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30 Demon Slayer Quotes that You’ll Love More than Nezuko




Updated on: 08/01/2023

Anime fans are surely no stranger to Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba, its Japanese name. Additionally, it has won several accolades from the entire anime world. Being ever more popularized by the brilliant anime production. Taking the anime world by storm, even the movie, Demon Slayer- Infinity Train, has usurped the throne of the top-grossing movie in Japan from the previous reigning champion- Spirited Away. Even the plot stands out from other shonen series with its somewhat historic era setting. It also introduces new flavors to the classic demon and monster fights genre with different styles and fluid and flawless animation. Ufotable has gone all out in turning the series into a masterpiece. From detailed environments and characters to more amazing and well-choreographed fight scenes. Demon Slayer also has quite a few amazingly motivating, inspiring, and touching quotes in anime.

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Demon Slayer Quotes

Below, we have handpicked some of the best quotes that Demon Slayer has to offer. You are sure to love them as they will linger around even after finishing the series. Even if you have already finished it, relive your experience through this list of the best quotes from Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Quote

30. Feel the Rage!

“Feel the rage, The powerful, pure rage of not being able to forgive will become your unswerving drive to take action.” ~ Giyu Tomioka

Tanjiro’s encounter with Giyu post his family’s massacre gave the series quite a spectacular start. This initial encounter is also a source of some highly inspiring quotes from Demon Slayer too. Giyu regrets not arriving earlier, which could have prevented this misfortune. And he tries to shoulder this responsibility by trying to guide and motivate Tanjiro. He tries to kill the newly turned demon Nezuko. But Tanjiro, despite being powerless, stands to protect her. Also, Nezuko’s own determination to resist her feral impulses and to protect Tanjiro moved Giyu. Giyu uses the opportunity to test Tanjiro’s own motivation and guts. All to guide him along.

Normally, it is a foolish idea to let emotions get the better of oneself in a fight. But Demon Slayer provides a different perspective towards the same with this quote. He says this to bring Tanjiro to his senses. Our favorite lad at his bottom low after losing everyone other than his sister turned into a demon—someone he wants to protect no matter what. And from Giyu himself, in this case. Giyu tries to mold Tanjiro’s anger and determination into his motivation and driving force.

Demon Slayer Quote

29. The Weak Get Crushed!

“The weak have no rights or choices. Their only fate is to be relentlessly crushed by the strong!” ~ Giyu Tomioka

This Demon Slayer quote seems to be more heart wrenching, but it stems from tough love. The slaughter-fest in the premiere episode itself, and Tanjiro’s desperation. As well as the confrontation with Giyu to save Nezuko, his only surviving family. All of that multiplied its impact. It just goes on to show how powerless Tanjiro was at the time. He desperately wanted to take on the demons and turn his sister back to normal. But he couldn’t even spar with Giyu, who turned out to be the Demon Slayer Corps’ water pillar. We go on to see how one-sided the encounter is. Until Tanjiro managed to impress him with his determination and his strategy. Giyu successfully made Tanjiro want to cast aside his weakness to avenge his family and ensure no-one else has to go through the same suffering as his.

Demon Slayer Quote

28. Don’t Cry or Despair!

“Don’t cry. Don’t despair. Now’s not the time for that.” ~ Giyu Tomioka

This is one of the more hard-hitting quotes from the Demon Slayer series. This internal monologue within Giyu is in contrast to his cold-hearted, tough-love approach to Tanjiro. Tanjiro’s determination to protect Nezuko and her fighting off her own feral impulses to protect Tanjiro. This bond between the siblings that transcended the human-demon barrier moved Giyu. Giyu saw his own desperation and guilt within Tanjiro’s weakness and despair. His guilt of not being able to protect Tanjiro’s family. Empathy exudes from the monologue as it catches us while vulnerable. This Demon Slayer monologue quote perfectly captures what the audience might have been thinking at the time. Making us root for Tanjiro with greater fervor!

Demon Slayer Quote

27. Come Back Alive!

“Make sure you come back alive from Final Selection. Both your sister and I will be waiting for you here.” ~ Sakonji Urokodaki

Urokodaki and his lessons formed the stepping stone for Tanjiro to grow up. Through him, Tanjiro learned the basics of the water breathing techniques. Although he was an old, retired pillar of the Corps, he was still skillful and stern. After all, being an instructor to the rookies takes quite some skill too. Despite being strict and stern towards Tanjiro, he loved and cared for Tanjiro and Nezuko. He had lost his previous disciples to the hand demon during the Final Selection. As he considered all of them as family, he prayed wholeheartedly for Tanjiro to return successfully and safely and sound. The hand demon was Tanjiro’s first demon encounter, and a tough one too. So agreeing with this Demon Slayer quote, even the audience hoped for Tanjiro’s safe return along with Urokodaki and Nezuko.

Demon Slayer Quote

26. No Way Other than Going Forward!

“Go further! If you’re a man! If you call yourself a man! There’s no other way to go but forward!” ~ Sabito

After a year of training with Urokodaki, Tanjiro should’ve grown stronger. But we see otherwise, when he sparred with Sabito, or rather his undeparted spirit. Tanjiro had merely learned the techniques, committed to his memory. But was still yet to truly master them, to truly incorporate the learnings into himself and his muscles. He had to spar with Sabito all day, every day. He was also tasked with the impossible to qualify to attend the Final Selection. That was to slash a giant boulder in half. Sabito was also far stronger than Tanjiro, but Tanjiro had no choice but to go forward. He didn’t have the luxury to go back on his words. With that, this quote rings true throughout Demon Slayer, in all of Tanjiro’s trials and tribulations. He was, after all, a man with a mission. And that too, one that was likely impossible.

Demon Slayer Quote

25. Demons Defeat Humans

“It’s only natural for Demons to defeat Humans.” ~ Kibitsuji Muzan

Kibitsuji Muzan, the big bad of the series, made quite an early introduction. We see his debut in the initial half of the series itself. That is when Tanjiro confronts him after getting a whiff of him. Many did find the quick reveal to be unimpressive. However, Muzan amazed us with his sheer power and capabilities, a testament to his strength and ferocity. After all, he is but the progenitor of all the demons, the vile race’s supreme leader. Having existed for over a millennium, he grew that much more obsessed and delusional with power. He compared himself to natural disasters, with his narcissism, pettiness, and lust to be the perfect being boosting his ego. And as such, this quote in Demon Slayer by Muzan himself does complete justice to the villain that he was.

Demon Slayer Quote

24. A Transformed Demon’s a Person

“You still use the term “person” to refer to even a transformed demon. And you’re trying to save him. Allow me, then, to lend you a hand.” ~ Tamayo

Tamayo was one of the few demons in the series that actually stayed in touch with their humanity. One can say that she was one of the ‘good guys,’ something unlikely for her kind. Despite being a demon, she was gentle and kind to even humans. We see this first hand when she saved Tanjiro and Muzan’s unfortunate from the city’s ruckus. She had dedicated herself to serving people and deserving demons with her medical knowledge. Despite being a pacifist, however, she did harbor extreme contempt for Muzan and his villainy. Tanjiro’s dedication moved her in even helping a demon and treating them as people. She said this quote upon seeing such emotions from a demon slayer towards one, who’s supposed to be a mortal enemy. Finally, she decided to lend a helping hand in trying to turn Nezuko back into a human.

Demon Slayer Quote

23. Guzzle Your Brain

“I’m gonna guzzle your brain through your ears!” ~ Tongue Demon

Not much stands out with this Demon Slayer quote at first glance. Its value, however, lies not in the quote or the unremarkable character itself. Instead, it is in the hilarity of the situation. The tongue demon was the first demon we see Zenitsu encounter. Zenitsu was a meek, feeble, and fearful demon slayer initially. The tongue demon was a low tier demon, too, with no abilities other than a powerful tongue. Yet we see Zenitsu get the jitters in the chase scene when he’s running away with a child that he’s supposed to protect. He even passed out of fear and fright when cornered, ending up asleep in the dire situation. Additionally, the demon’s exaggerated and over-the-top threats with his crawling style add to the hilarity. But ultimately, Zenitsu pulls through, as he subconsciously manages to slay the demon in a rather cool strike.

Demon Slayer Quote

22. I’ve Been Protecting It!

“I’ve… been protecting it… because you… said that… this thing is more important to you… than your own life.” ~ Zenitsu Agatsuma

This quote from the thunder breathing demon slayer gave a new light to the character. Until this point, we saw Zenitsu as a comic relief person with his womanizing attitude and fearful nature. But this changed soon. Tanjiro had previously told him that the box on his back was more precious to him than his own life. Unbeknownst to Zenitsu, it contained Nezuko. Despite being beaten to a pulp by Inosuke, Zenitsu kept hugging the box not to let it get harmed. Call it repaying past kindness or friendship, and we get to see his loyal and unyielding nature. It gives us a sneak peek into his innocent and gentle heart and mind. And thus, changing our minds about the otherwise immature demon slayer!

Demon Slayer Quote

21. I’ve Been Recognized!

“My writings. They are not trash. At least to that brat, they are not something to be stepped on. My Blood Demon Art and drumming are recognized.” ~ Kyogai

Kyodai was a talented drummer and writer. But his writing was considered boring. Others would criticize his writings and mock his talent. Falling into despair, he sought greater power. He managed to become a lower 6 member of Muzan’s 12 Demon Moons. Even then, he reached his power limit quite early, leading to him being thrown out of the group soon after. Through his flashback, we can see that Kyogai wanted some acknowledgment. Some appreciation for his talents as a person and his powers as a demon. Something that he sorely lacked in his lifetime. In his final moments, we see his wish fulfilled when Tanjiro acknowledged his talent and battle prowess. We fully sympathize with Kyogai in a bittersweet moment, especially when he says that quote after being felled by the demon slayer.

Demon Slayer Quote

20. Never Trample Over Regrets!

“For the victims to rest in peace, so that nobody will be harmed again, I will still swing my blade at the demons’ neck without leniency. But the pain they feel as a demon, the regret they feel for their actions, I won’t tread on them. Because demons were once humans. Just like myself, they were once humans.” ~ Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro was criticized since the beginning for holding a soft spot for demons. After all, demons were seen as bloodthirsty, cold-hearted, rampaging maniacs. But Tanjiro’s empathy, his understanding due to Nezuko getting turned, all of that gave him strength. After Rui’s death, Tanjiro exclaims to Tomioka that demons were once humans too. Due to some misfortune, suffering, or bad decisions, their life changed for the worse. But his empathy didn’t restrain him from his duty. His duty also didn’t mean that he enjoyed slaying demons. It’s akin to relieving them from their suffering and also from inflicting suffering. What strikes us is Tanjiro’s understanding level without compromising his strengths, even after being almost killed. Something even the most mature adults lack often.

Demon Slayer Quote

19. Watch the Overall Flow

“It’s not about going first for this guy. It’s the battle! It’s the overall flow that he’s watching!” ~ Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke has been a brash, impulsive character for the most part. For a while since his introduction, he would always act on instincts. He lacked any sense of camaraderie, and everything was a competition to him. Even in a pinch during a tough battle, he wanted to take on a powerful demon all on his own. While the only way forward was for him and Tanjiro to coordinate and fight together. At this moment, the young, beast breathing demon slayer said this quote. It was now that he understood what team spirit actually meant despite his earlier unrelenting focus on always going first. Witnessing Tanjiro’s calm demeanor and overall foresight was a moment of realization and growth for him.

Demon Slayer Quote

18. Cry But Don’t Give Up!

“It’s all right to cry. It’s all right to run away. Just don’t ever give up.” ~ Jigoro Kuwajima

Jigoro was a previous thunder pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, which speaks volumes about his skills. He successfully guided a cowardly Zenitsu on the righteous path. Teaching him values of true hard work and determination. Even when Zenitsu tried to escape from the gruesome training regimen sneakily, Jigoro would always drag him back. Despite the harsh training, he always loved Zenitsu more than the latter realized. The ex-pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps encouraged Zenitsu with this quote. And it is quite profoundly true in our lives too. It is fine to take some time off, cry, and tend to ourselves at our lowest, weakest moments. But that doesn’t mean that we should run away from our problems instead of facing them. One’s own honest hard work will always pay off, never abandoning oneself, even in tough times.

Demon Slayer Quote

17. Don’t Take the Easy Way Out!

“Don’t ever give up. Even if it’s painful, even if it’s agonizing, don’t try to take the easy way out.” ~ Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu was an innocent hearted but cowardly, meek character for the most part. Afraid of danger, he often lost consciousness at first sight of a demon, like with the tongue demon. But when push came to shove, he also had what it took to be a strong demon slayer. His fight with the spider demon son is a testament to this. He overcame his fright and went the distance to defeat this formidable foe. He was stung multiple times, poisoned, and on the verge of death. Something that he was very much afraid of. Even then, he encouraged himself with this monologue, remembering quotes from his mentor, the ex Demon Slayer pillar. He decided to control his breathing, despite it being hard for him, to slow the poison’s spread and so that he could live to fight another day.

Demon Slayer Quote

16. If I Die, I’ll be Released

“He’ll kill me! He’ll cut my head off! But.. if I die, I’ll be released. And then I’ll know peace.” ~ Spider Demon Mother

The Spider Demon Mother was the first demon we see in the Natagumo Mountain arc. Being an expert puppeteer, she gave the demon slayers a run for their money. Seemingly heartless and cruel like any other demon, we didn’t really care much for her either. But that was until we learned her background. Forced to take on the role of a mother despite being the youngest of the fake spider family. She was tortured and abused regularly by the other members. She fled the hunters to survive but entered a life of more suffering. And that bitterness and fear of failure translated into her cruelty towards humans. But when her slayer’s kindness touched the demon, she said this quote. It showed that even these demons faced a life of hardships, much like normal humans.

Demon Slayer Quote

15. Nezuko, Save Your Brother!

“Wake up Nezuko. Save your brother. I know you can do it now, Nezuko. Go for it. Please, Nezuko. Otherwise, your brother will die.” ~ Kie Kamado

This was touching yet a really cool moment in the series. It was finally Nezuko’s time to shine against the 5th Lower Moon of the 12 Demon Moons. Tanjiro and Nezuko’s mother, Kie, had played an integral part in the series time and again. Especially in keeping Nezuko from giving into bloodlust. Kie’s influence in Nezuko’s sub-conscience conditioned her to love humans as a demon and protect her brother. Tanjiro led a life of struggle and hard work, first to provide for the family. And later to fight demons and turn her sister back into a human. But he can’t do everything alone, on his own. Kie’s encouragement invigorated Nezuko, leading her to awaken her own Blood Demon Art. A badass talent from a cute character! All thanks to her deceased mother, still guiding her in her sub-conscience.

Demon Slayer Quote

14. I Wanted to Apologize, Forgive Me!

“Every single day… I missed my parents so much I could barely stand it. Even after creating a fake family, that feeling of emptiness just wouldn’t go away… Now I remember as clear as day. What I wanted was to apologize. I’m sorry. I was to blame for it all. I hope you can forgive me.” ~ Rui

Rui was the first serving member of Muzan’s 12 Demon Moons to appear in the series. And boy, did he leave an impression! Still, his final thoughts before dying were rather emotional, in stark contrast to his overall personality and presentation. It even divided the fan base, i.e., whether to feel sad for him or good riddance!

He yearned for a family but had a twisted vision. He would torment any member of his fake family who didn’t perform their ‘familial roles.’ He ruled with his power and commanded their fear. But below all these layers was a deep void in his heart, stemming from his human days. Rui was touched by a story about a father’s sacrifice to save his child as a child. When he was turned into a demon, he was shocked by his parents’ attempt to murder him. But he did not realize that his dad had planned to take the blame for Rui’s murders as a demon. They had planned to kill themselves after killing Rui. His mother even apologized for birthing him in a weak body. Before his death, he regained his senses and memories. We see what he really wanted and truly regretted his unforgivable crimes.

Demon Slayer Quote

13. Can’t Cut a Demon’s Head, but Still Amazing!

“I may be the only swords-lady among the pillars who can’t cut a demon’s head off. But anyone who creates poison that can kill demons can be quite amazing.” ~ Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu was an accomplished pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps but suffered from an inferiority complex as she wasn’t nearly as strong or ruggedly built as the other pillars. She was also the only pillar that couldn’t slice off a demon’s head. However, the demon slayer said this quote and didn’t let it affect her. She could have cried and moped around for not being physically strong. But that would not have gotten her anywhere, much less become a respected pillar. So she did what she could do best instead, becoming an expert in creating poisons and antidotes. She was so successful in this field that her debut gave a rocking impression during the Natagumo Mountain arc. Killing off the spider demon and instantly creating an antidote for the lethal poison was a cakewalk for her. Something that saved the life of Zenitsu and other rookie demon slayers.

Demon Slayer Quote

12. Love to See Others in Despair and Agony

“This is like a dream for me. To die by your hand in person. And I so enjoyed hearing the other demons’ grasps! Because I love to see others in despair and agony!” ~ Enmu

Enmu was a sadistic demon through and through. He reveled in the pain and suffering of humans and demons alike. We see this first hand when he said this quote during the Rehabilitation Training arc of Demon Slayer. After Muzan killed off all the other Lower Moons of his 12 Demon Moons, he was amused by Enmu’s reaction. Enmu exclaimed his love for suffering and to inflict the same too. His sick, twisted and perverted mind largely complements his powers and strategies. That is to break a person’s core with wicked nightmares and torment them where it hurts.

Demon Slayer Quote

11. I’m the Closest to Perfection!

“I am a perfect creature that is infinitely close to perfection.” ~ Kibitsuji Muzan

As we uncovered earlier, Muzan was a narcissistic and egoistic demon. Being the progenitor of demons and surviving for over a millennium with his powers went made him infinitely more arrogant. He considered himself to be the most perfect being yet, making self-comparisons to natural disasters. However, he had one unfulfilled wish that even a demon of his caliber couldn’t do. That is to walk under the Sun without consequence. Eventually, he was desperate in search of a way to do the same. And so, the fallacy in this demon’s quote comes to light.

Demon Slayer Quote

10. Those who Don’t Give, Don’t Get Back Anything

“Those who don’t give to others will never receive anything back from them. Just like those who only desire will end up with nothing.” ~ Yushiro

Yushiro was a brash demon but had a caring heart. He was a rarity among the demons, just like Nezuko and Tamayo. He said this quote later in the unanimated portion of the Demon Slayer manga. In the final moments of one of the upper ranked demons of the 12 Demon Moons. Despite the context, the quote also holds true in our general life. One can hope to get stronger by helping others and getting their help in return. Those who only take and take, giving nothing in return, ultimately lose out in the long run. True strength lies in kindness and generosity. Maybe the stronger demons should take some lessons in morals from Yushiro?

Demon Slayer Quote

9. Stand Tall, Keep Moving Forward in Life, Don’t Stop!

“Stand tall and be proud. No matter how weak or unworthy you feel keep your heart burning, grit your teeth and move forward. If you just curl up in a ball and hide, time will pass you by. It won’t stop for you while you wallow in your grief.” ~ Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro, the Demon Slayer Corps’ flame pillar, was a pure-hearted, popular character in the series. Despite his eccentric and goofy personality, he was quite matured in his thoughts. The quote from the flame pillar of the demon slayers proves just that. We can take lessons from this too. One may face a lot of hardships, but giving in to despair won’t change anything. Life will go on, whether one wants or not. It won’t stop waiting for one to recover. It is up to one to decide. If they want to take the reins to control their destiny or be dragged along wherever life takes them.

Demon Slayer Quote

8. Proud of My Ugliness

“I became proud of my ugliness.” ~ Gyutaro

Gyutaro had one of the more tragic backstories in the series. Brought up in abject poverty, he was also mocked and ridiculed for having looked too ugly. All the harsh and terrible treatments meted out to him twisted his mindset to a misanthropic one. Over time, he turned the source of his ridicule into his strength. Having a horrifying look with his brutish strength, he worked as a debt collector in his human years. And then became one of the Upper Demon Moons after getting turned. While not an ideal example, one can appreciate him accepting his own negatives. Wearing his ugliness like a suit of armor so that no-one else can harm him.

Demon Slayer Quote

7. My Acts of Carnage.. A Sad, Laughable Story…

“For over a hundred years I committed pointless acts of carnage. It’s a horribly sad… laughable… and ridiculous story.” ~ Akaza

Speaking of tragic backstories, few are as heart-wrenching as that of this Upper Demon. But we won’t go much into the past to avoid spoilers. As a demon, he craved power with commendable determination. He was stubborn, enjoyed fighting, and respected strong foes. After remembering his human life, we learn that he was resilient and big-hearted. But he started hating himself. He led a life of regrets, of not being able to protect anyone and committing unforgivable crimes in mass—Ready a napkin, as this is definitely a tear-jerking story.

Demon Slayer Quote

6. Hone it to Beyond Perfection!

“Since you could only learn one move, then you must hone it to perfection. Practice it to an extent that’s beyond perfection.” ~ Jigoro Kuwajima

The former thunder pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps said this quote to Zenitsu while training him. Zenitsu was a meek and cowardly character in his early days. Always wanting to escape the strict training regimen. But he was powerful too. He was able to learn and master only the first form of all the forms of thunder breathing. Instead of chastising him, his mentor commended him, saying that learning even one was a cause for celebration. He didn’t need to learn all the styles if he couldn’t master any of them. Instead of chastising his mentee, he urged the latter to perfect the first style itself. To perfect it to the extent that no-one is better than him at that. We ourselves can learn something from this. Instead of breaking our heads over what we can’t do, rather focus on what we can and perfect that.

Demon Slayer Quote

5. I Created this Form!

“This is my form. I created it, so it’s all mine.” ~ Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu really made his mentor proud. He perfected his first form of thunder breathing to such a level that he created an entirely new breathing form. This goes on to show how much Zenitsu had grown and matured throughout the series. It was the culmination of all the efforts from his mentor, Jigoro, and all his hard work. Years of practice and sheer will and determination condensed into achieving this feat. We couldn’t be any prouder of the goofy guy all grown up now.

Demon Slayer Quote

4. Mortality Gives Value and Nobility

“Growing old and dying is what gives meaning and beauty to the fleeting span of a human life. It’s precisely because we age and die that our lives have value and nobility.” ~ Kyojuro Rengoku

This is one of the more profound quotes by the flame pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. The series has plenty of characters that have lived for decades and centuries, i.e., the demons. Each more amazing and powerful than the other. Yet, it is the humans that we relate to, adore and support through the series. That is because old age and the drive to live a meaningful life is what makes humans unique. This quote is something straight out of a philosophy lesson. Nobility and our lives’ worth depend on how we have lived it and what we have done for others.

Demon Slayer Quote

3. We’re Brothers! We Walk the Right Path!

“We’re comrades… And like brothers… So if someone starts to stray from the path, we all stop him. No matter how hard or painful it is… We walk the right path.” ~ Inosuke Hashibira

One of the best things in the series is how far the characters have come since the beginning. They have grown over their weaknesses, become strong, and, most importantly, bonded with each other like family. This quote from Inosuke comes towards the latter chapters of Demon Slayer. It feels amazing to see such a sense of companionship and fraternal love from someone as brash and impulsive as him. It’s refreshingly emotional even for someone like him. And as he says, it is their moral duty to ensure that their comrades don’t stray from the right path. And stay together.

Demon Slayer Quote

2. Go On Living, No Matter What!

“No matter how many people, you may lose, you have no choice but to go on living. No matter how devastating, the blows maybe.” ~ Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro says this quote early on in Demon Slayer to the widower of one of Swamp Demon’s victims. There are plenty of deaths and losses in the series. Even then, it holds its relevance throughout, for almost all the characters. The Demon Slayer Corps had to move mountains to slay demons literally. Driven by their sole objective of eliminating Muzan and other hostile demons, they suffered many losses over the years. Yet, they had to push past the suffering and strive on. Their fights never got any easier. But they couldn’t let all those hard blows bring them to their knees. And even in real life, we can lose even our closest person at any time in our life. But we need to fight on and live our life, without letting it cripple us.

1. The World is Now Without Evil Demons…

1. “The world is now without evil demons. We lost so many things. But in exchange, even so, we have to stay alive. As long as tomorrow comes for us.” ~ All the Final Survivors

As the series title suggests, it is about slaying and eliminating demons. Fights became more bloody, gruesome, and difficult, with losses on both sides as the series went on. And in the end, there is hope. After the Demon Slayer Corps fulfill their sole objective, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Victorious champions, as they are, they have also suffered countless losses by then—all to do their duty. Even then, after all those losses and victories, they can’t give up yet. Life is a battle with some shades. As long as they are alive, they can’t give up or give in. This is definitely the most inspirational quote in the entirety of Demon Slayer!

Phew! That was a long list. But without each of these quotes, we could not have done true justice to Demon Slayer. Especially considering that it is a masterpiece. It is full of struggle, fight for survival, despair, and even hope. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading this, sharpening the ‘Nichirin Blades’ of your mind. What other series would you like to read next? Let us know!

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