Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Card Game Receives An Anime Adaption.

It was recently announced the popular Japanese arcade card game Dragon Ball Heroes. Will be receiving its own anime later this year. The first Pre-screening episode of the series is set to Air July 1, 2018. A Poster for the upcoming series displaying the game and anime was also released. But other then that, It’s the only information for the series that has been officially released.

Dragon Ball Heroes Poster

Dragon Ball Heroes News and Announcement Poster

It should be noted that this will be a PR anime(Promotional Anime). So it’s unclear if the adaption will be a full anime series or a short OVA. My bet will be it’s a short Web Series that probably won’t air on TV.  Guess we have to wait and see. More news about that should be released at a later date.

The Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Adaption Might Cover Two Story Arcs From The Game

Also Though not an official announcement considering his news on Shounen related announcements tend to always be spot on. YonkouProductions over on his twitter said this about the Dragon Ball Heroes anime adaption and what it will be adapting from the card game.

Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Survival and Prison Planet arcs that will be made into an PR Anime. The first episode’s pre-screening will take place on July 1 at Ion Lake Town. And although it’s a PR Anime they’ll mash a few episodes together in order to extend its length.(Source)

I decided to look into these arcs he mentioned. And it would seem this statement might be accurate. Because the arcs he mentioned is displayed in the poster revealing the anime above. And the more I looked into it. I found the Card game’s intro that shows off the arc that might become an anime.

So it would seem his tweet might be accurate. But with everything on the internet. Don’t believe anything until an official story announcement is made.  But you still allowed to get excited about this of course.

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This Adaption Might Be Really Exciting. For Dragon Ball Super and GT fans.

It seems the standout part of this promotional anime. Will be Super Saiyan Blue(DBS) VS Super Saiyan 4(GT). It’s a dream matchup that will for sure catch the eyes of fans from both sides of the Dragon Ball Fandom. So that really is something to get excited about.

Hard to believe this game hasn’t made it over to the west from what I’ve seen

Despite not hearing anything about this card game Dragon Ball Heroes until now. Taking my time and looking more into it. This card game it is like a dream matchup of all your favorite dragon ball characters from all universes and timelines put into 1 card game. It’s the ultimate fan service for any fan of Dragon Ball.

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I actually do hope this PR anime for Dragon Ball Heroes makes the game popular enough to be marketed in the west. It just seems like something that would be loved in the west considering how popular Dragon Ball as a series already is.

Dragon Ball Heroes would just increase the love for this series in the west by a lot more. Because what fan wouldn’t want to see there favorite characters new and old from the whole series fight against each other. I know I’d enjoy it, so I’m looking forward to this Dragon Ball Heroes to start be it a Short OVA or Full Anime.

Dragon Ball Heroes Video Game Poster

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