Doreiku Anime – Check Out The New Visuals Announced, To Air From April 12, 2018


Date: 12/03/2018

The popular adult manga Doreiku had its first teaser preview revealed 2 months ago. However, after few months of waiting, we see more information about the anime. The series that will air on Netflix has revealed it’s first two characters in the teaser. The teaser trailer was pretty interesting. It talked about a device called SCM.  Also known as Slave Control Method.

It is decided that this work will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from April 12, 2018

The story will revolve around a survival game. However, it kind of reminds me of Mirai Nikki and everyone getting a diary. The 24 characters involved will all get it’s own SCM. And will have to fight each other in a survival game to survive. The winner becomes the master. While the loser will become the slave. The device seems to be the intermediate in the battles. Victory or obedience? A fierce survival game opens.

The opening theme was decided to be “colorful heart” by Sako Sakamoto and the ending theme was “BJ” by Pile. The book PV (#2) using the ending theme has also been released.

Doreiku Teaser Trailer #1

Doreiku Teaser Trailer #2

The art looks normal and the anime itself has an intriguing plot. Although, what intrigues me most is how they will use the SCM, and how it will be presented. I have not read the manga so I do not know what they will do. However, I hope it does not resemble Mirai Nikki too much.  I liked Mirai Nikki, but would still like it to stay intact. If it becomes too much like it. Then I won’t probably enjoy it. One other good survival anime I saw was Btoom. Speaking of, Btoom is getting a spin-off manga.

Doreiku New Visuals

Rushie Suginami voiced by Nozomi Nishida

Rushie Suginami voiced by Nozomi Nishida

Doreiku – Rushie Suginami


Masakuzo Meguro voiced by Yasuhiko Kawazu

Doreiku - Masakuzo Meguro

Masakuzo Meguro


Shinnosuke Tachikawa voiced by Showtaro Morikubo

Shinnosuke Tachikawa - Doreiku

Shinnosuke Tachikawa


Takio Minato voiced by Yusuke Shirai

Takio Minato - Doreiku

Takio Minato

Sachi Shibuya voiced by Hikari Yuka

Sachi Shibuya - Doreiku

Sachi Shibuya


Other characters were announced but there were no visuals released yet. Here is the list of new characters.

  • Tsubaki Setagaya
  • Shiwori Adachi
  • Taiju Nakano
  • Zenichi Bunkyō
  • Zushiōmaru Sumida
  • Maria Chiyoda
  • Gekkō Itabashi
  • Zero Shinagawa
  • Muon Nerima
  • Saeko Kamimura as Minami Kita


Anime Fun Fact -01:

One Piece was originally planned to last for only 5 years ( Reviews)


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