Debate : Do Actions Speak Louder Than A Pen’s Ability?

Yahallo fellow readers. Often, we have come across these two proverbs. ‘A pen is mightier than a sword’ and ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Extremely contradicting statements, however, people use them excessively in literature. In relation to this, I’d like to ask, which one is more valid in day to day life? Let us look at both the views in this topic in my brief explanation. I want you to keep aside the actual core interpretation and look at this perspective 🙂

A Pen Is Mightier Than A Sword

Pen is mightier than a sword
The Pen Is Mightier

English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the phrase pen is mightier than a sword in 1839. It indicates that communication in written language, or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence. Whilst violence can be the aggravator to most of the impactful occurences in the world, they got under way through some form of convincing via thoughts. Words have the power of change and manipulation. They can easily convince a person that even a bad action is right, given the circumstances. In fact, sometimes, wordplay is an essential way to defuse situations, rather than go forth with a violent resolution. In the end, it will always, ultimately lead to a huge irreparable loss.

The truth is, writings and thoughts influence people more than the sword. Humans are vulnerable, easily even at the point of fear. Someone’s words can have an impression on their lives for a long time. If we were to compare the brutality of words and a sword on an emotional basis, the influence of words would be more brutal. They can effortlessly shape their will, however, they can just as easily destroy a person. Indeed, a sword can cause physical damage; but the emotional damage of words has long term repercussions.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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We see the current incarnation of the phrase in A.M Davis’s Melancholy State of Province in 1736, “Actions speak louder than words, and are more regarded.

Despite words having an irreparable impact on people, they hold no value unless supported with proper actions. It is very easy to say whatever we want, but when it comes to carrying out the actions, many people fail to hold true to their words. Often, I have seen people say innumerable atrocities, but when it comes to proving their point, they back down almost immediately. Consider this, would women have achieved rights whilst people hadn’t taken action? Politicians often promise to fulfill most of our demands, but as per their convenience, they forget it easily.

Kind words may have an effect on others, but in addition to that, kind actions are more valuable. Your actions correlate more to your beliefs and your conviction than what words could convey. Isn’t it true, we can never undo our actions, yet, we can break promises easily. We live in a world, where it is not uncommon to spin a web of lies for our own benefit. Then how can we be sure, that what an individual says is really what he believes in? Is it the truth? Only actions can define that. They are evidently far convincing than mere words. Words can never ensure the same credence as actions.

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  • Which phrase do you believe in more? Are words really as impactful or are actions more convincing?
  • Do you tend to trust people more by their actions or by their words?


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9 Replies to “Debate : Do Actions Speak Louder Than A Pen’s Ability?”

  1. To break it simple, the pen influences the reader while actions influence the viewers

    In the end, it depends on what and who is the target audience

  2. yes, the pen is mightier than the sword and also yes, actions speaks louder than words. it’s contradicting but also similar, but I believe more in the saying “actions speaks louder than words” because you can conceal something in your writing. I trust people through their actions and not by words, simply, you can see if they are really meant it.

  3. The two expressions don’t contradict themselves. A pen can be an alternative to a sword, as in words can solve things better than violence. And actions speak louder than words means, in my opinion, doing something is better than just speaking about doing something and not following through.

  4. You can kill body but not the ideas but sometimes actions can be better than words.
    I trust people after many things not just that.

  5. ⦁Which phrase do you believe in more? Are words really as impactful or are actions more convincing?

    My prespective from these two point of views differ quite a bit.
    While I believe words can be very impactful and actions can indeed be more convincing as you state in the questions,I believe that we do not need to depend on one of them only.

    Why the need to depend on words only and leave actions aside?
    The same goes for actions.
    As to use a little example,in the place where I live,if you are smart enough to prove your point by words and make the people around you trust your own point through them,then a protocol can be assembled.
    That does not mean people will not use violence,or,actions as you might call it as a way to prove their own “point”.

    Wise rulers and monks from centuries ago,realized this gigantic flaw and started to aim towards the balance between these two concepts that can differ any type of situation.
    To answer your question,I believe words can have more impact and be accurate then pure actions.
    Why is that,you may wonder?
    Nowadays,we dont see people use the best out of their words,do we?
    In fact,violence or actions as we may speak is used as a last resource always.

    People lack their own judgement and fear that their point cannot b proven then,so resourcing to actions is the right and wise choice.
    But if we use words correctly then we can aim and hope to achieve this utopia settled by rules that we can co-exist someday within it.

    As I said,these two concepts differ within each kind of situation,which is why I believe we need to find the balance between these two methods of problem solving.

    We clearly see that a nerd cannot hope to win against a person that has a strong physical capability simply because he is smart,no,what is the other person is smart and has the physical structure?

    Words have influence,actions do have influence,although in the presence of a person that knows the limits of both,I believe that the person who controls the words can excell at words and can hope to make both co-exist.
    Not to make them differ,but to make them an equal term.

    ⦁Do you tend to trust people more by their actions or by their words?

    Words actually,I have no use for people who will make usage of mindless actions simply because their point cannot be proven by words,no I believe those people lack severe on the intelligence department.

    So why should I trust people who have actions only?
    I would trust people who have both of them,both actions AND words.
    But this question is a choice between the two,I know,so words it is.
    If I can master the usage of words then I can proceed into the ways of action.
    Let us be real here,nowadays words SPEAK louder than words.
    If this was centuries ago,then what I just said would be 99% wrong all right.
    But we go to school,highschool,college and onwards,because of what,isnt it because we use words to communicate?
    With that said,I see no usage for actions when words can simply take priority.

    Words hold knowledge that can make actions justified by their usage that they hold.

  6. one perspective I’d like to point out:
    while actions speak louder than words is more than apparent in the several situations we encounter every now and then,these words may or may not be penned and this saying is more to do with objective judgement of a man’s disposition .
    coming to the other saying,words can and are more excruciating in nature than any sort of physical pain as metaphorically indicated by the sword,but then again we must not mix up the “sword” with any general action,for the phrase was coined at a time when honor was guided simply by acts of valor and foolish chivalrous acts of bravery with the sword.It speaks of the importance of diplomacy of “words” and how they can be more influential than the physical acts involving violence,or swords:since it was believed that anything can be overcome with violence or physical intimidation.Not that the phrase doesnt hold good today,its just that the context of time is important here.
    To sum up,”actions speak louder than words” is used to convey the deceitful nature of words and the continuously repetitive nature of contradiction in a man’s speech and his motive behind it,and concludes by saying that it is the action that holds true in that case
    “the pen is mightier than the sword” depicts the power words and communication hold over any physical acts done in the same conviction
    While one talks of the danger of judgement by words and the other of the general positive nature of words,what will ultimately influence the people and their perspectives will depend on the circumstances of the situation in the end

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