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10+ Best Disney Superhero Movies That Deserve All The Praise




Updated on: 04/08/2023

Disney always finds a way to release something for its global and diverse audience. You name it, and it comes your way. Regardless of the never-ending streams of content, the Disney Superhero Movies have carved a nice for themselves.

Awaiting the postponed releases of several Disney movies is a bit tedious job, especially during the pandemic. So, to quench the thirst for that missing Disney sentiment in our lives, we’ve decided to list down some of our favorites. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the riveting animations released under Disney’s brand name create an explosive bang when put together.

Through this curation, we won’t merely extol the most celebrated superheroes we already know of. We will also speak of those heroes whose legacies are equally important but may sometimes elude mainstream acceptance.

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Here’s a list of 10+ Disney Superhero Movies that we’re ready to watch again and again!

Best Disney Superhero Movies

Bolt- Disney Superhero Movies

11. Bolt (2008)

Let’s start this off with the most unusual pick of the lot.

Storyline: Bolt is the star of a hit TV series whose plot revolves around Bolt possessing superpowers and helping people along with Penny, the girl who adopted Bolt as a puppy. Like most superhero movies, the problem arises when the supposed superhero starts believing his misunderstood version of reality. The trajectory of an episode compels Bolt to believe in the staged abduction of Penny. As a result, Bolt decides to rescue her. The following series of events lead Bolt to New York, where he finally sees eye to eye with the actual situation while forging some new friendships.

Reasons to watch: Starring Miley Cyrus and John Travolta as Bolt, this Disney Superhero Movie is actually not about a traditional superhero at all!

It may not be about superheroes, but it goes on to prove that we’re all heroes of our own stories. Lacking super-abilities doesn’t render us helpless, and rather, it inspires us to believe in ourselves even more.

10. Captain Marvel (2019)

Storyline: Leading a life in outer space with the alias “Vers” while dealing with amnesiac breakdowns isn’t easy for the Starforce member. She gets caught in the tussle between Skrulls and her own squad, turns out there’s more to her life than being the combative warrior she is. On descending to Earth, she finds an unlikely partner in Nick Fury for unraveling the puzzle of her fragmented past as her enemies draw even closer.

Reasons to watch: Captain Marvel received a great number of mixed reviews. Nevertheless, its addition to the list was meant for the greater good.

Though following the most common tropes of character development and the origins of a hero, it’s the first MCU saga to have introduced a woman leading the action scene. All we’re trying to say is that she can take on the fiercest of villains on her own without breaking a sweat. The Disney Superhero movie might’ve progressed linearly, but it’s always a pleasure to watch Carol in action.

Mulan- Disney Superhero Movies

09. Mulan (1998)

Storyline: On learning that her frail father will be drafted for the army, Mulan disguises herself as a man to go in his place. Thereafter, she joins the other enlisted recruits to begin her training to counter the Hun invasion.

Reasons to watch: Technically, Mulan isn’t considered a superhero, but a princess. She may not even qualify as one according to the superhero rulebook; however, she reaches greater heights that can’t be ignored.

We must acknowledge that Mulan lives in a highly conservative and patriarchal Chinese society that only prescribes domesticity to women. Not only does she question the status quo around issues like Gender by chopping off the locks of her hair and joining the army, but she also pushes away the strict dictates thrust upon women by society. This prompts her to act as a superhero that young girls can look up to. Moreover, superheroes are all about protecting the people around them, including their families, and she evidently rises to that occasion.

08. Iron Man (2008)

Storyline: The “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” Tony Stark is ambushed during the presentation of his latest technology by terrorists who hold him captive in a cave. They demand him to build a killing machine for them even though he’s severely wounded. While a doctor helps install an electromagnet into his chest to protect him, he gathers the scrap to construct a means of escape instead of what is asked. After returning home, he further builds this idea to create a better version of the armored suit to combat crime.

Reasons to watch: This Disney Superhero movie started the MCU journey in 2008; you can’t afford to miss this one! The entire future of the MCU depended on the success of this single flick. Everything following step was only possible due to Ironman’s first flight.

Robert Downey Junior’s portrayal of this character rendered him the godfather of MCU. His well-timed delivery of witty comebacks bagged him the highly acclaimed role of his life that has now become inseparable from his own persona.

07. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Storyline: After half of the universe disappears into dust, the remaining Avengers reunite to take down Thanos for once and for all. Their ultimate battle begins at home as they try to reverse the effects of the infinity stones.

Reasons to watch: Endgame tied up the decade-old loose ends to conclude the run of our all-time favorite Avengers arc. You don’t want to miss out on this finale.

This Disney Superhero Movie brought the focus back to the original six Avengers, who laid down a strong foundation for the rest of the pack to follow. It’s all the more sentimental since this is the last time we get to see them being the strongest force in the universe.

06. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Storyline: In what feels like a deja vu, Thor and Hulk are pitted against each other in a bloodthirsty intergalactic contest. After realizing that they’re trapped elsewhere, they try to find a way back to Asgard that has been usurped by Hela, the Goddess of Death. Thor joins hands with his friends and some new allies to protect his home and his people.

Reasons to watch: This Disney Superhero movie became the hilarious take in the Thor trilogy, all thanks to the “Revengers.” Ragnarok granted us interactions between several characters, who may otherwise be deemed as unlikely duos. We’re all familiar with the sibling dynamic between Thor and Loki. With this, it only gets better. Moreover, the chemistry between Thor and Bruce creates a synergy that we’ve never seen before.

We’re also introduced to a Valkyrie- a chaotic, fierce, and confident mess, who becomes an instant favorite. Ragnarok also proves that Thor is rightfully the God of Thunder as he finally reaches his character’s pinnacle.

Black Panther- Disney Superhero Movies

05: Black Panther (2018)

Storyline: After returning home and grieving for his father’s death, Tchalla inherits the new Wakandan king’s position. However, the joy soon fades away as an enemy makes his move and becomes a threat to T’challa’s status. It all becomes a new learning experience for T’challa as he must gather support from unexpected allies and renew faith in his own family.

Reasons to watch: Several factors led to the success of these Disney Superhero movies. Most importantly, it became the mouth-piece for the Black movement and spoke loud for equality and representation. The star-studded cast leads the storyline to new heights. It even leaves subtle hints for the human psyche and has become a movement in itself.

In addition, to have been gloriously delivered and sent across to the audiences, it even wins hearts with its multi-faceted soundtrack that wowed everyone!

04. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Storyline: While adapting to the modern world, another mission of unraveling an assassin’s mystery comes Steve Rogers’ way. He works with the Black Widow and another addition to the team- Falcon to make ends meet. However, this mission isn’t an ordinary one. It’s going to test Steve emotionally as a face from the past re-emerges.

Reasons to watch: It’s fun to watch Rogers come to terms with all kinds of popular and contemporary references. This Disney Superhero movie serves as an absurdly manipulated time-capsule for him because it takes him back in time simultaneously. ( Furthermore, it’s a treat to watch Natasha and his friends grow. On the other hand, his equation with the Winter Soldier is a bumpy ride and an emotional one.

We could’ve listed this one a bit higher because it’s a combination of all things good. However, there’s also a darker edge to it, which might not be suitable for children below a certain age.

03. Big Hero Six (2014)

Storyline: Hiro’s brother urges him to use his knowledge of robots productively at school instead of splurging it away in underground games. However, the catastrophic death of his brother soon shakes up his world. Thereafter, he gets to know Baymax- a healthcare companion robot left behind by his brother, who then becomes Hiro’s best friend. As Hiro and his friends find themselves in the midst of some sinister plans, they decide to upgrade their technologies and form a team to counter this evil force.

Reasons to watch: It’s one of the few animated Disney Superhero movies that has been able to capture the hearts of audiences across the globe. Being much more than any action-driven cartoon, it professes the importance of friends and family. It warms your heart and gives you the utmost amount of joy.

Even though Hiro and Baymax are at the center of all action, each character you meet along the way helps complete the circle. You can’t help but love their contrasting individual personalities, which only makes their bond profound.

Avengers- Disney Superhero Movies

02. Avengers (2012)

Storyline: The God of Mischief, Loki, lays his hands upon the Tesseract, an unlimited energy source. His evil acts on weaponizing the same can endanger human life. As a countermeasure, Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. initiates the Avengers program, thereby recruiting names like Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, the Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Loki’s brother- Thor.

Reasons to watch: It’s absolutely necessary to watch this Disney Superhero movie because it’s responsible for putting several notable individual characters together as a team on the MCU map. It marks the beginning of the Avengers initiative and opens the door for many more to follow suit and carry this legacy ahead.

Since it’s the first time these six members meet each other in such a formal setup, it leaves room for misunderstandings and heated quarrels. Though, in the larger picture, this helps establish the ground for their equations to deepen in the years to come.

The Incredibles- Disney Superhero Movies

01. The Incredibles (2004)

Storyline: Since the government has banned the use of superpowers, Mr. Incredible starts looking back to the good old days. Mr. Incredible and Elasti-girl assume the aliases Bob and Helen Parr to lead normal lives. However, his inability to let go of his inner heroic stance leads him to a new adventure on an island. Ultimately, the rest of the super-family is reeled in, too, since Mr. Incredible gets stuck there.

Reasons to watch: This movie doesn’t merely showcase superheroes engaging with violent forces. It goes ahead to paint their everyday existence as they lead their double lives. The couple is constantly trying to manage their married life like any other usual pair. On the other hand, the children are either at each other’s heads or trying to deal with their teen-hood. It’s a great mix of all things real and “super.”

Moreover, sequels rarely turn out as engaging and explosive as the starters of a franchise. In addition to the 2004 release, its sequel that came out more than a decade later received the same amount of applause.

These are some of the Disney Superhero Movies that remain etched in our memory. Thank you for staying with us till the end! We would like to know which Superhero Movies have delighted you the most. Feel free to leave your suggestions.

With this, we conclude our list of 10+ Disney Superhero Movies. Do let us know if you think we missed anything.

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