Dr.Stone: Chapter 1- Stone World(Manga)


Date: 20/04/2018

Before starting, I’ll explain the reason as to why I’m doing this, that being reviewing each chapter of Dr. Stone. So I had free time between articles and general stuff and decided to pick a manga to fill my time. This pick was essentially due to a request and also because I haven’t read the manga in a while. While I did pick this up in 2017 when it began I quickly lost track of it. Hence why I decided to start once again. Save to say it wasn’t a bad choice by this first chapter’s impressions. While it danced on the palm of the readers, introducing a fairly new concept. That being that the World Suddenly turns to stone. Although first things first, before reviewing and going over the details of the first chapter, here is a synopsis of the manga:


The science-fiction adventure follows two boys struggle to revive humanity after a mysterious crisis has left everyone in the world turned to stone for several millennia.



  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • Shounen


  •  Inagaki Riichiro
  •  Boichi

Quick note: Did you know that Inagaki Riichiro is the same author that did Eyeshield21? Also, Boichi is the one that did a manga named “Sun-Ken Rock”. What an amazing combination of talents that could happen.

Status:  Ongoing

Published:  Mar 6, 2017

Chapter Review:

As in the synthesis is told we know for a fact that the world turned to stone for some reason. But before that, the viewing of our characters are portrayed. Those characters being:

  • Taiju
  • Senkuu

Taiju on the left and Senkuu on the right


To begin with, Taiju appears as the hot-blooded character present in this chapter so far. He has feelings for a girl named Yuriziha. They both go to the same school, and after not being able to confess to her over 5 years he decides onto something. He shouts that he will finally confess to her after 5 long years. To finally confess was his ambition all this time. Meanwhile in the science laboratory, the setting at that time, Senkuu, our protagonist, issues that he has the solution.

That being a “love potion”. He then tries to convince Taiju, by saying that his confession chance rate would be positive, in fact, a billion. Furthermore, the rest of the club starts making bets on how Taiju would lose. It was kinda funny, this moment resulted in a good comedy setting providing a harmonical atmosphere. Stil, despite such effort, Taiju ignores them and pursuits forward with his goal.

Taiju’s confession moment with Yuzuriha

Once he does reach out to Yuzuriha, they start off by having an odd talk. It keeps on delaying out for a bit until Taiju gathers his Guts to confess. But as that moment starts, a new event stagnates that scenario. The world suddenly turns to stone. Mostly the people in it to be precise. Even Taiju himself who was about to confess turns into pure stone.


Taiju being turned into stone

Slowly yet fastly, Taiju begins to make certainties by saying that no matter what, he will confess. Time goes by as Taiju starts to count the time. By seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, etc. It’s amazing how Taiju’s mind manages to stay conscious through all this. After many years pass, Taiju manages to break free from the stone structure. The world as Taiju gazes with his own eyes turned to stone, even his beloved one, Yuzuriha.

The moment the world turned into stone

Not so after, Senkuu makes his appearance with his unusual clothing. It made him look like someone who warped right from the future, and, that’s almost right. Both Taiju and Senkuu are in the present, only years away like a paradox. Another notice that makes Senkuu the more impressive protagonist, is his intellectual capability. His vivid knowledge of science brings spontaneous sense to this first chapter. Not only did he catch up quickly in terms of time, but he never lost track of time.

Senkuu then says that he needed manpower to build up a new civilization. The presence of Taiju allows Senkuu to make an advance towards this. As Taiju says in the end, to save Yuzuriha he will see through this. Also, I like this set in a more futuristic era. I believe this shows promise.

Senkuu’s calm and intellectual posture


This first chapter was good, outstanding, while the concept of it seems basic. It presents a more vivid demonstration of the meaning. It goes from a peaceful setting to a lost world type of atmosphere quite quick, which is brilliant overall. The art is superb, seriously, how can you not get hooked into this after seeing the art. I’m really glad I started this once again, it might prove itself to be worth.

If you wish to read Dr.Stone, go here.

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