Dr. Stone Chapter 2 – Fantasy vs Science (Manga Review)


Date: 10/05/2018

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of articles on Dr. Stone lately. I was looking forward to them, unfortunately, laziness got the best of me, so I went down the hill with it. Either way, let’s get right into this Dr. Stone Chapter 2 Review.

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General Information on Dr. Stone

Volumes: 5

Chapters: 56

Status: Ongoing

Published Date: Mar 6, 2017

Genres/Tags: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Shounen

Authors: Inagaki Riichiro(Eyeshield 21) and Boichi(Sun-Ken Rock)

Serialization: Shounen Jump(weekly)

Dr. Stone Chapter 2 Review

Dr. Stone Chapter 2 starts off with Taiju rushing towards the base built by Senkuu. He sprints while holding onto a basket on his back. The basket contains mushrooms, but with all sorts of mushrooms. As Taiju reaches his destination, Senkuu gets amazed at Taiju’s endurance due to how much he can sprint while holding on to his breath. Senkuu after gazing upon the set of mushrooms starts to sort them out. Heck, that was weird from Senkuu, but I think it’s normal for a scientific fanatic to do such thing.

Dr. Stone Chapter 2

Taiju showing off his broken endurance level

Senkuu uses the mushrooms to lit up a fire and roasts them for the meal. For Taiju’s surprise, the mushrooms were incredibly delicious, the beautiful seasoning arises to Taiju’s mouth. Wondering what the essence of that astonishing taste was, he asks Senkuu about it. Senkuu does say that it was salt, simple salt as the seasoning.

The Value of Salt Never Loses Its Prime

Speaking of salt, one fun fact is that, long ago, in ancient times, prehistoric times in this case. Various tradings revolved around a trading element and that was the main portion of trades back then, so you can definitely grasp as to why Senkuu presents its value in the mushrooms seasoning. Taiju desiring to repay says that because he isn’t a genius like Senkuu that he would compensate with his volume and fighting spirit. Taiju then sets off to a gathering, exploring some new areas. Upon those areas, he finds a set of grapes and he tries them.

His expressions were something out of the scene. He was either disgusted or ecstatic about them. Anyhow, soon after that, Taiju contemplates upon a cavern.

The Place Where Milleniums Go By

That cave, was where Taiju was lying over for around a millennium. As Taiju leaps in the cave, he sees an water extracting vase and immediately jumps to the conclusion that there are other survivors other than him and Senkuu. Although that is proven wrong, once Senkuu says that he myself placed the vase there. Afterward, he mentions that there is a necessity to increase the number of humans. It’s a bit impossible task, considering that there are only 2 humans in this world so far, and those being two male beings. As they are in the zone, Senkuu wonders as to why the stones even dissolved after 3700 years in the first place. Taiju makes a guess by assuming that the stone eroded in the first place. The odd event was that both Senkuu and Taiju woke up at the same time.

Dr. Stone Chapter 2

Taiju stumbling upon the cavern

The difference that made the awakening from Senkuu and Taiju was the half year difference. In which you have to wonder as to why the stone eroded in the first place. With a slight contrast to his expressions, Senkuu issues that there is always a logical explanation for coincidences.

Nitric Acid

The explanation revolved a structure that resides upon Bat Dungs, that being droplets. Droplets tend to dissolve a very toxic substance which is, Nitric Acid. Taiju does create himself a shocked expression, which is generically common on every Shounen, after hearing Senkuu’s theory with a well-formed reasoning. Expecting from an eccentric mind like Senku, he did try out many times applying the Nitric Acid on the stone subjects. Yet as Senkuu said to Taiju, it would be way too convenient if it was that simple. In this realm of Fantasy where Science plays a big part, nothing can be achieved too much so far. There is no equipment to search. In instants of more unexpected revelations, Senkuu needs some Booze, in this case, wine, apparently.

Chemistries Are A Scientific Blessing

The reason as to why Senkuu desires the booze is because it would reproduce alcohol, which would bring Ethanol. Then with Ethanol, you would mix it with the Nitric Acid. Leading into a substance called Nital. In short:

Alcohol= Ethanol

Ethanol + Nitric Acid =


This could probably uncover the key core solution to the stoned subjects. For the surprise, since Taiju caught some grapes along the way, a possible alcohol creation would be possible. With that gathered, both Taiju and Senkuu begin to crush the grapes. There is a slight difference though. Taiju crushes them with his feet way faster than Senkuu, due to his broken level of endurance. Senkuu even says in sarcasm: “That’s logical”

Hot Wine

Three weeks after, the wine is finally properly formed. It creates certain opinions by Senkuu.  As implying that it’s a billion times worse than commercial wine, but still decent at it. He even makes a mini commercial on it. You just have to mix it in a bottle every day and not out on the cap. Still, it’s moonshine, which is illegal. All of this was for an idea that even the Mesopotamian civilization used in the era of 3000 years Before Christ (B.C).

Dr. Stone Chapter 2

The Hot Wine Technique Attempt

The technique would be “Distilling Wine”. What nowadays is called “Hot Wine”. Senkuu thinks that because of the Mesopotamian Civilization being able to pull it off without breaking any sweat that he could do it too. But he failed, the jar was broken in the end. I think he lacked preparation for it. The events that took a parallel sequence after it was followed up by the seasons( Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) in this case Winter.

Seasonal Paradoxes

In the beautifully drawn pages, you can see Senkuu attempting more experiments. Taiju capturing various food during the Winter. He worries about Yuuriha hating him due to a possible illness if he doesn’t eat properly. Senkuu in the meanwhile brags a portion of a clamshell and gives it to Taiju. That erupts on Taiju’s mouth building various strokes of pain around it. Spring season rises with the fall of the mighty Winter. Senkuu continues with his experiments and after countless tries and failed attempts, his new substance gives birth to the solution. A stoned feather including a stoned bird were both dissolved. For the revolting discovery, Senkuu gives his self-proclaimed definition of Science:

Science is the step by step process of making rules for things we don’t understand

That’s probably a very truthful fact about it. Science has a lot of things that are not easily understandable but through the efforts of comprehension, it is all possible. In the end, since Taiju gathered the grapes that generated the winning formula at the 100th or so attempt, he gets to decide the next stoned subject to apply the substance on. It’s rather obvious who, it even is in the last panel, that being Yuzuriha. And with that, the chapter ends.

Dr. Stone Chapter 2

Senkuu with his explanation on Science

 Dr. Stone Chapter 2 Conclusion

All in all, this Dr. Stone Chapter 2 managed to be executed pretty well. I wasn’t expecting to be able to go this deep considering it was a 20 or so page chapter. It was not that deep though, but still, it gave a very satisfying feeling to read, the world setting just keeps on getting richer and richer. While both Taiju and Senkuu are exposing both of his unique traits that they each have to offer to the readers. Not only that, but a fast paced with a very detailed artwork and a storyline is witnessed, which is amazing. This Dr. Stone Chapter 2 was fantastic.



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