Fantasy Romantic Comedy Manga Trinity Seven School Gets 2nd Anime Film


Date: 05/07/2018

Fans of Trinity Seven anime have a great reason to cheer with the release of this sweet announcement – the romantic comedy Manga Trinity Seven School gets 2nd anime film. Along with the announcement an ecchi new key visual made a release. Shinpei Tomooka, animation director and also the character designer carried out the illustration to commemorate the news.

This has only been the preliminary announcement and we need to wait out for more additional details. The series already got an anime adaptation 2014. In 2017, an anime film titled Trinity Seven: Eternal Library & Alchemic Girl with animation production from Seven Arcs Pictures.

Kenji Saito is the author with Akinari Nao being the illustrator and the story is as follows:

Arata Kasuga joins the Royal Biblia Academy with twin aims. One is to solve the mystery of the destruction that is ravaging the world. And the other, a more personal one, to find his stolen cousin Hijiri. Although a daunting task, he thankfully has seven beautiful girls Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust – each a master of her own magical art – by his side!

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Trinity Seven School Gets 2nd Anime Film – Key Visual


Trinity Seven School Gets 2nd Anime Film cover

Earlier the July issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine talked about a very important upcoming announcement. So, we now know what the announcement was all about. Honestly, I am very excited. Maybe it is a good time to binge watch the series so far. If you also look forward to this film do let us know in the comments below.

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Sources: Ota-suke, Official TRINITY SEVEN anime home page.

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