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Updated on: 01/12/2023

Colours are closely linked with our emotions and psychology. Colours are capable of making our moods swing. Some colours can make our mood joyful whereas some can take you to a depressed world; some can make you comfortable while some can make you hungry. Interesting, isn’t it? How our mind reacts to different colours depends on factors like the psychology of the person, the biological conditions, and the cultural imprints.

Here in this article let’s know what are the colours that can depress our normal moods or can reduce our happiness. Let’s divulge into the article deeper to know about the depressing colours!

Colours that can make you upset

Generally, dark colours come into the list of sad ones as these are the ones that are capable of creating a depressing aura. But it is not like only the dark colours are capable of depressing colours, there are some neutral colours and even light colours that spread depressive aura. Here is the list of depressing colours!

1. Grey:

Grey secures the topmost position in creating a sad environment. Despite being the costliest colour and loved by many. It is believed that grey creates a depressing environment.

Grey is associated with dark grey clouds that make rainfall and saddens the day, thus, it is believed to be a sad colour.

Grey: the colour that creates a depressing aura
Credits: ThoughtCo

2. Black:

Black is the favourite colour of the majority of people. It is also considered to be a sad one. The colour black symbolises authority, power, and strength. It also implies submission.

At the same time, the colour also associates evil powers and black magic. In Western Society, black is related to mourning and death. Hence, the colour is also considered to create a depressing era.

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3. Blue:

Despite being the colour of wisdom, it is a sad colour. It gives the mind a feeling of calmness and serenity. But the colour blue also creates an aura of sadness and aloofness.

Have you noticed the phrase “Feel Blue”? It means to feel sad or depressed. This phrase clarifies the feeling that the colour creates on the mind.

Shades of blue - Wikipedia
Credits: Wikipedia

4. Green:

The colour of nature. Everywhere we look in the environment, we will able to capture green leaves of the trees surrounding our neighbourhood. The colour soothes our eyes especially of those who are nature-loving. Green often relaxes eyes. And for this reason, green is used in hospitals. Due to this, the patients feel relaxed by looking at the colour which soothes their mind

Being the colour of nature, Green is also a sad colour to some extent. Many people fear it wearing the cloth of this colour at a special event as they fear bad luck.

Shades of green can create a depressive aura
Credits: Wikipedia

5. Brown:

Brown is a neutral colour but can make the mind sad. The colour of chocolate which is abundant on nature. In your surrounding, you will see many brown coloured things like the branch of trees, flower pots, leathers, etc.

The colour brown is often regarded to bring up a sad environment. This makes the mind feel depressed.

Shades of brown
Credits: Wikipedia

6. Beige:

Despite being neutral, this is also a colour of sadness and dullness. This colour can attract wistfulness and even boredom. As it is a neutral one, it does not grab a lot of attention Hence, many times people consider that the colour does not affect the mind. However, if there is too much beige in the surrounding, it attracts negativity making the mind sad and dull.

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7. White:

White is also a sad colour despite being a symbol of peace. The Hindus associate white with mourning. According to them, it symbolises death. On the other hand, Christians associate white auspicious and use at weddings.

However, the plain colour which is used mostly as the ceiling of the houses is thought to bring negativity and dullness.

White is a depressing colour
Credits: Freepik

8. Purple:

The colour purple is the colour of spirituality, fulfilment, and calmness. However, dark purple has a negative impact on the mind. It makes the mind feel lonely and saddens it and even frustration. Too much purple colour can make the mind feel irritated, frustrated, and arrogance. In contrast, the presence of a little purple colour creates a negative aura and makes one feel powerless.

Shades of purple - Wikipedia
Credits: Wikipedia

However, whether the colour will create a dull and depressing aura depends on the method and place it is being used. For instance, when we see a grey coloured car, its beauty fascinates most of us and it lured us, but if we see grey in the walls and has sat in the room after a tiring day, we can’t resist being dull and upset.

Hence, even depressing colours can create a beautiful aura. It depends on the place they are used. Depressing colours also signify various good things.

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