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Resident Evil 2 Remake Retrospective – Then and Now

Rebirth of a Classic Last week, Capcom confirmed the Resident Evil 2 remake at E3. Despite being revealed over two years ago, last week Capcom showcased footage of the game for the first time. Featuri...[Read More]

Captain Tsubasa episode 10 review – The Arrival of Kojiro

I finally got some time to watch Captain Tsubasa episode 10 and I gotta say the episode was pretty good, and we also got to see a new interesting character. Following up with episode 9, episode 10 of ...[Read More]

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9 – The Pioneer of Wastelands

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9 was a great episode to fill in our missing information regarding what has been going on in the series. Previously we have seen Nakiri Azami come into Totsuki Acad...[Read More]

Megalo Box

Megalo Box Episode 10 review – The Die Is Cast

“The Die Is Cast” is a very fitting title for the latest episode of Megalo Box, truly an unexpected turn off events has occurred in Megalo Box Episode 10. Everything started in Megalo Box ...[Read More]

7.6 Good

Megalo Box Episode 9 Review – The Dead Flower Does Not Blossom

It was quite the wait to get on and see Megalo Box Episode 9, however, it was finally released and I gotta say it thrilled me a lot. Megalo Box episode 8 and 7 built up greatly towards Megalo Box Epis...[Read More]

Captain Tsubasa episode 9, who will win? Shuutetsu vs Nankatsu!

Captain Tsubasa episode 9 was finally released, it has been an exciting wait. After watching Captain Tsubasa episode 8 I was really excited to see this anime progress further on. In the last episode, ...[Read More]

Top 10 best anime similar to High School DxD in 2018

High School DxD Hero Episode 7 Review

High School DxD Hero episode 7 was finally released, I was not really sure if I will pick this anime up again. Episode 6 really disappointed me. Although, you could call me a fool for hoping to see a ...[Read More]

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 8 finally came out!

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 8 was finally released and I gotta say it was quite enjoyable to watch. In episode 7 we finally finished up with the Yukihira and Hayama battle. After it, we were i...[Read More]

High School DxD Hero Episode 6

High School DxD Hero Episode 6, The School Trips in Pandemonium

High School DxD Hero episode 6 was a bit surprising, though also predictable. I was quite disappointed with this show and might actually stop watching it, I’m going to give this season a shot un...[Read More]

Captain Tsubasa Episode 8 was amazing, Tsubasa versus Wakatoshi

Captain Tsubasa Episode 8 was aired on Tuesday, 22 May 2018. The first match of Captain Tsubasa was really impressing, at the start, I was hoping that they will improve the animation of the match and ...[Read More]

High School DxD Hero Episode 0 Review, spoiler alert

So I have just seen High School DxD Hero Episode 0 and I gotta say for me it was nothing special. When I have seen it after so many years. I began to wonder, why have I even watched the series in the ...[Read More]

Shokugeki no Souma Season 4 Episode 1 Review

Ever since season 1 I have been very hooked on this show. And not because of the fanservice, but because of Souma. He is a very cool character, and I liked to watch him grow better at cooking througho...[Read More]

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online: Episode 1 ‘Squad Jam’ Review

Not seen SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 1 yet? Maybe this review can convince you to give it a try. I am positive that you would come to enjoy it. SAO suffers from a lot of criticism and as a...[Read More]

Kingdom Chapter 553

Kingdom Chapter 553 ‘Luudin’ Review

In the last chapter, we find Yo Tan Wa working on a new strategy in the face of their decreasing food resources. She suggests a plan which is to definitively take out all the three wing commanders of ...[Read More]

Captain Tsubasa Episode 1 – A 2018 Remake Of A Classic

Yesterday I have watched two new anime, it was Megalo Box and Captain Tsubasa. Captain Tsubasa episode 1 was very good, and I can’t really say how it will go because I have not seen the original...[Read More]

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