Chart Topping Songs From Descendants of the Sun OST

10 Chart-topping Songs From The Descendants of the Sun OST




Updated on: 01/09/2022

Descendants of the Sun OST was one of the top chart-busting OST of all time. It broke many records and created few as well. Each track became globally acclaimed overnight, creating hype in public. In recent years Korean OSTs have seen growth in their demand in local and in the International market, and Descendants of the Sun OSTs are proving them right.

Makers of this popular drama series have done a commendable job in every aspect of this magnificent drama. By gathering the best possible cast, reaching out to the best shooting locations, and producing the most excellent OST, they have raised Korean drama standards on another level. Similarly, they played an important card by recruiting the perfect singers for each OST. Not to forget, the lyrics of each track are beautiful as well.

Best Songs from Descendants of the Sun OST

Why the Hype?

The drama was explosively popular. Each Soundtrack was unique in its own way. OSTs have made this drama more beautiful and meaningful. For every mood in the drama, they had a song that represented that emotion much better and in a more dramatic way possible.

Apart from being good songs, the singers’ fame also uplifted the popularity of the Descendants of the Sun OST. Queens of OSTs like Gummy, Yoon Mirae, Lyn, and Punch contributed their popularity and captivating voice. Male idols like K.will, XIA (Jinsu) put the soul in their respective tracks. To increase the hype, even more, bands, trio, and duo- M.C the Max, SG Wannabe, and Davichi, respectively, took the audience to edge. Also, with most anticipating collabs of Chen & Punch and Mad Clown & Kim Na Young, this OST became better than the best.

If the given reasons are not enough, then there are plenty of others too. This drama comes in the list of one of the best Korean dramas of the decade. Audiences are so into it even after three years of its release. Not to be Koreaboo, but for them, everything related to the drama is special in its own way. The drama makers re-recorded few soundtracks even during the airing time of the show to get perfection to the core. So all we can do is to love these beautiful songs and appreciate the art.

In light of the above mentions and considering chart-busting performances, below is the list of “10 Chart-topping songs from the Descendants of the Sun OST”.

How Can I Love You - by Xia (Junsu) - Descendants of the Sun OST

10. How Can I Love You- by XIA (Junsu)

This track of Descendants of the Sun OST literally played like a song in the drama. Kang Mo-Yeon played this song from her handset on the loudspeakers to get patients relaxed. She then left for doing other chores, and Yoo Shi-jin came into the same room where the handset was. After the song ended, a voice recording played, which was the love confession of Mo-Yeon for Shi-jin. She had recorded this confession during her accident in the earlier episodes.

As shown in the drama, this song was indeed relaxing and soothing. The fabulous combination of instruments and vocals gave us this eccentric ballad, which we can enjoy forever. The song also brought success for its singer XIA (Junsu). The JYP singer topped local music charts with this soundtrack at its release and earned praise and fame from the listeners. This track belongs to volume.2 of the OST.

Wind Beneath Your Wings - by M.C the Max

09. Wind Beneath Your Wings- by M.C the Max

This track from Descendants of the Sun OST portrays the lower periods of our leading couple, beauty and Big Boss- Kang Mo-Yeon and Yoo Si-jin. The song starts with the combination of piano and low notes when the blood-bathed Yoo Shi-jin comes to Kang Mo-Yeon’s hospital. Then getting high-pitched in-between, when the flashback of their separation and hardship flashes. Lastly, concluding again with the low piano note. Popular Korean rock band M.C the Max, who often participates in OSTs’ making had their strong clasps on this track. This OST was released in part 9, for which the audience had to wait a lot. Trust me. Luckily, the wait was worth it. This track belongs to volume.2 of the OST.

By My Side - by SG Wannabe

08. By My Side- by SG Wannabe

This song is a dedication for our Deabak second lead couple. We hear this melancholic backdrop when Yoon Myung-Ju gets infected with the virus, and Seo Dae-young hears this news. The best memories when Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myung-Ju started dating can also be seen as a flashback in this song. All of it was during the time of turning point in the drama.

Trio SG Wannabe did full justice with this bitter backdrop. Starting with soft piano keys and lower notes to getting high pitched in-between and finally concluding again on a lower note. This track belongs to volume.2 of the OST.

With you - by Lyn - Descendants of the Sun OST

07. With you- by Lyn

Located in an earthquake-torn zone, the song ‘With you’ portrays the natural emotions of dismay and helplessness. The song plays after the destruction took place in Urk. The doctor and the team were helping the needy without caring about their safety. Soldiers return from Korea to help and get back their doctors with them. We can also see in this song that how those professionals were committed to their duty. Above, the duty they were committed to humanity.

Another great singer from Korea, Lyn, has succeeded in placing the right emotion in the song, i.e., saddens, disheartens yet gives hope. The song was one of the songs from Descendants of the Sun OST that has been re-recorded. Even the Guitarist Ham Choon Ho had to do his parts again in the song. This track belongs to volume.2 of the OST.

Talk Love/Say it - by K.will - Descendants of the Sun OST

06. Talk Love/ Say it- by K.will

This is the brightest song from the Descendants of the Sun OST. Although we cannot understand the language well, this song will make you feel happy and active as soon as you play it. The singer’s impressive vocal is applauding, but the best part about this song is its whistle. Its playful whistle became one of the most memorable whistle tunes of Korean dramas. This song represents all the happy times when love was growing between the couples, and they were becoming more fond of each other.

We, as an audience, have playful and smiling memories of this song. The song suited well throughout the series, at every location, whether it was Uruk or Seoul. Popular South Korean ballad singer, actor, vocal coach, dancer, and composer K.will was the perfect match for this track and, along with the chorus, made us smile throughout the song. This track belongs to volume.2 of the OST.

Once Again - by Mad Clown and Kim Na Young - Descendants of the Sun OST

05. Once Again- by Mad Clown and Kim Na Young

Track ‘Once Again’ is a combination of powerful singing and complex rap. This pop ballad gives listeners a sturdy song that is soft yet dynamic. Also, the instruments used besides the Mad Clown’s dramatic rap took this song many steps ahead. This song is one of the songs from Descendants of the Sun OST, which was re-recorded. Mad Clown & Kim Na-young had also go through a re-recording process after careful consideration to create a dramatic atmosphere following the drama style.

Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myung-Ju were in love but unable to express their love openly due to circumstances. This song shows the helplessness and struggle of our second leading couple for their love. It is already three years from the telecast of this blockbuster drama though people still have this song saved in their playlist as a sweet memoir of one of the most-loved second leading pairs. This track belongs to volume.1 of the OST.

This Love - by Davichi

04. This Love- by Davichi

At the time of its release, this Descendants of the Sun OST got first ranking on the MelonGenieNaver MusicMnetBugsSoribadaOlleh Music, and Monkey 3 music charts. It remained among the best of charts for several weeks too. The track is a powerful ballad that marks its presence in some of the show’s most heart-wrenching scenes. The second leading couple Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myung-Ju, get the limelight under this track, and it portrays the wordless emotion between them. Yoon Myung-Ju and Seo Dae-young had almost rough phases throughout the series. War, family, professionalism, and even their personal differences had made a huge impact on their relationship, and the song portrays the same.

The pop duo Davichi already has several chart-busting songs under their name, and this one does nothing but highlights their musical abundance. Gaining them some honorable mentions and nominations in prestigious award shows. This track belongs to volume.1 of the OST.

Everytime - by Chen & Punch

03. Everytime- by Chen & Punch

Sung by Punch & EXO’s Chen, Everytime is an upbeat song from the album. It can be heard in the earliest episodes when the romance bloomed between Kang Mo-Yeon and Yoo Si-jin. The scenes in sync with the song were also full of mischievous banter and flirt. It was one of the top OST during its release and remained one for a long time. The fun music and its synchronization with the vocals sparks and uplift the song. It is a song that you can hear to lift your mood on a relaxing afternoon.

This pop melody was a hit, and the fact that EXO’s member was a part of it, made it even more popular. This Descendants of the Sun OST has also made its entry into many more future dramas. This track belongs to volume.1 of the OST.

Always - by Yoon Mirae - Descendants of the Sun OST

02. Always- by Yoon Mirae

It is the first song that gets released from the album. The song came out a week before the airing of the first episode. Mirae’s song also maintained its spot under the top 5 OSTs on all major Korean music charts. It is one of the low-paced love songs from the album and often heard in the lead couple’s separation scenes. It’s beautiful lyrics mixed with soulful instruments exhibit the emotion of Kang Mo-Yeon that she cannot help but to love him and wait for him. The line- Whenever wherever you are, Whenever wherever you are, made significance as a punch line in the audience’s mind. Singer Yoon Mirae has also won the Melon Music Award in the category of Best OST for the song. This track belongs to volume.1 of the OST.

You Are My Everything - By Gummy - Descendants of the Sun OST

01. You Are My Everything- by Gummy

This takes the top position among all the Descendants of the Sun OST. This beautiful track comprises two parts: slow-pacing piano notes and the next one raise with a dramatic backdrop. It is a careful blend of all the complicated emotions our lead couple goes through the series.

OST queen Gummy’s voice made this song all the more soothing. She sang this to perfection as she upgraded it by re-recording. It took her seven hours to re-record the song, and the final mastering of the track was done in the United States. However, the hard work and time dedicated to the song came like an advantage for her. The soundtrack gave her success, and she begged four major awards for this one. This track belongs to volume.1 of the OST.

Although big-name artists were behind it, the songs grew dominant on the back of the intrepid popularity of “Descendants of the Sun,” as well. Song Joong-ki as Captain Yoo Si-jin, Song Hye Kyo as Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon, Jin Goo as Master Sergeant Seo Dae-young, and Kim Ji-won as First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-Ju, were the perfect visuals for the songs. It has been three years; still, these songs are fresh in our minds and heart. It received their due love and support from the people locally and globally. Not to forget, we still also use it as either our ringtone or alarm tone.

So now, do not wait or hesitate. Just dig and search which song is going to be your favorite from the list. I don’t know any individual who regrets listening to these soundtracks, and I can assure you won’t regret it too. Also, watch the show if you haven’t yet.

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