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Death Parade Anime Review: A Lovely Perspective On Life And Death




Updated on: 22/07/2021

I have read about a lot of variations regarding the after life, or even about the judgment day. Like how the Egyptians have the weighing of the heart on the scales of Ma’at or the judgement day of the Greeks; so many concepts! But when anyone asks me about which concept interests me the most, I’d say the one from Death Parade. Although fictional and an anime, the way Death Parade potrays judgement of life after death is simply astounding. The method in which this anime explains the two sides to humans and their emotions is fascinating.

So let me show you why it is one of best psychological anime out there. And exactly why you should watch it.

A journey, a parade. A Death Parade.

Death Parade : Bartenders And Judgements

Death Parade Anime Poster

Death Parade poster showing the main character Decim ( middle ) surrounded by the various supporting characters.

Genre : Drama, Psychological, Thriller.

Episode Count : 12.

Runtime : 25 minutes.

Sub/Dub : Madhouse and Funimation.


Whenever someone dies, they end up at mysterious bars, which are run by arbiters disguise as bartenders. These people must play ‘Death Games‘ at the cost of their soul. The purpose of this games serve to lead them to their situation and decide their fates. These arbiters decide whether they should send the soul for reincarnation or the void.

The series follows Decim, a bartender at Queendecim bar whose role is judging the soul changes of the dead couples which visit his bar. Until one day, a curious black haired woman visits his bar.


The Death Parade theme song is fairly light-hearted than the series concept, yet, it is enjoyable.


What I really like about this show is that it explores the changing human emotions. Every judge men explores a unique story, and you get to view each person’s perspective. In some judgments, the result is clear, however, some require a lot of consideration and analysis. The series creates a curiosity in your mind; it creates suspense regarding each and every story. When I first watched it, I finished the entire anime in two days ( please do not question me 👀 ), but it was definitely worth the sleep deprivation!

Another thing I liked about the anime is the portrayal of ‘life after death’ in the form of a bar, complete with games which the creators dubbed as ‘Death Games’. Each game follows the usual games like billiards, darts, etc. but with a small twist. The players must play putting their life on the line, and yes, they aren’t able to decline. The very first episode consists of these games, and this is the very point from where you will start picking up interest for this anime.

Although the series seems to mainly focus on Decim and his everyday players, the story also slowly discovers the existence of the black haired girl, her reason to die and also her influence on Decim and his method of judgement. Death Parade allows you to understand each character’s reasoning and cause, and by the end of the anime, I’m sure either you will end up in tears or with a single ‘woah’ escaping your mouth.


One aspect of Death Parade which did not amuse me as much, is that some of the characters, although supporting, did not get as much of a screentime. I’d have loved to see more of them, especially Nona; perhaps some plot pertaining to her or any other character. Sometimes, you feel that the story is overly slow paced, however I suggest hanging in there. I did feel like dropping it at some point, but im glad I didn’t. But, maybe that is just my opinion and some of you might enjoy the anime just the way it is.

Unfortunately, I wish this had a Manga, but sadly it has none. However, before checking out Death Parade, you could check out its prequel : Death Billiards. It was a movie made prior to Death Parade, which basically caused the creation of this amazing anime. Also, I have heard rumours that a second season is in the works, so fingers crossed!

Overall, I’d give this anime a 4/5

Death Parade Fan Art

Decim – AnthonyGC ( Anthony ) on Deviantart Do check out his works!


1. What are your opinions about Death Parade?

2. Have you watched it? If yes, did you enjoy it, and why? If not, will you consider watching it?

3. Lastly, do you wish to add anything else to this review? Comment below!

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  1. 1. What are your opinions about Death Parade?
    –>Joy and Sorrow cannot work together, but this anime has proved it wrong. Once people have died, they feel sorrow that they didn’t get to live more. But once they come across the Quindecim, they receive a lot of joy which calms their heart. Death Parade is full of Interesting moments. The story that they have showed us about being judged before passing on to the after lives has left me dazzled. I have really enjoy this series a lot and I also shed a tear at the end of the episode when Decim showed his first smile.

    2. Have you watched it? If yes, did you enjoy it, and why? If not, will you consider watching it?
    –>Yes, I have watched this and I have it enjoyed it a lot.

    3. Lastly, do you wish to add anything else to this review? Comment below!
    –>Even though I have somethings in mind to write, I’d pass as they might be seen as spoilers.

  2. I haven’t watched it yet, and didn’t plan to (not a big anime fan), but after reading the word “bartender” I suddenly changed my mind. I was a bartender for almost a decade 🙂

  3. 4.5

  4. yes indeed looking forward to this

  5. Seems like a fun anime, might watch it.

  6. HAHA

  7. Death parade sparks my interest on the subject of death and their ‘simple’ games

  8. I dont like Anime

  9. nice review, I never watch death parade, but this review maybe i should give it a try, I just watch mainstream anime

  10. I’ve watch this anime for a few episode but it doesn’t suit my preferences 🙁

  11. 5

  12. 1. What are your opinions about Death Parade?
    = I watched it like 2-3 years ago so I don’t remember much of it, besides the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

    2. Have you watched it? If yes, did you enjoy it, and why? If not, will you consider watching it?
    = I’ve seen it, I think I’ve seen it twice, first time alone and second time with a family member, I liked it so much that I made them watch it xD
    I enjoyed it because the stories of customers were interesting.. :eyes: :ok_hand:

  13. I’ve watched a few episodes of Death Parade, but it never really caught my interest.

  14. Animation looks spot on, and the bartenders kind of remind me of Sebastian from Black Butler. Definitely going to check it out once I finish JoJo’s.

  15. Some people thought the colourful, cheerful opening was unsuitable, but it contained a lot of details most people would’ve missed. I remembered that there was an analysis about the opening, and it explain almost everything/contained a lot of spoilers for the anime actually.Reviews of latest Cars

  16. I like my animes to focus more on the characters, and from your review, it looks like this one suffers there. So maybe I should keep looking. Thanks anyway!

    • each episode focuses in on a set of characters in a judgement day-like scenario. the character depth for those is reasonbly deep, the main characters are developed through their observations and interactions with the characters in focus

  17. 1. What are your opinions about Death Parade?

    I love the opening of it,but I have nothing else to say about it,since I never watched it!

    2. Have you watched it? If yes, did you enjoy it, and why? If not, will you consider watching it?

    No,I have not watched the anime,at the time I watched anime with 12 episodes it was like 6 months ago,since I’m still stuck finishing Gintama (episode 2015 so far not bad),but sure,from your review it seems rather interesting and vagrant.
    Besides I like dark settings in anime/manga.
    Love more dark societies overall,but this one doesn’t seem bad to my taste,so giving it a try isn’t a problem in my future.

    3. Lastly, do you wish to add anything else to this review?

    In my opinion,what makes a review good and certainly not a throw off is evaluating the anime/manga from a starter and a finisher point of view when finishing that anime or manga.
    When making a review if you include too much complains,differences or just spoilers overall,it will throw off the potential viewers to that anime.

    On the other hands if you evaluate an anime from a “starter” point of view the potential viewers are bound to not exist at all for one simple reason;
    The no foreshadowing on the review whatsoever.
    But don’t worry you did all of that in a good and balanced way,so it is a good thing really.

    Making review while ending an anime/manga will lead into a drastic temptation of wanting to make points out which sometimes can be unnecessary.
    As sometimes it is said,never give to much knowledge if they do not need to know.

    Overall what I am trying to say is,when making review,I think one should always aim for the balance between a starter and a finisher point of view,while on that review promising points out like a finisher would do,but at the same time avoiding throw offs such as,spoilers.

    It doesn’t end there of course,as I sad if you can also use the starter point of view and use the foreshadowing usage well,you can make the review even more great for yourself.
    It all comes down to practice really.

    Anyways,good article Raven.

  18. 4.5

  19. It’s ok hon. When my troll dies I’ll go back public.

  20. awesome I’m gonna check this out now

    • Hi beautiful <3

  21. Would be very excited for a season 2. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this series.