few thing you really need to comprehend from it all. The need to understand what makes different views so similar to each other and how different solutions can come from a single problem. I'll end this here as most important on it all is how the readers will comprehend it as that is the major focus so it's question time.


1 - What is your opinion on human fascination ?

2 - What is a fascinating or amusing view to you ?

3 - What can you say about different perspectives on similar matters or in general ?

230 Replies to “Fascination : Life views and perspectives”

  1. 1 – What is your opinion on human fascination ?
    Humans can indeed by fascinating when we understand each other,that is what one should seek in a relationship between them.
    Open your mind and ideas to them,dont close them.

    2 – What is a fascinating or amusing view to you ?
    A blue windy sky with no sun at sight.

    3 – What can you say about different perspectives on similar matters or in general ?

    Different perspectives are always important of course,but,I think the human being should open that perspective into an equal one,so the other human being can actually relate aswell,and,not feel left out.
    But I guess people rather limit themselfes then doing that.
    Understandable actually,just dont affect others while youre at it.
    I get that being hurt can make you wanna do the best madness you ever did,but,in the end its not worth,like why,even.
    And sleepy as hell.

  2. Karma is a scary thing honestly.
    The moment you day goes by you realie the happy moments you had then overjoy it and boost your ego to the point of not things about possible bad events coming up,then bad events happen.
    It can give a fragile mind break sometimes.
    Its good to be aware of Karma in life.

  3. Okay I finished reading, I guess there are many things that fascinate me in this world, especially life itself, its shrouded in so many mysteries one can not do anything else but wonder and be fascinated.

  4. Its been awkward lately.
    Im used to get my hopes never up due to not wanting to lose,so I dont let my guard down,what I mean is,I dont like to simply overjoy right up,I need some confirmation and to break some walls,may those walls be knowledge or simply feelings.

  5. 1 – What is your opinion on human fascination ?

    humans are really really fascinated on the things they dnt understand
    well thats human nature they want to know everything ..so humans start to learn things about which is fascinating for them
    but they won’t get convinced until they found what they looking for….sadly not many people succeed on getting an answer….

  6. Do you ever find yourself fascinated with human stupidity? Like when someone says something or write and you just cant believe the way that person thinks.

    1. I like to always consider the possibility that they are trying to explain,it might help me in other problems always,by some connection I hope.
      Thats why Im always serious.

  7. 2 – What is a fascinating or amusing view to you ?

    well my keen interest is human’s worth..i mean am just curious about how far can a human go? when they are pushed to a limit? is there even any limits or its just what we believe to make ourself stop?

  8. What is more fascinating;Watching a being with unlimited potential grow or you being that person,but without being able to have an unlimited potential?

  9. 1 – What is your opinion on human fascination ?
    Humans are fascinated with everything in this universe especially things they dont know and that is the reason why we have come this far.

  10. The most fascinating thing for me is nature. It’s simply beautiful sometimes. It comes to that moment when all colors, noises and smells come together and create a perfect atmosphere.

  11. It fascinates me that sometimes the human being wants so much affection,that they will not care who they have to hurt or what actions they must do,to meet that affection.
    Feelings can be very difficult at times to understand,but,what they makes us do sometimes,I wonder,are they what define a human being the most out of all categories,that make us a human being?

    1. I always think about it.
      The word nothingness comes to mind.
      Just like our consciousness never dies,should nothingness always be alive?
      I think so.
      Nothingness as something to do with it.
      I believe at least,I havent found a single logical theory about it tho

    1. Being open-minded is a nice characteristic to have, seems rare nowadays. Whenever I meet someone that’s open-minded, they are the most interesting people ever..

  12. 3 – What can you say about different perspectives on similar matters or in general ?

    well..everyone have different views on everything around them…but not everyone views will be listened…alwayz the questions will be raised..in order to answer questions…we search for answers inorder to voice our view…but what am asking is..does the people who achieved great things have right answers? can they just answer it with yes or no without a theory they made for themselves? the thing is no…their answer is from what they ended their journey…i mean even if you search for answers none has a legit one..they all say things from the theories what someone already discovered
    so what is the answer? we never know

  13. One of possibilities of how humans came to be on planet Earth is colonization.

    Basically, a civilization sends two humans one female and one male, because faggots can’t have children, to populate Earth. Those people create certain ethic codes and basic knowledge. And ofc, they say that being gay is not good because of reproduction but they still take it up the ass when they can.

    But the question remains, where did we colonize from? And how did they come to existence?

    1. This is the saddest yet happiest part about being a human,the ability to thin,we will die without answers.
      I dont want that,but,there are some questions like that,that seem beyond our reason

    2. I think they came to fight each other originally and earth was the colleseum but the man accidentally fell on her and so civilisation was created

  14. Sometimes I just watch people but when it’s reversed I think it’s just a pervert, I think we should be more sympathetic to those red eyed homeless crack heads that just sit and stare at people

  15. Different prespectives and systems are applied to every living thing in this planet,do you think there could have been a Creater who somehow didnt have a system to begin with?

  16. What if we never ate or drink anything since we were born , maybe that is the anwser to immortality, maybe food and water is a poison that you have to keep on consuming since the first time you take it if you don’t want to die

  17. someone from here said a beautiful quote that is

    “you cnt believe a mirror if your eyes are lie”
    that really has a deep meaning

  18. What can you say about different perspectives on similar matters or in general ?
    3. Every single thing in this world have different perspective And IMO only one of it is truly correct But to see which perspective is truly correct humans just have to learn How To see a thing from every single perspective there is

  19. I think all the humanity is fascinating. We are one of the most evolved species and yet we act so stupid. We have a posibility to think, to intelectually rise, educate (in right way not this bullshit education thats happening today in most of the contries). We have, I could call it power but we suffer the most, we take our own freedom, our dreams, wishes for the sake of “what will others think” and money. We are slaves of our own states when we should be the ones that lead it. Now, tell me that is not fascinating.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be6d659031f5126bdb3eb9d4b3585057c5f607b0f3f1df89276c06937fe5f759.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a71f202b2120c77f32022b7168643a1cdb4b0ff63ef2bb7b106f6ab41d8f0889.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a0a0fe48bef3e6f9e3d79083683ff582c9148fda9297985c3ec90b5967947ec.jpg

    1. Damn that Albert Einstein one,cracked me up,but then again I cracked myself looking at my stupidity because I tainted such high intelegence being.

  20. Its really infuriating thinking about who actually created the universe,we know for a fact that it was big bang,but who was before that?
    Lets not involve religion on this question

  21. i mean think about this
    if Sir Isaac Newton died from a apple that fell on his head from a tree
    who would have discovered gravity?
    and how legit his theory would be?

    1. Everything is discovered due to the fact of randomness at first I believe,if the random matter didnt exist so didnt this Earth aswell

    2. Considering the work done by previous scientist like galileo I guess some other scientist would have done it But it would have taken much time considering how ahead newton was in comparison with other scientist in his time

  22. Now that arun mentioned gravity I got a thought.

    Basically, gravity is normal concept that anyone should know, and yet it took humanity a bunch of years and thinking to understand it. What if life and universe was actually so dumb and simple, that the answer is standing in front of our nose

    1. Meteors falled under us at the begin of creation,isnt that alone a key to gravity meaning at first?
      But then again,I would never know this without the gravity theory

  23. The meteor didn’t fall into the earth the earth fell into the meteor, that meteor could have accomplished such great things. Such a shame.

  24. sometimes the answers are really simple tbh
    but human expectations are higher
    so when expectations meets the reality
    it won’t get convinced

  25. Why is it that every damn time I try to think of what the creater might be,the word god comes in mind,even tho,I dont believe in it,fully at least.
    Do humans really lack that much knowledge or awareness that we need to depend on a possible non even existent being?

  26. the most fascinating thing we all have questions on is about is
    how life is created on earth?
    what happens after death?
    are we alone?
    these three top priority question we have been searching for decades…
    but what if the answer was already found
    but it was just we are not convinced about it?

    1. Kuma fool nishi jello unknown ir juvia galaxy kvothe haro dalzii psi horny dunno i cant remember anymore ( ´,_ゝ`) oh hen ( ´,_ゝ`) dev ( ´,_ゝ`)
      Moding kills useres ; -;

  27. IMO amusement parks are still annoying..do this ,do that really sucks.It’s true we all have different taste buds and that’s why a 2 path way will never lead to the same conclusion.

  28. I’d rather prefer not to answer these questions because you explained every thing in this post what should I need to answer.

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